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This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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 Darkness over Namek (6 Star Black Star DB)

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PostSubject: Darkness over Namek (6 Star Black Star DB)   Mon Nov 30, 2009 2:27 am

[center] Darkness over Namek (Search for the 6 Star BS DB)

[i] It’s morning on Planet Earth. Rampoh was incredibly exhausted after that fight with the Batuem. He raised himself up, and began walking slowly towards his space pod, then he took off. Off to Namek. Off to the green planet Demigod Ruby had told him about. He sat on the seat inside the little pod, pressed some buttons, and the space pod began slowly, but steady, to levitate over the earth. Rampoh’s space pod was black with a huge, green dot in the middle, first half under the window, other half over. The space pod was now in midair, around 5 metres over the ground. A light blinked in the big, green dot, and the space pod shot far up into the air with incredible speed, and disappeared behind the clouds….

The earth’s gravity was hard to fly though, but Rampoh finally managed to come through. He flew out of the atmosphere and looked down on the white and blue clouds levitating in a circle around the earth, held back by the low gravity the planet was known for. The space. The space pod came flying through. Little white glowing dots in the horizon would soon become colossal rocks flying against Rampoh with crushing speed. He sped up.

Soon he could see Namek on the radar, only some light years away. He calculated the speed of the light and how long it would take for it to reach the goal, and how much it would use to land a whole year – And came to the conclusion that if he sped up to 10 LY in 10 days he would be there in a single day. He sat the speedometer to the chosen speed, and the pod flew with incredible speed out into the space. The green planet would soon be seen.

Only about a half day later he could see Namek. It was huge, with green ground and lots of purple water. The stars near it were glowing green, and the moons of the planet levitated almost so far away from the planet that you would think they were simply flying around in the neverending universe. But then the beauty ended. The gravity of the planet was enormous, and the pod was sucked towards it with many LY a day. About 1 minute later the pod crash landed on the grounds of Namek.

Rampoh kicked up the door and crawled out. There wasn’t any signs of life. He looked around. The green ground looked like scenery, and the water like soda pop. But the legendary saiyan knew better than to try drinking of it. He began walking towards the horizon, probably would he be able to found a village there. But then he saw something odd on the ground. Something small, it looked like a radar – of metal with green screen. Over the screen 2 words gleamed in shining silver – “Dragonball Radar”.

‘GEEZ! This nonsense again!!’ Rampoh said, throwing the radar in the ground, breaking it to pieces. ‘The kaio told me about them. How pathetic. Working so hard to get some rocks, believing they can summon some wish granting dragon…Sounds like a bad manga!!’ He thought for himself while kicking the pieces of the radar into the sea. He walked back towards the pod again, and closed the door. Then he kicked off, and began flying against the horizon...

After some hours of flying, he came to the coast. A little village was there. Rampoh landed and walked peacefully into it. All the namekians looked scared at him. They probably never thought that they would meet a saiyan there. But they didn’t run around and scream like the aborginians had been doing. He walked towards the big house in the middle of the village. Since his visit to the aborginians he had advanced that the leader’s house always was the hugest. When he came there, the door opened just when he was about to step in.

It was and old namekian who opened up the door, probably about to walk outside. His skin color was dark green, going over in a black collor. He must have been a Super Namek 2 in his younger days. ‘Welcome,’ he said and smiled. ‘How can i help you?. ‘My name is Rampoh, and I’m a legendary saiyan.’ Rampoh replied. ‘I would like to know if there are any great technicians here in your village?’.

‘Yes, yes, we just got a visit from a Tuffle. I think he was bounty hunters, but I’ve heard that most Tuffles are good with tech.’ He said, winking, and going inside the door. Rampoh followed after him. Inside, at the desk, a huge warrior with long, white hair, sticking up in the air like that of a super saiyan sat. He must have been the tuffle. Rampoh walked towards him. ‘Hello, my good man.’ He said and smiled. ‘Can I ask you a favour?’.

The tuffle didn’t react. Rampoh tried again, and this time the tuffle looked up. ‘WHET THE HELL DO YOU WANT?!’ He yelled up in the face of Rampoh. ‘Oh jeez…’ He replied. ‘I would like to know if you could make something for me. Something for me to read information about things. It might come in handy. I got zenni…’ Rampoh told, and began shaking the bag in the air. The tuffle was quick and snapped it out of Rampoh’s hands. ‘Okay. It’ll be done tomorrow.’.

The old namekian told him to follow. He showed him a room, with a table, a chair, and a little bed. ‘Here you can sleep the night over. I hope you enjoy your stay!’. Rampoh laid back in the bed, and began dreaming of what the tuffle could be sitting and doing right now…

The next morning when Rampoh woke up, the first thing he did was to head to the working room. Inside the tuffle was sitting with a mask over the face, and a burning machine, sitting down and creating something. ‘ARE YOU DONE??’ Rampoh screamed for the tuffle to hear it through the noise. ‘YES!!’ He yelled back, taking off the mask and stopping the machine. ‘Here you go,’ he said, and handed over a little watch of some sort, but with a much larger screen. ‘Thanks for the zenni, be sure to contact me if you need anything!’. Rampoh lifted up the hand, and pressed a button on the top of the watch. A lamp began glowing red, and text appeared on the screen:

Saiba is stronger than you.
Saiba is at 5,794,368 Power Level
Saiba is a Tuffle
Saiba is at Techniques Mastered

‘Neat!! Thanks! ’Rampoh said, and ran out the door and out into the village…Everyone got surprised when the legendary saiyan came dashing out the door, and stood at the coast. He pointed the watch against one of the nameks…

Laila is weaker than you.
Laila is at 10,586 Power Level
Laila is a Namekian
Laila is Reverted

Rampoh grinned by his new powers, kicked off and flew out over the ocean. He used his time to scan everything he came over. Suddenly the watch made an odd little sound. A picture of a letter appeared in the corner. He pressed it softly with the finger, and an instruction manual from Saiba popped up. ‘Messaging system, huh…’ Rampoh said softly. ‘This little thing might be able to do more than I can believe, hehe…’. He began reading trough the instructions manual, and learned to sue many useful functions. ‘Oolalaah…’ He yelled, before he continued to fly…

When he landed on the coast to another island on Namek, he saw a burning village. He hurried to collect ki into a bottle like he had done when Amazonas was on fire on earth. He collected water, and made it explode with a ki bomb. The rain fell down and stopped the flames. He landed, and saw a saibaman, eating the villagers. ‘Where the heck did he come from, and for how long have he been here?!’ Rampoh said for himself, pointing the watch against the creature. He chose the Saibaman Information command.

Saibamen are vicisous plant/animal alien hybrids, they are used by both the Saiyans and mutants as grunts to root out weaker opponents or to assess an opponent's power (when sensing is not an option) and skill level (which scouters can't reveal). Saibamen are also used by them in training, as they are brutual fighters and can test a fighter abilities. They are said to be as strong as a typical low-class Saiyan.

Then he tried out the Scan command.

GHK-1307 is weaker than you
GHK-1307 is at 50000 Power Level
GHK-1307 is a Saibaman
GHK-1307 is a Black Saibaman

‘Oh geez…The strongest I have seen until now!!’ He said, firing a ki blast against the saibaman. It span around with incredible speed and deflected the blast. It came dashing towards Rampoh. Rampoh was lucky and got to kick the saibaman in the forehead, pulling off the head. The saibaman was dead. He scanned the corpse.

GHK-1307 is Dead. He was a Saibaman.

