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 Frieza's Rebirth

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PostSubject: Frieza's Rebirth   Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:58 am

(Using Weighted Armor. Yes you can do that.)

“You’re soul is full of evil. Burn forever in Hell.” A trap door opened underneath Frieza. Just before the Changling passed out of side of Yemma, he noticed the Judge smiling as Frieza fell.

The Changling cursed the huge red, buffoon and hoped that someday he would return and show that Yemma a thing or two. Before he could imagine actually doing anything to Yemma, he landed; head first. It wasn’t a soft landing.

Frieza sat up, dazed, rubbing his head, and looking around. He was in a dark, dim place. The entire ground looked like it could suddenly explode and release a stream of magma or lava at any time. To say, it was totally destroyed, and almost completely black and volcanic looking.

The Changling looked upwards at the sky and saw many large, colorful orbs. He also saw that the sky was in deep contrast with the rocky ground, as it was a bright white.

He shook his head in wonder and stood up. Just as he stood up another ogre appeared in front of him. This one was blue, rather then red like Yemma, and even though larger then Frieza, it was a lot smaller then the Judge of the Dead. “Hi!” the ogre said a little too enthusiastically for Frieza’s liking. “I’m Goz! Welcome to Hell. I’m here to tell you the rules.”

Frieza rolled his eyes. “You won’t leave me alone until I let you speak your peace, will you?” At a nod from Goz he continued. “Fine, say what you need to say.”

Goz smiled widely before taking a breath and going into the rules. “First, you will be here for all eternity. Second, there is no escape from Hell. Third, you will not leave Hell. Fourth, you will not try to leave Hell. Fifth, any items you find in Hell are yours to keep, though they aren’t much use here. Sixth, you may not fight anyone in Hell, nor are you to bait another into a fight. And finally, you may not wander into the fiery pits of Hell unless you wish to be tormented for all eternity. As long as you follow those rules, you can basically do whatever you want. You can explore Hell, and look for special weapons and items if you like, but most of them have been found, except for the ones in the fiery pits, since there are usually none.”

Frieza yawned. “Anything else?” He noted that Goz’s joyful expression had been replaced with an annoyed and agitated one.

“Now where do you get off talking to me like th- Hey! Come back here!” Goz called after Frieza, who had decided he’d had enough and began to walk away.

Goz ran up to him and grabbed his shoulder, but Frieza simply grabbed the ogre’s large hand and hurled him to the side without altering course or slowing at all. Goz got himself up and cast a look of loathing at Frieza, but walked back towards the entrance of Hell without bothering the Changling further.

Frieza continued walking, working out ways of possibly making it back to his panet. He walked for quite a way before realizing he was lost and stopping to look around. The surrounding area looked the same all around, so Frieza shrugged and began walking in another direction. It didn’t really matter. He had no need for food or drink, nor sleep, while he was dead, so he might as well walk until he found something or didn’t want to walk anymore.

Frieza walked for what he figured was days before he finally encountered another soul that was damned to Hell along with him.

As he walked he heard an awful screeching noise coming from ahead. He rushed forward and up a large hill. On the other side was a dragon-like creature with wings. It was about twice Frieza’s own size, and a million times more green. Upon seeing Frieza the creature flew towards him, continuing to screech, although strangely in a happy way now.

The dragon-creature stopped before Frieza and began to speak, surprising Frieza, who thought the beast would probably not be capable of intelligible talk. “Finally! I’ve found another in the god-forsaken place! After hundreds of years!” it said rapidly, without moving its mouth.

Frieza wondered how it was working. While he worked on that, he decided to reply. “I myself have been here for a few days. You’re the first I’ve seen, other then that idiot Goz the ogre.”

The dragon made joyful clicking noise. “Yes, yes. Goz the ogre is indeed an idiot. If I could find my way back to the entrance I would give him a piece of my mind. My name is Yuanga. What is yours?”

Frieza took an immediate liking to the fast-speaking dragon-beast. “I’m Frieza. I come from a planet called Frieza, seeing as I own it.”

Yuanga nodded rapidly. “I’m a Dunqu, more commonly known as an Eternity Beast. We travel through the cosmos spreading chaos and evil. Most of those in Hell are here because an Eternity Beast tainted his soul with evil and ultimately caused them to die and come here.”

