Dragon Ball Z: Conflicts Return

This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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PostSubject: Nucleus   Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:36 am



Biological Android




Weighted Clothing (Uses: 0)



Current Form
Larval State

Techniques List
Deadly Brew


The human government, being obsessed with warfare technlogy. Having been gathering information about alien lifeforms and species for years, they have been hiding it from the normal people, fearing that it would cause riots and other un-needed events. The government started a multi-billion dollar fund to collect the D.N.A of the extra-terrestrial lifeforms so that they could apply it to humans, making them faster, stronger, and more intelligent. They had eventualy created a small organism, but it wasn't living, it was a prototype for nanotechnology, somewhat like a small fly, a number of these were dispatched on a number of different extra-terrestrial planets to collect their D.N.A. They were suprisingly able to succeed, this will be a feat the world would never dream of acheiving, or so they thought.

They started to not use the D.N.A, or mix it together, but geneticaly construct their own. This would mean no weaknesses, only the strengths of those races would be applied, the perfect super-warrior would be created with only a few orders: GROW, FIGHT, WIN. The government was in a rush to test it out, but they were to scared to sacrifice the lives of humans, they turned their attention to population which was the highest, the insectoids. They chose a wasp for their expirement, this is because they were easy to find, and could be easily bred and controlled in their labs. When they finally constructed a perfect strand of the D.N.A, they started to copy it over and over again, but they forgot one thing, every time a strand of D.N.A is copied, it loses its potency, almost like inbreeding this would mean that one egg infused with the original strand of the alien D.N.A would be the most likely to survive the mutation, and be the most powerful and the one with the least defects.

They infused the strands of D.N.A into the Wasp eggs from the moment they were layed, so that they would have the lognest time possible to fuse with the D.N.A, this would reduce the chance of defects because defying the laws of the genetic structure. After one month, the expirement had been complete, and all of the wasps had died except one; Nucleus. That is what they called it, but now that they knew the project worked they needed to kill the thing in order to extract its D.N.A and use it on humans, it was the perfect specimen, the ONLY specimen. Nucleus had other plans, though, he had to follow his orders; GROW, FIGHT, WIN. Nucleus was prepared, and attacked anyone who came near with his poison which was extremely potent, killing anyone with such little power in mere moments. Nucleus was even able to burrow out of the room he was sealed in for containment using his poison.

After Nucleus had escaped, he developed a sort of sentience, he had a mind, not just a goal. He wasn't just some mindless pawn anymore, he had to grow, become stronger, and defeat anyone who thought otherwise.

Training Records

Beginner Battle vs Gohan - 7000 PL/4000 Zenni
Nucleus: Path to Power: Part 1 - 10500 PL/6000 Zenni
Nucleus: Path to Power: Part 2 - 5000 PL/3000 Zenni (+25000 PL due to Transformation)
Battle vs Goku - 6000 PL/3000 Zenni
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