Rampoh walked into the village to check if there were any survivors. He only found one still living creature. Of an unknown race…

There are three types of androids, according to their power supplies:
The kind with no drawbacks and an unlimited power supply
The kind which requires constant intake of energy, usually stolen from victims, to keep their power reservoir from draining, which would cause the android to malfunction Curiously, Dr. Gero oversees his configuration into the latter, rather than the type with no apparent limitations
There are also three types of androids seen in the series, according to their "base" or materials:
"Cyborgs", androids made from an original human as a base
"Total artificial construct types", androids which were made up completely from mechanical parts
Cell is the only example of the third kind of android depicted in the series known to exist, both based on base material and power supply. He is a bio-mechanical android, constructed bio-artificially rather than from machine parts and/or a human base. Also, his power runs on some form of cross-organic ki based on cells from different humans, Saiyans and other species, which makes it generally circulate the same way as that of organic warriors.
His cells also possess elements of the first two power supply types as well. For one, he is able to absorb the energy of others and integrate them into his being through his tail, either by sucking them up or swallowing them whole.

‘Ahah…’ Rampoh thought for himself looking at the huge amount of text which appeared on the dashboard. ‘Hey, you there!!’ He yelled towards the android. ‘Let go of those nameks! It’s MY job to kill the innocent!’. The android just looked at him, before he threw away the namek he held. ‘Ok…’ It replied. ‘But do it fast, I got more villages to burn down!’.

‘Heheh…’ Rampoh said with a cocky smile. ‘You’re gotta pay for underestimating me!!’ He then screamed, as a huge, yellow aura shot up around him. His muscles grew, and he became taller. His hair grew out, and spiked up to the likes of the super saiyan’s hair, and it turned blue. ‘False Super Saiyan…’ Rampoh said, looking towards the android. As I said, you’re gotta pay!!’

Rampoh came dashing towards the android with the fist ready for a fatal punch already. But when he came near it, it just jumped over him. ‘Tch…’ It said looking up in the air. ‘If you said you was really a False Super Saiyan, you would get locked in on a house for mentally confused! SUPER ANDROID TRANSFORMATION!!’ He yelled, as a blue aura shot up around the android. It grew in size, and it’s muscle mass grew, too. ‘You’re not the only one here who can transform!!’.

The super android came running towards Rampoh with incredible speed, and kicked him up into the air. The super android then fire a barrage of ki blasts after Rampoh. Rampoh span around in the air, dodging all the ki blasts, before he continued spinning down to the ground, creating a cloud of dust engulfing the two fighters.

The both ran around kicking in he air, hopefully one of them would hit after some time. The cloud of dust disappeared, and the first thing the android got to see was Rampoh’s foot, kicking him with incredible power. He was shot into one of the houses, causing a massive explosion totally eradicating the whole village. ‘Grrr…’ Rampoh ‘I told you its MY job to kill innocent people!! GRAAAARGH!!!!!!’.

He began to charge a devastating SS Supernova attack. An orange ki appeared in between his folded hands. The super android saw this, and kicked off. The ball became bigger, and the super android dashed closer…Rampoh lifted up his hands over the head, and the orb became even bigger, and at the same time the Super Android was even closer than before…The sphere was now incredibly huge, and the super android was just about 100 meters from him…With a pearl of seat rolling down his forehead, he threw the huge bomb of ki against the super android. At the same time, the android fired a Crusher Ball. The two huge bombs collided and caused a massive struggle…

The two arena giants continued to pump in ki to each of their bombs, causing them to grow bigger and bigger. Now they were colossally huge, both of them. They began to shake, and ki blasts began to hail down around them. But they continued to make their bombs bigger and bigger. After 2 minutes, each of them was huger than the whole village. Earthquakes began destroying the ground around them…

Rocks came flying from every direction, destroying nearby houses and slamming into the huge balls of ki, just causing them to grow even larger than ever before. The balls continued growing, while they clashed together in an endless test on who would be the first one to collapse because of loss of ki. Or blood, probably, if one of the balls destroy the other. A vein on Rampoh’s arm broke, and he began coughing up blood. But he didn’t stop charging…Never ever that he would let his life end here…

The balls had become massive. From where Rampoh stood, it looked like it was at the size of namek itself!! Then he got an idea…He kicked off, and flew up high into the air. The super android lost it’s ball in the gravity, and it flew with incredible speed up into the air before it erupted.

The android looked afraid back up at Rampoh, just before Rampoh threw the SS Supernova down against the surface of namek. It all exploded. The whole area, many miles over, had been a burning hell. The super android was laying down on the destroyed ground, in a huge crater – Mission Complete.

Rampoh landed on the ground outside the area which just some hours ago had been a busy village. Or well, Rampoh didn’t know that, he just knew that he got his revenge, and was going to continue searching after – Whatever it now was he was searching for. His hair grew back into the head, and his body took back the old form it had before he transformed into his powerful False Super Saiyan form. He had just beaten a fighter with so much more power level than he had that he couldn’t even think of it. It was insane. The android must at least have had 500 thousand power level. The only time he had ever fought someone stronger, was the batuem Batuella, but at that time, he had been much weaker than now…

He flew a little around namek. Until now he had seen 3 more burned down villages, probably the android’s doing, but he always saw 7 happy, busy villages filled with namekians doing everything from shopping around in the little town, to training at the fields a little out of the village. Suddenly he saw something in the horizon, it could look a little like an atom explosion. ‘Can that be…?’ Rampoh thought for himself. ‘Nonono, that’s not possible…The regular pods from Vegeta take many weeks tog et here with…’. But then it happened.

He saw a huge, golden, furred body raise up in the explosion. It had a scouter over the eye, and a saiyan royal battle armor over the chest. The tail was incredibly long, and was wiping slowly around over the ground. Suddenly it looked against Rampoh. It was like a little light began glowing in it’s eye. It was Rack.

Rack opened up the huge mouth of his Golden Oozaru form, and shot a supreme ki beam against Rampoh. Just in some seconds the enormous beam had reached him, and he barely managed to escape before it flew beside him, hit a volcano some miles away from him, causing it to erupt all out over a peaceful village full of namekians.

Rampoh looked back at the destroyed village, and then at Rack. At the excact moment he looked against the golden giant ape, a big, red aura shot up around it, and it began shrinking – Into super saiyan 4!! ‘WOAH!!’ Rampoh screamed. ‘I didn’t even know he could go SSJ2!!’. Rack came flying towards him, and Rampoh could just be happy he had been training that hard. He would sure need it by now…

Rack was all close up to Rampoh, when he delivered a devastating kick, shooting Rampoh far up into the air, then he used after image and appeared by Rampoh again. He repeated that process until they were merely 5 kilometers up in the sky, before he smashed Rampoh and yelled; ‘HAHAHA! LEGENDARY SAIYAN, YEAH RIGHT!!’. Rack then flew after him, and just before Rampoh hit the ground, Rack had been smashing him in the back, giving him fatal wounds on it.

But that wasn’t enough to keep Rampoh out of the game. He laid down, pretending to be dead. ‘Heh…Pathetic…ARE YOU DEAD ALREADY, OR?!’ Rack asked, and kicked the ‘corpse’ of Rampoh. Just when he did that, Rampoh opened up the eyes, and kicked the elite saiyan over the legs, causing him to lay on the back in the sky, and then further hitting him in the crouch, making him fly many meters away, before he smash the head into a huge rock. ‘Grrr…You’re gotta pay!!’ He yelled and pressed a red button.

A whole barrage of saiyan ships shot down around the two saiyans. All the pods were black with a shining red dot in the center. They all slowly, but steady, began to open up, revealing a little cockpit in each of them, with a saiyan sitting behind the navigation system. They all jumped out, revealing a blaster. They stood in a circle around Rampoh. He were trapped.