Frieza and Yuanga instantly became friends, and began to walk together, even though Frieza hid the fact that he hated any race other than Changling. As they walked they told stories about their life outside of the Next Dimension. Yuanga told Frieza of what being an Eternity Beast was like, while Frieza told him of the Saiyans that had killed him. They both also told of how they had ended up in hell. Yuanga had been attacked by a clan of powerful magicians while making their leader commit terrible crimes. The magicians had banished him, not killed, to Hell.

Frieza told of recruiting Saiyans, and nearly all of what had ensued between now and then. It felt good to let it all out, to talk about all that had happened to him in such a short time, barely a few months. While talking about it, Frieza realized how much he had grown, how much more powerful he had become. He found joy in such thoughts. Then the joy disappeared as his thoughts wandered to Gohan and Brigus.

Frieza finished his tale with the battle of Gohan and Brigus, and his ultimate demise. Yuanga understood Frieza’s hate towards the Saiyans well. “I will escape from this pit, and I will destroy them. I will not stop until nothing remains but smoldering bits of hair."

Yuan, as Yuanga preferred to be called, explained the workings of Hell more closely than Goz had. “Contrary to what Goz says, there IS a way out of Hell, and even out of the fiery pits, you just have to find it. Many people escape from Hell. The fiery pits are also known as Tartarus. They are not actually fiery pits, but a lower sect of Hell. It is a horrible dangerous place. Nearly nothing has been taken out of Tartarus, mostly because many are too afraid or weak to travel there, but also because the few that have traveled there usually never make it out. Only the darkest, evilest, and most powerful spirits reside there. Not even the more powerful demons go there. Tartarus is said to be the oldest part of Hell, and thus contains the souls of those that died in the First Battle, at least the evil ones.”

Frieza gave the words a lot of thought before replying. “What exactly is this “First Battle” you speak of?”

“The First Battle was a legendary battle, long before recorded time, even before the Kai’s existed. It is said that all the forces of good and evil from the entire Universe, from this plane of existence, fought in an epic battle. The sheer energy from the battle is supposed to have formed into the Universe as it is now, for it was shattered whenever the First Battle took place. Good won the fight and the Kais were created to make sure that evil was never able to become so powerful again, and repeat the First Battle. My own race was created to ensure that evil DID get another chance, as we are made to spread evil and chaos at every possible chance.”

“Sounds like my kind of battle, except for the evil losing part. In the midst of a battle is whenever I feel most comfortable. Things change, and sway too often outside of a fight, but within, it never changes, you always know what to do; fight until the end, and hold nothing back. Of course, it may just be my Changling genetics speaking.”

Frieza and Yuan continued to walk quietly for quite a while, several days, without so much as speaking. Finally Yuan spoke. “Something is coming near.” Soon the four figures came into view. They stood next to a massive cliff, so massive Frieza couldn’t make out the top. Directly behind them was a huge, black pit. “The entrance to Tartarus,” muttered Yuan in Frieza’s ear.

One of the figures ran forward and hailed them. “What brings you here?”

Frieza looked at Yuan to reply, who did just as so. “Nothing in particular, we were simply walking and came upon you. Since we’re here, we will enter the land of the lost souls.”

The figure, no more than a dark, hooded, outline, nodded and motioned for them to enter.

Yuan muttered to Frieza again. “Stay close, those four are the Snake-Men, known to follow behind someone that enters Tartarus and devour their souls as soon as they step into the pit, as fighting is permitted in Tartarus, mainly because there is no one to stop it, since the ogre’s dare not travel into the domain of evil.”

Frieza nodded. The two friends looked once at each other before taking the plunge and stepping into the pit. Nothing stopped him, nor tried to eat his soul, so he figured the Snake-Men had felt his power, and decided not toy with him and Yuan, who must have been pretty powerful as well.

Frieza and Yuan fell into what looked like an endless pit, but felt more like a forty foot drop to Frieza’s legs, which weren’t braced for any kind of impact at all and had been straightened out before impact. He noticed Yuan landed quite softly, his wings having been spread out to slow his descent.

Yuan looked at Frieza and noticed his legs looked a bit shaky. “Sorry, I forgot about the drop.”

Frieza waved him off admissibly, focusing on maintaining his upright position, instead of falling down.

