Dragon Ball Z: Conflicts Return

This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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PostSubject: Altec   Sun Sep 13, 2009 2:33 pm

Character you wish to be(name):Altec

Characters Gender:Male

Character's Race:Saiya-Jin


Zenni: 8,500


Character's appearance:Sorry, no image


Height:6 ft

Hair Color:Dark Brown

Eye Color:Greenish

Side Note:

Characters Techniques: Atomic Blitz:A common move between all middle class Saiyans. Alot like the Spirit Bomb, it starts with collecting energy from close surrondings with both hands straight in the air. Once enough energy is collected Altec absorbs it into one hand,and releases it, causing devostation.

Ki Barrage: Just a normal barrage of ki blasts.

Planet you want to start on:Earth

Characters story: Altec's parents were very rich, getting paid very well for the missions they carried out. At the age of 7, he was already on missions himself, with a large group of other Middle Class Saiyans. One day, Altec's parents were beaten and robbed of all their money by a group of poor Elite Saiyans.

Altec's parents knew that they all had to have a better life, so they all got into space pods and headed to Planet Earth knowing that they had to escape their lives. When Altec reached Earth he found that his parents weren't there and knew they must be dead.

Altec was now 12 years old and had been wandering the streets for almost 5 years. He killed animals and ate them for food and ate the roots of plants for some liquid. One day he was finding food when a farmer came up to him and asked what he was doing, Altec told him his story and the farmer felt sorry for him and took him in as a son. Altec has been with that man ever since he met him. Now Altec is 18.
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