‘Come with us back to Vegeta if you doesn’t wanna die on the spot!’ One of the saiyans yelled against Rampoh. Rampoh just stood and watched out in the air, before he quickly span around, shot ki blasts, shooting all the blasters out of the hands of the saiyans. Then he fired a new barrage of ki, this time hitting them in the chest, and killing them – On the spot. ‘What was it you said?’ Rampoh said with a cocky smile and looked down on the dead saiyan…

When Rampoh is still looking down on the corpses Rack delivers a powerful kick to Rampoh’s neck, causing him to fall over. Rampoh was quick and landed on the hands, then kangaroo-kicked Rack away, far out into the water. The he fired a barrage of ki blasts into the water, causing it to become boiling hot. Rack would get roasted alive, and Rampoh could forever be happy with the thought that him alone had managed to completely eradicate his old master. But hen suddenly something slashed him in the back, causing him to bleed all over. He looked over his back, shaking of pain, and sees Rack – The other one was just a split form!! Rampoh hurried to punch the saiyan in the face, causing him to spin around, bleeding heavily from the face...

Rampoh quickly hits the saiyan once again, this time he was sure it was the real one. He kicks him a lot of times in midair, and tries to prevent him from falling – He wanted more fun. While kicking the saiyan around in the air, Rampoh shot a barrage of ki blasts out in the water to make it boiling hot again, and then he delivered one devastating kick right in the stomach of Rack, sending him out into the water, boiling him alive. Rampoh waits at the coast, and sees the red and black, burned up body with the melted face and lava hot armor, about to wash in on the coast for someone to find a day…Rack was defeated.

Rack is dead. Rack was a Super Saiyan 4..

Rampoh picked up a rock, formed his Ki into a spike, then began to cut into the table of stone he just had made. “This is Rack, elite saiyan trainer of Vegeta, slain by his own pupil, Rampoh Nappa.”…He took up a stick, and formed his ki into a thread, and then he made the tablet and the stick a flag, which he planted in the heart of the dead body of his old elite saiyan master, Rack…

Rampoh then kicked off, and flew away. After at least 2 minutes of flying, a bright light appeared in front of him, and he fell to the ground. When he finally opened up his eyes again, three well known shadows where to be seen some meters away – The thress Kaioshins, Kaio King, Kaio Supreme and Kaio Grand. ‘Hello,’ said the orange kaio, who called himself Kaio grand. ‘Long time no see.’.

‘Well, I saw you at the tribune at the Frieza’s Cooler tournament, didn’t I?!’ Rampoh asked hysterically. ‘Why is it you’re always coming here without any warning?! I know Kaios can use telepathy!!’. ‘Well, because if a voice in your head suddenly said ‘Hey, we’re coming over for a visit’, you would freak out.’ The purple one said, rolling with the eyes. ‘Ehm…Yea.’ Rampoh replied. ‘Anyways, WHY are you following me?!’.

‘Hmm…’ The Kaio Grand said. ‘I don’t know. It was King’s idea.’. ‘Ehm…’ Rampoh replied. ‘Are you guys really gods?’. ‘Hmm…That’s a good question…’ The Kaio Supreme then said to his brothers. ‘Techincaly we’re Kaioshins, we’re placed into very many categories…There’s the Kaio Kings. There’s many Kaio Kings. Our blue friend here is one of the three Kaio Kings of the Central Galaxy. But of course there’s also another three in the Northern Galaxy, the Southern Galaxy, the Western Galaxy and the Eastern Galaxy. Then there’s the ones like me, the Kaio Supremes. There’s only one of us in each galaxy, meaning one in the northern galaxy, one in the western galaxy, one in the eastern galaxy, and one in the southern galaxy. Then at last there’s the Kaio Grand’s. There’s one Kaio Grand for each galaxy group. Each galaxy group consists of one southern, one northern, one western and one esastern galaxy, meaning 15 Kaio Kings and 5 Kaio Supremes to control over. The grand kaio makes sure the Kaio Kings and the Kaio Supremes does a good job. If not, he makes them demons and sends them to hell, which also uses an all special system, there’s the north-‘, ‘STOOOOOOP!!’ Rampoh exclaimed with the hand in front of the mouth of the kaio.

‘I didn’t really understand a word of what the heck you just said, I just know that I doesn’t wanna hear anymore!! Now, please tell me why you’re following me!!’ Rampoh asked hysterically. ‘Well…’ The Kaio Grand said. ‘I thought I already told you, didn’t I? You got the potential to become something big, but you aren’t strong enough to make it to that goal yet. You need to have us run around and babysit you.’ He then told Rampoh. ‘HAHAHA!!’ Rampoh laughed. ‘YOU old idiots really think you can train me?! What do you have which I doesn’t?!’ He pointed the watch the tuffle had made for him against the Kaio Grand.

Grand Kaio
Grand Kaio is stronger than you
Grand Kaio is at 1,648,295,286
Grand Kaio is a Kaioshin
Grand Kaio is at Kaio Grand

‘Uhm…’ Rampoh said surprised looking against the old kaioshin, and back down on the ‘watch’. ‘HOW did you get so strong?!’. ‘Training, well.’ The kaio answered peacefully and slowly. ‘My planet got a permanent gravity of x1mill, didn’t you know?’. Rampoh looked down on the little kaio. He had his eyes closed, probably meditating. Then he suddenly opened up his eyes, and Rampoh jumped back over. ‘G-g-g-geez…’ He said breathing heavily. ‘Please warn me before you do such again!!’.

‘Anyways, let’s get to business.’ The kaio king suddenly said. ‘We want to test you by sending you through 10 extreme fights, testing 10 of your skills. Strength, Agility, Defense, Ki Control, flight, swimming, struggling, effects, eradication and mental fighting. Your first match will be tomorrow. Get ready!’.

Rampoh was quick, and jumped off. He flew around all namek, getting materials for training equipment as he had been doing so much from before off already. After around an hour or so, he had made a training camp, and began training until sunset…

The next morning Rampoh woke up under a weight, he must have been falling asleep while lifting. Is that even possible? Anyways, he woke up by a bright light. The Kaiao King was standing in front of him. ‘Hope you’re ready!’ It said with a smile on the lips. ‘Cause here we go!!’ Another bright light appeared, and Rampoh woke up in a huge gym. The kaio king had disappeared. About 500 meters from him or so, an oozaru stood. It was not much bigger than Rampoh himself, but looked incredibly strong. It came running towards him with the fist ready for attack…

‘This must be the test of strength!!’ Rampoh said to himself, as he jumped over the ape, dodging the fist totally. Then he kicked the ape in the back, causing it to hit the wall with a SMASH, and then fall to the ground. It began slowly but steady to raise up on the legs again. ‘But why are we in a gym?!’ Rampoh yelled towards the monkey. It didn’t look like it heard him, before it came towards Rampoh with incredible speed, and kick jumped him into the wall. ‘GUESS YOURSELF!’ It roared into Rampoh’s ear. Rampoh Kangaroo Kicked the ape away, and kicked off, standing in the air. ‘Luckily the Ape couldn’t fly…

Rampoh thought as hard he could…He stood, or flew, against a huge, angry ape, who said that being in this gym wasn’t just for scenario nor without reason. The kaio king had been wanting him to do something with the training equipment there, but it couldn’t possibly be training, as he had done that the night before, and a huge ape was just waiting to bite the head off of him right down there under his feet. He couldn’t possibly land without knowing what the kaio king had been wanting him to do with all the training equipment against the huge monkey.

Then a light appeared inside his head. Of course! The kaio king had meant that they should use the weights as weapons! The stronger they were, the heavier weights they could lift, and the more damage they would do as a weapon!! That Rampoh hadn’t thought of that some minutes before off!! Now everything made sense of why they were in the gym. He landed on the floor again, rolled in between the legs of the ape, and jumped towards the gravity machine. He was fast and turned in on x50k gravity. The ape didn’t even look like it felt it, neither did Rampoh, but the gravity sure was extreme, and none of them could move very quickly.