Yuan nodded and continued. “Okay. Well, we’re now in Tartarus. As I’m sure you noticed, there is an even darker, older feel her then up in Hell. It’s because, as I told you before, only the oldest, most powerful, and most wicked of spirits reside here. It is also the oldest part of Hell. From here we must continue with great care, should you be captured and taken in by an ancient spirit or something else; one can never tell what may be in this deepest pit of the universe.” At a nod from Frieza the two began walking forward slowly. With each step Frieza’s legs threatened to give out on him, but after about fifteen feet the pain eased.

The two friends didn’t walk for long before the darkness that had surrounded them was pierced by a bright light ahead. They stopped and watched as the light danced around. As it neared they made it out to be a flame on the end of a torch, held by a humanoid being with a deep red skin and small horns sticking out of his forehead.

Frieza glanced at Yuan who shook his head, meaning he didn’t know who the being was. “Hello. Who’re you?” Frieza called. Yuan shot him a dubious look but Frieza continued to stare forward.

The figure jumped slightly and peered at Frieza, seeing him and Yuan for the first time. “Um… Hi. I’m Veego, the demon. Who’re you?”

Frieza and Yuan looked at each other curiously before Frieza replied. “I’m Frieza, the Changling. This is Yuanga, the Eternity Beast. Why’re you here?”

“Nice to meet you, Frieza and Yuanga,” Veego said with a slight bow. “I’m here because I was tricked by those accursed Snake-Men into thinking this was the way out of Hell. As soon as I fell in I realized it was Tartarus, but couldn’t get back out. I’ve been searching for the exit for a few days, but have not found it. What about yourselves?”


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PostSubject: Re: Frieza's Rebirth   Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:58 am

Part 2!

Yuan spoke this time. “We came here simply because we came upon the entrance while exploring Hell. Frieza here has been in Hell for about a week and I myself have been in Hell for hundreds of years. Frieza was the first, and now you’re the second I’ve encountered since then, not including the fool ogre Goz.”

Veego nodded. “Well, since we now know of each others purpose here, shall we continue? If we linger too long then I fear the spirits will capture us.”

The trio stayed mostly silent as they traveled, should they attract unwanted attention. Occasionally they would strike up a mumbled conversation, but some odd sound would silence them again. They continued liked that, with the darkness pressing in despite Veego’s ever burning torch, for longer then Frieza cared to think about.

After awhile the light cast by the torch revealed a strange stone sticking out of the ground. It was about as big around as Frieza’s arm and around eight feet tall. Before Frieza could ask what it was Yuan spoke. “Silence. This is one of the binding stones. Whenever Tartarus was created many of these were placed in it. This is what the evil spirits bind themselves to. We are currently trespassing on the domain of one of those spirits. Make no sudden moves, the spirit is sure to already know of us.”

A deep, strong voice sounded out around them, seeming to come from all sides to a degree even higher then Yemma’s. “Too right you are, young Dunqu, or Eternity Beast, as you people prefer to be called. You have trespassed in the land of Demon King Dabura, the darkest, and most evil spirit in all of Hell and Tartarus. As is my right, you’re now my prisoners.”

Frieza started to object, but some instinct told him it was the wrong thing to do. He looked to Veego and Yuan, but suddenly their surroundings changed. They were now surrounded by a dim light. Veego snapped and his torch disappeared.

All around the three friends were other captured people. Frieza even saw a few Changlings and Eternity beast, but the majority were demons and ogres. Yuan explained. “We are inside of Dabura’s more specific domain. These are others that he has captured. This is the only place that Dabura will dare use his body, because if he uses it outside of here it is probable some other spirit will capture him in turn. It is not unknown to happen to one even as powerful as Dabura.”

Veego said what was on Frieza’s mind. “What is he going to do with us?”

“I don’t know. Each spirit does whatever they like with those they capture. Some simply leave them for the rest of eternity, while some devour the captured. Others use them as someone to talk too, since even ancient evil spirits like to have someone to talk to now and then. It all depends on Dabura’s own person agenda.”

As if on cue, someone cleared their throat behind them. The three turned around and saw someone that looked like a human. He was about seven feet tall, and had a similar build to Frieza himself. Oddly enough, the man wore a white and blue suit, a very nice one at that. Power radiated from him. Frieza couldn’t believe what he was feeling. Flashes of the battle with Brigus and Bardock shot through his head.