Then Rampoh rolled quickly towards the 75 weights, and began throwing them against the ape. ‘SO YOU FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!!’ The ape yelled. ‘HAAHHAAAA!!!!’. It grabbed the weights with ease, then bowed them like they were boomerangs, and then it threw them towards Rampoh, grabbing both his legs, causing him to fall over. The ape grabbed a huge weight with 1k with blue letters printed in on both of the metal spheres. It span the weight around in the air, before it came dashing towards Rampoh, ready to smash him open with the huge 1 tons weights, just leaving him there on the floor to die of pain and blood loss…Rampoh quickly jumped to the side when the ape came, then jumped up again and landed on the back of the ape. He grabbed the weight, the ape was still holding it, then pulled it towards himself, hitting the ape heavily in the head. ‘Grrrr…’ It said. ‘REVENGE!!’.

It ran towards the 10k weights. It lifted it up like if it was nothing. Then he took one more in the other hand, and then began spinning around like insane, hitting everything coming near it with the 20 tons weights it was holding in the hands. It began coming closer, whirling up sand and dust from the ground creating a whole cloud of dirt, making it almost impossible for both Rampoh and the giant, great ape Oozaru with the two ten thousand kilos weights. They both ran around confused, noone was able to see anything. But then suddenly Rampoh came out of the dust. He took up a 30k weight, and threw it into the sand. He heard a CLANGGG sound, and the weights the oozaru great ape had been holding slowly rolled outside the dust cloud. The cloud disappeared, and the ape found out what had been happening while it was blinded by the cloud of sand and dust. It looked afraid against Rampoh, before it hurried against the two weights Rampoh luckily had been shooting out of the apes hands just some few seconds before.

Then Rampoh luckily managed to think clearly again, and threw the weight at the ape who just wanted to have the old, hundred thousand kilo weights back to smash Rampoh to death with in a red, bloody bath of terror. The weight hit the ape in the back, causing it to tip over and cough up blood. Now was his chance. He shouted ‘DEVIL DASH!!’ And dashed with incredible speed against the 1 million weights, lifted up one and held it in the hands like a staff, before he continued to dash forwards against the ape on the floor. He smashed the weight through the body. Disgusting crashing sounds of broken bones were heard. Then the body became dust and whirled away. ‘WHAT THE HELL?! Rampoh yelled.

Then, from the back off, the real ape came with a 10k weight, and smashed it into the side of Rampoh, shooting him off into the wall with incredible pain in the body. ‘I SEE YOU’VE MET SPLITTIE!! HAHAA!’ It roared, before it threw a bunch of 10k weights against Rampoh, who was laying on the ground many meters away. Rampoh was fast and rolled to the side, dodging all the weights and grabbing one of them. He then threw it towards the ape with incredible power. ‘ULTIMA DESTRUCTOR!!’ He then yelled, charging up a black ki blast in his hands, and shot it into the weight, causing it to fly with incredible speed against the Oozaru giant, great ape.The ape grabbed the weight again, but got blasted by the enormous beam of black ki energy, causing him to get shot into a wall, damaging him fatally.

The ape got up again, and began running towards Rampoh – This time it meant business. It even forgot to bring a weight!! It simply ran towards him with the fist up for punching. Rampoh tried blocking with a 1 million weight, but when the first came, it broke right through the metallic tube holding together the two balls of metal in each end of the weight, hitting Rampoh with formidable power in the face, causing him to fly many meters away, and hit the head on a weight.

Rampoh got angry, kicked off, and dashed towards the monkey, kicked him hard in the stomach causing him to fly forwards. ‘YOURE GOTTA PAY!!’ He yelled against the ape. ‘FALSE SUPER SAIYAN TRANSFORMATIOOOON!!!’ He lifted up his arms, as he grew taller. His muscles bulged out, and his hair grew and became blue. He lifted up the finger, pointing towards the ape. ‘THIS IS THE END!!’ He screamed while looking down on the poor, almost dead creature.

A little sphere of purple ki began spinning around at the end of Rampoh’s finger. It span around and sent out a bright light, before an electric ara began to appear around it. The little sphere began growing into a huger size. It became bigger and bigger. Rampoh slashed his arm up over his head, as it grew enormous. It got a color of orange, and the electric aura became more and more frequent. The sphere was gigantic now, incredibly enormous compared to the little ape on the floor. Rampoh began levitating. The sphere crashed through the roof, as huge as it was. Then Rampoh heard something. He was too far up in the air to hear excactly what it was, but there was something. ‘MIDNIGHT BEAM!!’

A white ki beam shot out of the mouth of the oozaru, and hit the SS Supernova. The huge bomb of ki erupted into a huge rain of little ki blasts. ‘THE END, HUH?!’ The oozaru giant great ape yelled up against him. ‘DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!! HHAHAHAHAA!!’…Rampoh got angry, and flew with incredible speed down agains the ape with the fist ready for attack, but just when he could have hit the ape, he span around in the air, creating a huge wind pressure, shooting everything around him away. The ape got blown down, he couldn’t get away from the pressure. Suddenly a one million weight came blowing towards Rampoh’s hurricane. A hand shot out and grabbed the huge weight. He lifted it up, so that it looked like a pair of wings when he span around. And then he clashed it down. In the face of the oozaru.

[color=red]Daku is death. Daku was an Oozaru (Giant Great Ape).

Mission completed.

Suddenly a bright light appeared in front of Rampoh. It was the Kaio King. ‘Hello, Rampoh,’ It said. ‘I hear you beat Daku! Good job! I never would have thought that you would actually do it the way I asked you to do!’. ‘What was he anyways?’ Rampoh then asked. The kaio king looked down into the ground. ‘Heh…’ He then finally replied. ‘He was a legendary saiyan, my friend.’. ‘WHOA!!’ Rampoh exclaimed, and then he looked down on the corpse. ‘B…but how?!’, ‘Oh you’re simply just very, very strong!’ The kaio king was fast and replied. ‘Hmm…’ Rampoh muttered for himself, before the kaio king disappeared in a bright light, blinding Rampoh. When the light disappeared, he stood in a new arena – This time in a completely blank stage, without anything standing in the way.

‘This Is the test of Agility…’ Rampoh said. ‘Am I right?!’ He then yelled to the dragon standing about 700 meters away from him. ‘You’re absolutely right,’ He answered much louder than needed. ‘GO!!’. Like if nothing had been happening the dragon suddenly planted a solid fist in the back of Rampoh, smashing him off. ‘You’re slow!’ He said with a cocky smile. A huge cloud of dust suddenly appeared and engulfed Rampoh. He tried running out, but he just got thrown back in. First then he realized that the dragon was flying around him, creating a hurricane!! Only way out was…UP!

Rampoh kicked off, and headed for the exit of the roaring hurricane. He was almost near the top, when a fist quickly smashed him back down again. ‘Grr…’ He thought for himself, readied the fist for a punch, then smashed the fist into the side of the hurricane. A scream of pain was heard, as the hurricane stopped, and the dragon flew many meters away and hit a rock. ‘Owowoowowowow…’ It said. ‘That hurt! Let’s move this up a level!’. With the last words, the rock he had hit began growing into towering 50 feet. ‘Hahhahaahahah!!’ Rampoh could hear before the dragon, smashed down, and hit him in the stomach, sending him flying.

He hit a rock with incredible power, crushing it to sand. Raampoh looked surprised at the dragon, which by now stood on top of the rock again. ‘Ready for another go?!’ He yelled towards Rampoh and laughed in a cocky way. Rampoh quickly kicked off, and just a moment after the dragon was in the air. The two fighters came towards each other like torpedoes, and hit each other in midair, causing a huge eruption of ki. They both got shot back to each of their own sides of the field they were battling on. Rampoh quickly got up again, and dashed towards the dragon about to stand up again. He smashed into the body of the dragon, causing it to fly even further away through the air.

While still in the air, Rampoh appeared before it and kicked it up far into the sky. Then he appeared before it again, and smashed it down. When it almost had hit the ground, he appeared before it once again, and kicked it further away with even huger power than he had done before. And then a last time he appeared in front of it. Kicking it hard in the head causing the body to spin around in the air, before Rampoh delivered a last, devastating punch in the side, making the dragon shoot over the ground, giving big scrubs all over it’s body.

‘Grrr…’ It said raising up. ‘Now I’m mad!’ A huge, blue aura shot up around him as his skin turned perfectly white, horns grew out of his head, and his wings became bigger and folded down over the shoulders. ‘OMEGA TRANSFORMATION!!’ He yelled. Rampoh quickly ran towards him, and just when he was about to hit, the dragon had after imaged over to the other side, Rampoh did the same, and it continued like that in one repeating process. Then suddenly Rampoh after imaged for one last time, but this time he had his fist shot out in the air, causing it to punch the dragon hard in the back, making him fly away, through the dust and creates even more huge clouds of dust. But this time the dragon lifted up his wings, and slowly but steady began blowing away the cloud of dust. The dust cloud had completely disappeared, when the dragon came towards him once again, and kicked Rampoh with incredible power, causing him to fly through the air up far into the sky. Rampoh span around in the air, causing a hurricane. Not as big as the dragon’s, but with a higher chance of killing. Because from the inside he was firing ki blasts out to burn everything they came near!!

Soon everything was one, huge flaming hell of fire and flames, devastating as it was the dragon kicked off, and was in the air to get away from them. But then Rampoh began controlling his ki, and threw it all into the flames, causing it to form into a demon!! It ran towards the dragon and grabbed it by the leg. It got big burning marks on the leg. ‘AAAARRGHGHH!!’ It screamed just before the demon of flames threw it far up through the air, then kicked off and flew right into the dragon. It was caught in a jail of flames, burning his body to the extreme. Just some more seconds inside it would have killed him. Then he quickly lifted up his wings, and slashed them around him while spinning in the air, causing a hurricane to blow out the flames. ‘GrrrrrrrrrRRRRR:……’ He screamed. ‘This is not as funny a I had thought! Next time I see that kaio, it’s a DEAD MAN!’ He then yelled, before he came dashing towards Rampoh, kicking out in the air. Rampoh quickly dodged the attack by rolling away. ‘The kaio?!’ Rampoh exclaimed as he dodged another fist. ‘Don’t tell me he sent you too?!’.

‘Yes, of course did he send me!!’ The dragon then screamed and kicked after Rampoh, who dodged again. ‘You’re the enemy I was sent to fight!!, ‘Huh?!’ Rampoh then said without understanding a word, rolling away to dodge another kick. ‘I thought YOU were the enemy! We have been tricked!’. ‘I guess so…The dragon said and stopped punching. ‘WHATS THE MEANING YOU OLD GUB?!’ He then yelled out in the empty air. A bright light appeared. ‘I can tell you…’ The kaio king then said. ‘You’re both very, very strong, and I want to find out who’s the strongest. As you know this is just your seconds fight out of 10, haha!!’ He then laughed hysterically. ‘Are you telling us that we, strongest fighters of Namek, are supposed to kill each other in a dead match?!’ The dragon exclaimed. ‘That’s disgusting!’ Rampoh and the dragon both said. ‘Maybe…’ The kaio king replied. ‘But it works. And your fight is far from done. I suppose you’re at least going to fight some more hours!’ ‘Forget it!!’ The dragon quickly yelled. ‘There’s no way we would ever be able to fight many straight hours when we know it’s just for your old idiot’s entertainment!!’.

‘Just for you old idiots entertainment, huh?! HAHAHAA!!’ No, my friend, this is to test your strength. Of course we have a prize to the one who beats all 10 rooms…’ He then said to the two. ‘WHAT if I may ask, would this prize be?’ Rampoh then asked, and with a cocky smile he looked down on the little man who had named himself the Kaio King. ‘Hmmm…What about if I unlock your potential? It would mean a serious power boost for your guys. But remember that the prize is expensive, you risk your own lives for this power. Now RESUME!’ He said, clapped together his hands and disappeared in a bright light. A quarter second later, the dragon span around in the air, and Rampoh kicked him in the stomach making him fly through the air and hit a rock. ‘OWOWOOW!!’ He exclaimed before he quickly got up and dashed towards Rampoh, scratching after him in the air. When he was there Rampoh kicked him up into the air, and fired a barrage of ki blasts. ‘KI CONCENTRATION!!’ He yelled as the ki formed itself to spikes, going through the trousers of the dragon and letting him hang on the cliff side. ‘DARK RAVEN SPIRIT 2!! Rampoh then yelled against the dragon, as he grew 15 feet tall. Rampoh’s skin turned completely black, and his eyes gleamed in a dark red color. Two huge, black wings shot out of his shoulders. The hair from the False Super Saiyan spiked up and turned purple. ‘The Dark Raven Spirit 2…I developed this technique from my years at Vegeta!!’ Rampoh yelled up towards the dragon. ‘NOW YOURE GOTTA BE THE FIRST ONE TO TASTE THE PAIN OF IT!! HAAAAA!!’ He folded his hands together and pretended to fire a Kamehameha. When Batuella had done so, the beam seemed to be much more powerful. A sphere of black ki began to take form into his hands. It began to grow, and soon it was at the size of a volleyball. He folded his wings together around the body with a opening for his arms with the charging sphere, and then he began spinning around. ‘DARK RAVEN SPIRIT 2 ATTACK!!’ He yelled as the beam shot around. The speed of the hurricane he had made was so incredible that the beam flew right into it, making a tornado of ki which Rampoh could control. ‘KI CONCENTRATION!!’ He then yelled, and formed the tornado in the air into another sphere. He held it in his hands over the head. ‘And last, but not least…SS SUPERNOVA!!’ He then screamed, as a little orange sphere appeared inside the huge, black one. It grew to almost the same size. ‘Bye, bye, mister dragon…’ He then said, as he stopped spinning around and his wings folded out. The sphere was thrown. It flew through the air, and then about two seconds after, it hit the dragon and erupted his body into a rain of blood. ‘Don’t let the eyes fool you, boy!’ Rampoh then heard a voice some meters away, in the opposite direction of where he was looking. A fist came through the air, and smashed Rampoh away with incredible power and speed.

‘Hahahha!!’ Yelled the dragon from behind. ‘That was my split form!! I made it while we were talking with the kaioshin!!. ‘D-d-do that mean I actually haven’t fought you for real yet?!’ Rampoh exclaimed. ‘Mhm…’ The dragon mumbled and kicked Rampoh up into the air, then jump kicked him in the side causing him to fly through the air and into a cliff. ‘GRRRRR!!’ Rampoh yelled, exploding in rage. He jumped up through the air with insane speed, and flew like a projectile down and into the dragon, shooting it up far into the air, then flew up again and smashed him down with the left leg. He then fired a barrage of ki blasts down towards the crater with the dragon in it, burning it’s body to the extreme, then he appeared before it, kicked it up again, smashed it repeating in the air, punching it from the underneath, causing it to get sent through the air and far up into the sky. He then appeared before the dragon once again, kicking it down through the air with incredible speed and power, appeared before it again and smashed it up, down, up, down, up down out into eternity before he kicked the dragon heavily in the side of the body, shooting it far out over the arena, and making him crash into a rock. He then fired a barrage of ki blasts, and yelled ‘ULTIMA DESTRUCTOR!!’ A ball of black ki started to get charge up in his hands. He shot it with incredible power and it all hit the dragon, eliminating everything around it. The dragon was laying half dead in the crater. ‘Oh?’ Rampoh said and looked surprised down on the almost dead dragon. ‘You’re still living, huh? Oh I see…You’re in your Omega Form. I almost forgot that Omegas cannot die from wounds. So let me tryyy…THIS!!’ Rampoh then yelled. ‘DAIMAO NEEDLE!!’. He lifted up his hand and a needle shot out and hit the dragon. A virus got shot into the dragon’s body, damaging him fatally from the inside. ‘GRAAARRGHhhhh…’ The dragon exclaimed, and began bleeding fatally out of the mouth. ‘Y-y-y—yyoou won’t get away with this!!’ He yelled with his last powers up to Rampoh. ‘Uhm, to tell the truth,’ Rampoh then said. ‘Yes, I do. And I even get a prize for it!!’ Then he laughed in a cocky way. The dragon lifted up his finger and shot a little beam, but missed. ‘Hahaha!!’ Rampoh laughed. ‘I told you noone can defeat RAMPOH, LORD OF THE LEGENDAR SAIYANS!!’. ‘Grr…’ The dragon then roared up towards the cocky legendary saiyan. ‘Maybe I’ve lost, but I am sure you won’t make it through all the Kaio’s challenges….That would be inhuman…’ ‘Í AM NO HUMAN! AM A LEGENDARY SAIYAN!!’ Rampoh interferred, lifted up his finger and shot a little ki blast towards the head of the dragon. ‘Goodbye life!’ He said, before he got hit with the blast, and smashed the dead head down in the ground.