What bothered Frieza most of all was the piercing red eyes the being had, and the fact that he seemed to be staring straight at Frieza, without looking at the other two. The blue eyes seemed to look into his soul.

“Ah, so I remind you of someone, eh Frieza? Gohan is one that I greatly admire. He reminds me of myself before that accursed Kai sent me to this pit. I was a great emperor, ruler of the entire universe. I was unstoppable, and had an unlimited power. That all changed whenever the Kai's killed me. If you want to be revived, you must do something for me..... There is a stone containing the souls of trillions. Every evil thing ever to die is contained in this stone. The Kai's created it in order to stop the evil that lurked in Hell."

Before the evil spirit could say anything else Yuan began shaking Frieza crazily. “Do not do listen to him! He is the most evil creature in all of Hell! He will destroy us all!” Yuan yelled.

Dabura’s smirked faded and his eyebrows furrowed in as his eyes shot to Yuan. “Shut up you idiot dragon. You know naught what you speak of. You are hindering Frieza. He is destined to be great, far greater then you or your pitiful race. I’ve allowed you to live long enough. You are dismissed, Yuanga.” Dabura said in a very dark and threatening voice. He waved his hand and Yuan disappeared.

Frieza gasped. “What have you done with Yuan!?” He demanded.

Dabura chuckled lightly, obviously forcing it. “I caused him no harm. I returned him to the land of the living. Eternity beasts are not meant to be in the Next Dimension, just as the Kais aren’t meant to be in the land of the living for extended periods of time; ancient rules. I simply lifted the curse that held your friend Yuan here. Now, shall we continue?”

Frieza hesitated before nodding. He glanced at Veego, who shook his head. Before either could say anything Frieza appeared in front of the stone that Dabura was holdin to. Dabura was no longer there, at least, not in his physical form. “Destroy the stone,” The spirits voice called.

Frieza stared at the center of the stone for a minute. He began to power up, calling upon every bit of energy and every muscle in his body and soul. Without a sound he raised his fist. Sparks danced around his wrist and up to his knuckles before disappearing. He reared back with the super charged fist. “DIEEE!” Frieza roared, surprising himself with the strange war cry. He sent his fist forward. It struck the rock flat. The tall stone showed no sign of any damage. Frieza pulled his hand back and stared at it. A small crack appeared where he had hit it. It grew, and then went out in all directions like a spider web.

Immediately Frieza felt a searing pain in his head. He fell down to the ground, clutching his head in both hands. He rolled over and saw Dabura standing over him, in his physical form. “You should have listened to your friend Yuan. He was right, I don’t need you any longer. All you were needed for was the breaking of the stone, now myself and my army will do the rest. Thank you, Frieza, you little bug, you’ve assisted the greatest warrior in history in rebuilding his empire. I’ll make sure you’re never bothered here again in Tartarus.”

Dabura waved his hand again and all of the people that had been captured by Dabura appeared around him, blocking the evil spirit from sight. Frieza couldn’t see him, but he heard his voice. “At long last, we go to freedom!” Everyone around Frieza roared in agreement and they all took of running into the darkest, leaving Frieza alone, laying there on the ground in the deepest, darkest pit in existence. The pain that immobilized Frieza before disappeared.

Frieza sat with his back against the now destroyed binding stone. He took his breath in short, loud gulps. For all the claims of greatness, all the vows of vengeance, he was alone, and stuck. He would never find the way out of Tartarus without being captured by some other spirit. He would be stuck there, leaning against that rock forever, alone, in the dark.

For the first time in Frieza’s memory, he was sad and scared. He’d never felt so alone or helpless as he did now. There was no escape from his position. As Frieza sat there his sadness left him. Now he was angry. Angry at Dabura for lying to him, and leaving him there.

His anger then turned from himself to Gohan. It was Gohan's fault he was in Hell in the first place. If he hadn’t snuck up on Frieza and killed him with no reason he would still be alive, probably training with Bardock and Brigus at that moment.

Then he realized who he should really be angry at. Himself. For allowing himself to be lured in by Dabura’s lies, and not trusting his friend. A pure purple aura surrounded Frieza. It started out faint, but soon it was burning furiously. It cast light upon a massive area around him. The light revealed many dark figures that surrounded him. They stared at him with cat-like red eyes.