Mission complete.

In a sudden, a bright light appeared in front of Rampoh. It was the Kaio King. ‘Well done! You made it all the way through here! You found out all by yourself to use the weights against the oozaru, and now you also found out that the only way you could beat the dragon was through immense speed! Good job! The next test is going to be the hardest until now. You will be facing something I’m sure you’ve been fighting with before, hehe…A lot of times, actually. This test is not about fighting itself, as it would be nearly impossible. This creature is incredibly strong, and it would bee impossible, even for you, to kill it. Just try keeping up your defense as good as you can, okay, Rampoh?’ The kaio king asked. ‘W-w-well, yea, okay. What is it I’m going to fight?’ He then replied. ‘A saibaman.’ The kaio said. Rampoh tried holding back the laughter, but he didn’t manage to do it before he stood in a huge, dark room. It looked like it was in two parts. He was on one of them. A wall stood in the middle to tell the two parts apart. In it there was five holes. ‘Does he suppose I’m going to stick the hand into one of those when I know a giant saibaman Is just waiting to take a bite in my hand when I stick it through?!’ Rampoh whispered for himself. ‘This is like in those creepy movies…’. Suddenly he heard some kind of explosion on the other side. A light began to glow. Finally he could see what was inside the holes. Deepest inside them was a key hanging in a thread. But just in front of them was a dangerous tool which Rampoh thought he would have to get through. He sighed. ‘Am I supposed to…?’ No answer. ‘Then I guess that’s what I’ll have to…’ In the first hole a turned on chainsaw was laying. It would cut off everything trying to take the key. He fired a ki blast against the blade, but it just got reflected. ‘I suppose this is what he meant with my only chance to get through is defense…He took some steps back and picked up a metal tube. Then he dashed back towards the chainsaw and laid the tube into it. Some loud noises was heard when the chainsaw cut into the tube and stopped. Rampoh slowly but steady put in his hand, and grabbed the key. He then walked forwards to the next hole, and put the key into the hole. It opened up, and inside it revealed a new key and a new trap.

This time it was a flamethrower. It was firing powerful flames out of the opening of the thrower. Rampoh tried sticking his hand through, and suddenly the fire transformed into a hand, and grabbed him in scolding heat. Rampoh quickly took in the other hand, grabbed the key, then smashed it through the fire hand, breaking it. It lost the grip. Then Rampoh walked towards the other hole. He put the next key into it, and it opened up. Inside, poisonous scorpions and larvaes were crawling around in there, bathing in toxic and disgusting slime. If he would stick his hand in there, he would most likely get pinned up by the scorpions and die of the toxic. But he did it, he smashed the hand in. Disgusting, green blood whelmed out as the hand got deeper and deeper into the insect. He grabbed the key, and smashed the hand out, killing most of the insects. ‘Ew ewe ew ew ew ew ewe we ewe w ewe e we’ Rampoh exclaimed as he shook his hand heavily around. He hurried towards the next hole and put in the key. ‘Hole number 4…Hmmm…’ He thought, as it opened up. Inside there was – Nothing. Just the key hanging on the other side of the wall, ready to get taken! He put his hand in, and a lazer shot out of the wall, almost hitting his hand. He quickly took his hand back, and grabbed another metal tube. He put it in, and made it touch the invisible lazer. The tube suddenly got scolding hot, and the tube exploded, giving Rampoh scars all up to the shoulder. He took off his T Shirt and took it around the hand. Then he put the hand into the hole, and grabbed the key. The lazer hit the clothes, but as clothes cant simply explode, it lit on fire. The fire destroyed the system and the lazers got turned off. ‘Phew…’ Rampoh thought for himself. ‘Now for the last hole. I wonder that the Kaio King meant with a Saibaman? Hehe…’. He put in the key, and the whole wall opened up. Suddenly a gigantic, black saibaman jumped out of the darkness, landed on Ramppoh and was about to strangle him. He quickly kicked it off, causing it to hit the wall.

THAT was the saibaman the kaio king had been talking about. It raised up again, span around in the air, and dashed into Rampoh, causing him to go through the wall. It jumped after him into the other room, and landed on him another time. ‘GRAAARGH!!’ ‘Keekekekeeke…’ Odd noises could be heard everywhere around them, where ever they now might have been. Rampoh kicked the saibaman away once again, and fired a barrage of little, purple ki blasts, burning it’s body. He came dashing towards it, slashing it all over the body, then kicked it hard it the side, shooting it into a wall. The wall broke, but it just revealed a new wall inside the old one. ‘ULTIMA DESTRUCTOOR!!’ Rampoh yelled as he began charging the attack in the hands. It was just a little sphere, but suddenly it grew into a ball of energy at the size of a volleyball! He pointed it towards the saibaman, and fired the black beam. The electricity around it should be deadly. It hit the saibaman in the back. A huge explosion was heard. The saibaman was still alive!! It span around, now it was looking directly towards Rampoh. He tried stepping back, but there was a wall. The saibaman suddenly split it’s own head in two, and a huge blast of toxic acid was shot against him. He quickly dodged it, but it hit the wall and burned it down. Then ti came dashing towards Rampoh again. When it was way too near him, Rampoh kicked it in the face, causing it to flip over, and land on the stomach some meters away. Now it was angry. It came running towards Rampoh again, this time with the claws ready to cut up his body. Rampoh quickly dodged by jumping up the wall, then down again, hitting the saibaman in the head, tipping it over. Rampoh landed on it and began shooting ki blasts against the troath of the saibaman. Nothing happened!! The saibaman suddenly grabbed him in the arms and threw him up far through the air. He got through the roof. He just managed to open the eyes, and then he saw they had been fighting inside an inn in a busy village on Namek. He fell down again, legs first, with them spiked like a…well, like a spike. He hit the saibaman in the head, causing toxic to sprout around everywhere in the room. Rampoh tried to get away, but it was too late. Everything had been burned down by the acid coming out of the head to the saibaman. Rampoh quickly ran towards the saibaman, and kicked the head off it. It hit the wall and exploded in acid. ‘Uhm, ew…’ Rampoh said, looking at the headless saibaman. 5 seconds passed, before the headless saibaman freaked totally out. It ran around and smashed everything it came over, even though it wasn’t able to see anything. It hit Rampoh in the stomach so that he was thrown into a new wall, braking it. Even again, a new wall was shown to be hidden behind it. But this one had a door. The sign on the door said ‘Only open if you’re the strongest warrior in the universe’. Rampoh couldn’t stop, he simply had to open up for this odd closet. When he did it, 2 eggs rolled out. The began opening up, and out hatched two new giant saibamen!! ‘I think I might have misunderstood that a little bit…’ Rampoh said, before he jumped backwards, took off an arm of the dead saibaman, and filled it with toxic from the exploded head. Then he placed a tiny little bomb made out of pure ki on it, and threw it against the saibamen. They looked down at it. Then they looked at each other, and then back down on the arm. Then they both began screaming, while throwing it to each other. ‘Heh…’ Rampoh laughed. ‘That’s actually kinda funny.’. Then suddenly the arm exploded, and the acid was held out over both fot hem, causing them to scream even mre while running around and slowly getting burned up by the poisonous, toxic acid. They didn’t even notice it when Rampoh fund a new metal tube and begans mashing on the head on one of them, damaging it heavily. Then he jumped over to the other one, and did the same. He kicked both under the crouch, causing them to spin on their back in the air, then he smashed them both in the stomach causing them to hit the ground with a CRASH. He hurried towards the dead corpse again, took both of it’s legs and the last arm, and began filling even more toxic down into them…

First into the first leg, then the arm, then the last leg. ‘KI CONCENTRATION!!’ He yelled as he formed his ki to a rope, put an even bigger ki bomb into both, then cutting the ki rope he had been making into two. Then he bound the arm and the two legs together, holding the acid inside. He then threw the both bombs against the wounded saibamen. About one minute after that, both bombs exploded, hurting the Saibamen all over the body, and spreading acid all over them. They screamed in pain ‘KEE KEEKE KE KE EKE KE K KEEE!!’ ‘KA KKEKEE KE KE EK EEEEK KEKKEE!! They exclaimed. ‘DAIMAO FLAMES!!’ Rampoh then yelled, and opened his mouth. Out shot demonic flames all out over the dying saibamen, burning their bodies. ‘Hmm…I see you’re stronger than the other one!!’ Rampoh said, laughing sarcastically. ‘ KE KE KE KE KE KE KE KE KE!!’ Both Saibamen yelled back. ’DAIMAO NEEDLES!!’ Rampoh then screamed, as he threw poisonous needles against the two burning saibamen. ‘YOURE GOING TO DIIIE!!! DEVILS HURRICANE!!’ He screamed, jumped up in the air, and began spinning around in the air creating a black tornado of ki. It drove with incredible speed towards the two saibamen, and blew them up into it. Inside the Devil’s Hurricane you shouldn’t be able to breathe, and they should soon be strangled in their own minds. To add some extra to it, Rampoh began firing ki blasts into the tornado, making it a bath of dangerous ki, burning everything inside it to death. A very few seconds after the whole area was all black, with flames all over. Everything inside the hurricane should be shredded up an laying on the floor, bloody and dead, but no no, these saibamen survived it. He put in some more ki and continued to fire scolding hot ki blasts into his own hurricane, probably killing the two saibamen he had trapped inside it. ‘I KNOW YOURE DEAD!! ANSWER ME IF YOU’RE STILL LIVING!!’ Rampoh yelled. ‘KE KEKEKE KE KE EK EKE!! HAHAHAHAHHAA!!’ The saibamen screamed. ‘GRAAAAARGH!!’ Rampoh yelled. ‘SS SUPERNOVA!!’ He screamed out in the air, holding the orange sphere. He smashed it into the tornado. Blood and limbs flew everywhere, and the hurricane made by Rampoh stopped up.

Mission complete.
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Finally the bright light appeared again. It hurt in Rampoh’s eyes after having fought for so long time in the little, dark, creepy – AND spooky room. ‘WOW!!’ The kaio king exclaimed surprised. ‘I would never have thought that you would be able to fight those saibamen!! Good job! Listen, the next test is ki control. You’re going to fight a very powerful fighter with the use of ki. Melee attack won’t work against this guy, do you understand?’ ‘Yes.’ Rampoh replied. ‘Good,’ The kaio king then said. ‘I will let you rest for the day. You can use it for training, too, if you might want to. SO I guess I’m just simply going to let you take the rest of the day free…Isn’t that good? Well, I’ll have to return to my brothers…Oh, and one more thing – DON’T try using Dark Raven Spirit 2 again. It makes you exhausted very. Very fast. Cheers!’ And hten he disappeared in a flash. ‘Humph…’ Rampoh thought for himself. ‘Doesn’t he think I know such things best myself?! I have beaten bio androids, saiyans, demons and dragons – And now he thinks I can’t even beat a…a…A whatever it now is he wants me to fight!! It’s just wrong!! He yelled. Then, all out of a sudden, he disappeared. Everything became dark. Then when he was able to see again, he standed in an all empty, huge cube formed room. In the other end a fighter stood. Rampoh pointed the watch towards him.

Makaio is weaker than you
Makaio is at 5 Powerlevel
Makaio is a Konats
Makaio is at Ungodly God
Makaio has completely hidden his power.

‘Mhm…’ Rampoh said to himself after reading the last line. ‘My “scouter” here says you have hidden your power!! LET ME SEE IT!!’ Rampoh then yelled towards the Konats. ‘Oh trust me, you’re going to see it very, very soon…’ He just said with a cocky smile. ‘Grrrrr…’ Rampoh thought, looking at the human-like creature. Suddenly a huge, red aura shot up around him.

Makaio is stronger than you
Makaio is at 596,395,642,385

‘IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE?! DID THIS LITTLE THING F**K UP OR SOMETHING?!’ Rampoh yelled when looking down on the little device he had got from the tuffle in the namekian village. ‘No, your scouter is completely fine. Does it maybe say something like 596,395,642,385? Heheh…’ He said with the same cocky smile. ‘SPIRIT BOMB!’ He then yelled and began collecting ki in a sphere over his head. Rampoh quickly did the same. ‘SS SUPERNOVA!!’ The two charging spheres became bigger and bigger. The konats charged faster than Rampoh because of his huge power level. Finally the Konats sphere had got huge enough for his taste, and he threw it. Rampoh’s was only half the size of the spirit bomb, but had to throw it if he didn’t want to get pulverized. He threw the little ball towards the huge spirit bomb sphere. They both collided and it all erupted into a huge rain of ki blasts. The konats quickly dashe away, grabbing the falling blue ki blasts and collectin ghtem, then dashing towards Rampoh. ‘FINAL KAMEHAMEHA!!’ He yelled as the silver colored beam shot against Rampoh. He quickly jumped over the beam, and yelled; ’DAIMAO FLAMES!!’ He opened up his mouth, and out came a demon of fire shooting towards the Konats. It laid as a ring around him and shot fire balls at him. ‘Now, DAIMAO NEEDLE!!’ Rampoh then yelled, shooting a little spike into the side of the konats, shooting the same virus as he had been using against the dragon and the saibamen into the konats body. He screamed out in pain and coughed up blood. Then Rampoh came dashing towards the konats, about to deliver a kick – but then it happened. Of course had Rampoh forgot about everything the kaio king had been saying, and there fore also that melee didn’t work on the konats – A huge energy barrier shot out oh the konat’s heart, shooting all poison and damage over it’s body away. He now was completely refreshed. ‘Aahh…’ He sighed. ‘Thank you, my friend!!’ He then fired a barrage of ki blasts against Rampoh. ‘DEVIL DASH!!’ Rampoh quickly yelled as his body shot like a missile out of the danger zone. ‘ULTIMA DESTRUCTOR!!’ Then then screamed, and pretended that he was about to fire a kamehameha as he had seen Batuella the batuem do, collecting energy into a black sphere. It grew and grew. The konats looked scared at the now volleyball-huge ball. He slashed the arms fore over, and shot a black energy beam. The electric around it collected in one needle at the end…