Frieza yelled at them. “What do you want with me?!”

They spoke in unison. “You must destroy Dabura. If he is not stopped, then all shall change. None of the old rules will apply anymore. If he is allowed to become successful, then all shall be destroyed completely, and nothing will remain. You have the power within you to stop him. His immense power is less now that his soul has been separated from the very fiber of Tartarus. Go now, or you will be too late.”

Frieza screamed. He stood up and screamed again, powering up to a new level, one he had never reached before. He couldn’t believe his own power. He could beat his new opponent, there was no way he could be stopped.

“Its time to die you Demon!!” he shouted at the shadowed figures around him. Without a reply, they all nodded. Instantly Frieza was transported back to Hell.

Frieza looked around. He was back at the entrance to Tartarus. The Snake-Men stood in front of him. They hissed at him, no longer speaking as they had before. “Do not hinder me, or you will be destroyed,” Frieza said in a commanding voice he didn’t know he possessed.

With more hissing the four robed figures closed in on him. Frieza raised his right hand, palm opened. A small white light sparkled in the center of it. No orb of energy or such thing appeared, just that tiny white sparkle.

The Snake-Men stopped momentarily, but then suddenly dove at him. Some invisible force shot from the center of Frieza’s palm and radiated outwards. Whenever it met the four Snake-Men they instantly vanished, banished into Tartarus. They would return, but not for some hundreds of years.

Frieza rose into the air before exploded forward, creating a sonic boom as he passed Mach three.

Far away, Dabura and his army heard the explosion. They turned and looked behind them, wondering what it could have been. Dabura snarled and screamed at his army. “Continue forward! We must get to the exit! It’s not far now, a few miles at most!”

Dabura knew not how, but he could feel Frieza. The Changling had escaped Tartarus and was hurtling towards him and his army. Dabura doubted they would make it to the exit before Frieza caught up with them. Should that be the case he could leave them behind and escape himself before Frieza could confront him.

The army yelled back at Dabura and sped up the pace. The thought of freedom after such a long time in Tartarus pushed them to new limits as they ran at top speed. Veego ran at the back of the army. He knew the sonic boom had to have been caused by Frieza; nothing else would have made Dabura act so strangely. “Hurry Frieza, please,” the demon prayed softly to himself.

Frieza flew faster then ever before. He didn’t have much time. Dabura and his army were sure to be near the exit by now. If they got that far, then nothing could stop Dabura from escaping into the Next Dimension, then into the land of the living.

Dabura was a kind of evil that even Frieza himself would raise arms against. Frieza couldn’t help but think about how Dabura had spoken of his killers. He knew that even Gohan was a different kind of evil (To Frieza Gohan is evil), that even Thirteen would have assisted him in destroyed the evil spirit, should he have been there. There was no doubting it, Dabura had to be stopped.

Frieza could now feel Dabura’s presence nearby. He wasn’t far now. Yes, he could make out a black mass ahead that could only be thousands of people all together. He quickly neared the group.

His thoughts were confirmed. It was Dabura’s army. He had reached them in time. Frieza looked ahead of the army and saw a massive cliff with a crack in it that must have been a narrow canyon. There was no other explanation. Frieza instantly knew that he was looking at the exit to Hell. A long blue and red line spread out across the entrance to the gap, with many more standing before them. The ogre’s defense. As large as it was, it would no doubt fall quickly to Dabura and his army, who outnumbered and overpowered the ogre’s at least six to one.

Frieza was so close, he was nearly above Dabura’s army now. He looked down, but didn’t see Dabura. Startled he looked again. There was a single black figure crossing the span between the army and the ogre forces faster then the others. Dabura had left his army behind in an attempt to escape Frieza.

Frieza now at a speed never seen before threw his fist forward into Dabura's back piercing through his skin. Frieza came out the other side flying through the doorway. Dabura yelled in pain as his body expanded and exploded destroying everything within a 50 mile radius. The door to the real world shut. Dabura's body slowly regenerated and formed in front of the newly formed cliff. "Well.... It seems he passed the test...."

(Frieza's point of view)

Frieza screamed as his fist flew through Dabura's back he looked forward noticing himself flying through the doorway. Suddenly everything behind him disappeared and he was in space. Floating towards Planet Earth.


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Frieza's Rebirth
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