The beam hit the konats in the stomach, pushing him many meters away and making him hit the head in the wall. ‘Grr!!’ The Konats exclaimed. ‘You’re gotta pa-‘ ‘NO IM NOT!! DEVIL’S HURRICANE!!’ Rampoh interrupted, jumped up into the sky and began spinning around with incredible speed, creating a hurricane. Rocks got whirled at the konats while itself was about to get sucked in. Suddenly everything happened incredibly fast. All sound got sucked into the tornado, and the konats got sucked with incredible power into the typhoon created by Rampoh. The konats whirled around inside it. Rampoh began shooting black ki blasts into it, burned everything inside alive. ‘YOURE NEVER GOTTA SURVIVE THIS, KONATS!!’ Rampoh screamed towards the konats who probably couldn’t even hear him because of the air pressure. Then suddenly, the konats shot a blue ki blast into the wall of the hurricane, hitting Rampooh and shooting him some meters away. ‘Grrr…’ Rampoh said. ‘FAREWELL FOREVER!!’ A huge, green aura shot up around him as he grew in size, and his muscles became bigger. His hair spikes up slightly and turned blue. ‘FALSE SUPER SAIYAN ATTACK!! DAIMAO DESTRUCTION!!’ A huge explosion erupted from the outside of Rampoh’s aura. It came in a split second, and had filled the room in just a little moment. Everything around it would either explode of the pressure, or if it would be an organic thing, get fatally sick of the atoms in the smoke and the fire. His body began spinning again, and created an even more powerful hurricane sucking everything against it with much higher power than the Devil’s Hurricane is capable to. Then flames shot out of the tornado, making the whole room a hell of flames. And then thousands of little, black needles shot out of the tornado, draining all blood they came near. The konats got sucked in easily, and got pinned up by all the Daimao Needles. ‘AAARGH!!’ He managed to scream from the inside of the hurricane. The konats was trapped in a jail that it was sure to die in if it didn’t get out fast. ‘Graa aaaaha aaaaarrrg aaaarrrgH!!!’ Rampoh suddenly heard from the inside of the hurricane. ‘IMMORTAL GOD TRANSFORMATION!!’ He then heard the konat’s voice yell, as he grew into insane sizes. The hurricane got broken of his size, and his chest became thick of muscles.

A huge red aura shot up around him, too. He began kicking after Rampoh, but he was way too fast for the huge god to hit. Rampoh ran around him and shot ki blasts at him. The konats god wouldn’t have any chance to hit him if just continued to fly around him like that and throwing ki blasts down on him. He knew better than trying to punch or kick him. His size had become his biggest weakness. Rampoh continued to fly around and fire ki blasts against the giant, possibly not really hurting him at all,b ut at least it was a good idea to use the time to think of how he could make short process of him. Then he got an idea. ‘DAIMAO FLAMES!! KI MANIPULATION!!’ He yelled both things quickly after each other. He opened up his mouth, and flames which could burn through any metal engulfed the konats god. Then the fire collected itself into a rope, and bound him up. He tipped over, and was now laying on the floor, getting burnt by the powerful rope of flames made with the daimao flames and the ki manipulation by Rampoh. ‘He he he, are you freezing? Do you maybe want a…FIRE?’ He said and laughed cocky, then he fired even more flames down over the body ‘GRA AAAA AAAAA AAA AAAAR RRRGH AAA RGRHA AAARRGH!!’ The konats god screamed as he got burned all over the body by the devilish flames. ‘Hehhe…I’m going to use a lot of ki on this one!! DAIMAO NEEDLE!!’ Rampoh then yelled, as a huge needle of black ki was collected in the air in front of him. ‘ADIÕS, AMIGO!!’ He then screamed before the huge needle hit the konats god in the heart, and began tapping blood. ‘GRR AAAR RAAAA RRARG REEAAGH GRHRGAAAA RAAARGHH!!!!!’ It yelled, as it tried to take out the needle, but without any special much luck. Rampoh shot a barrage of ki blasts against him while whispering; ‘Why won’t you die?! Die die die die die die die die die!!’. He got burned over the whole body, and his skin got dark spots all over of burning marks. ‘Grr!!’ Rampoh screamed. ‘If just I could be able to use my melee attacks, I could quickly have beat everything out of this idiot!! Gr r r r r r r r r r r r rrrr!!’. He continued to shoot more and more barrages of ki against him, this time in the head. ‘GRAA AAAA AAAA AAA AAAA AAAAAA!!’ The konats god yelled, as he got more and more wounded and burned from top to toe. ‘I GIIVES UP!! JUST LET ME GO!! PLEASE!!’ The konats god continued to scream up to Rampoh, who ddin’t even pay attention to it. He folded his hands together, pretending to be firing a Kamehameha wave, but then instead of blue energy, a black ki sphere as huge as a volleyball appeared in his hands. But instead of meta morphing into a beam, ti just continued to grow into the size of a huge pumpkin!! ‘ULTIMA DESTRUCTOR – TIMES 100!!!’ Rampoh yelled with a magnificent power, just before he shot the powerful electric beam down against the head of the konats god. The beam hit him, and he began screaming hysterically as the electricity got through his veins, down and engulfed his heart. AT any moment by now the electricity would stop his heart, and kill him on the spot. Three…Two…One…No reaction. He just simply continued to scream. ‘GRAA AARRG RAAGAGH RRHAAAAG!!’ The konats god yelled, probably in deep pain. But the electricity from the Ultima Destructor didn’t seem to have done anything to him…At least not yet. It might be a little delayed as the body of the konats god was so huge. One thing was sure, he was still living, and he had to defeat this guy to continue the tests. If he managed to beat all ten tests, he would have his power unlocked by the kaio king and be stronger than ever! Rampoh decided to help the electricity by shooting some barrages of ki against the head of the konats god, damaging him fatally. He began screaming even louder. Rampoh hoped that he would soon stop screaming, it hurt in the ears to listen to all that screaming hours in streak. He tried desperately firing some more barrages of ki and a single Ultima Detructor more, but he just began screaming even louder, no signs on that he was about to die. ‘This is my last try…! DAMAO NEEDLE!!’ Rampoh yelled, as he threw a little ki needle into the side of the konats god, releasing the virus to go in and feast on his blood.A dn then, just all out of a sudden, the Konats God became all white all over the body, and stopped screaming. Rampoh had forgot that he was transformed. His Ki had gone down under this original PL, and therefore the attack forced him to use upt he rest he got in the body.

Mission complete.

Rampoh quickly laid down on the ground, hoping to get some hours of sleeping before the next test…

Rampoh got woken up by a bright light. It was the kaio king, of course. With the fifth test for Rampoh. ‘Wake up, Rampoh!’ He yelled while smiling. ‘Today I want you to try something else! A test of flying! But this is not going to be a fight, no no, this is going to be a race with one of the most spectacular flight masters in the universe!!’. ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!’ Rampoh replied screaming. ‘Am I supposed to beat someone professional in something I haven’t trained to at all?! You’re nuts!’. ‘Maybe…’ The kaio replied. ‘I give you one more day, but only one more! Here, take this, it will help you later on.’. He said, handing the 6 Starred Blackstar Dragonball to Rampoh. ‘What’s this?!’ Rampoh asked as he took over the blue dragonball. ‘It’s a dragonball. You can go back to earth fi you want…Ill give you the rest of the training there.’ The kaio muttered. Rampoh looked surprised down at the ball, then back up at the kaio. ‘TH-thanks, I guess…’ He said, and walked to get some rest…


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PostSubject: Re: Darkness over Namek (6 Star Black Star DB)   Mon Nov 30, 2009 2:30 am

PL: 311,725.
Zenni: 160,000.
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PostSubject: Re: Darkness over Namek (6 Star Black Star DB)   Mon Nov 30, 2009 2:55 am

Can i please ask if i earned the DB or if it's taken? Ill add it to my inventory, if it's aken, ill just take another.
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Yeah, you earned it. Not sure if it's taken.
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PostSubject: Re: Darkness over Namek (6 Star Black Star DB)   

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Darkness over Namek (6 Star Black Star DB)
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