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This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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 intrapersonal journey/ the three star dragonball

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PostSubject: intrapersonal journey/ the three star dragonball   Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:12 am

(used weighter suit)

Zachar landed on a wide green meadow. He looked around and he saw some mountains and a village at the horizon. Zachar decided to go to the village to pick up some supplies ant then we would go training in the vast field and in the mountains.

As he flew over the great green fields he started to get woozy and suddenly he saw all the grass below him start to turn around. He soon fell and hit his head very hard on the ground.

The next thing he knew was that he saw everything in different tones of red. “What´s happening.” He thought an suddenly all went black.

Zachar woke up on an old dusty road, the road didn´t seem to lead anywhere and Zachar seemed to have lost his ability to fly. He followed the road for a very long time, or a very short time, he couldn´t tell all he knew is that he had to continue.

On this road he did not get hungry or sleepy, so he got the idea to train. He trained for a while when an old man in an brown robe with a hood on it appeared. The old man seemed unnaturally tall and he had a shiny silvery beard that almost reached his toes.

The old man said calmly and in a gentle voice “Are you up for a little sparring, I’m getting a little rusty.” Zachar nodded in agreement and was a little suspicious of the silver bearded man .

Zachar and the man exchanged blows for weeks, but as Zachar got stronger the old man was always a little more powerful than he. After a few weeks of fighting Zachar figured it out and said “Why are you holding back I want to see your full power.”

The old man grinned and said “You have not seen my face yet you want to see my power, how rude.” Zachar was caught of gourd and the old man punished him with a firm punch in the stomach. “And by the way.” The old man said. “You would faint from the aura of my true power.”


The old man showed a disappointed expression on his face and said “Well then if you think you´re so high and mighty I´ll show you my power.” The old man started glowing blue at first but then his aura turned completely white. In an hour the man’s aura had become as large as mountain and Zachar was feeling more pressure than he had ever before and after a few brief moments he fainted.

When Zachar woke up he found himself in a small hut, he had a massive headache and his vision was blurry. The old man he had been fighting was sitting right in front of him stirring something in a weird triangle like cauldron.

The old man did not look up as he said “ Ahh, good you´re up I was just brewing something to make you feel better, it will be ready in just a minute.” Zachar sat up but regretted that decisions right away. The old man looked at him and said. “You got potential not many people can withstand 10% of my power and you fainted 17%.”
“That was only 17%” Zachar said sounding as surprised as a five year old with a jack-in-a-box
“Yes I have been said to rival gods in power.” The old man replied. “In fact I think I am one.”
“You think! With that kind of power you must be one.”
“Oh do not underestimate the gods for they are more powerful then you can imagine.”
“But why haven´t you tried to help in the past? With all the evil tyrants and destroyers of this universe?”
“Is it not the duty of the kais and other living creature in the world to protect it?”
“You could still have helped a lot of people died on my planet and Namek while you stood idly by and did nothing, you could have prevented this with one finger.”
“Well it is the believe of the gods that it is your duty to protect the world, then I´m not talking just about you but about all the organisms in the world.”
“But why won´t you help!?!” Zachars voice almost broke as he yelled that and his headache got a lot worse.
“Mortals must learn to solve their own problems, you would all be unevolved weaklings if we would do everything for you.”
Zachar started thinking, the old man handed him a small cup of the elixir he had been brewing. Zachar drank the liquid and then he thought some more. After a long while he stood up and said. “I suppose what you are saying is correct, but does that make it right.”

The old man let out a small laugh then he said. “ Well you truly are fearless, this is the first time in a hundred years someone has had the guts to argue with me.” Then his face turned more serious and he said. “Well a perfect world is not just.”

Zachar was outraged and he said. “ Are you saying that this world is perfect, what about all the diseases, the poverty, the war and the separation?” The old man looked Zachar straight in the eyes for the first time. Now Zachar saw or the first time that the old man was of his own race. “Yes that is what I am saying, in a world of peace there is no need for process everyone is happy with what they have and one day someone would stop being content with all this and war would start again but at that time everyone would have become weak and no one could stop him.” The old man paused to breath. “That would be the worst tyrant of all.”

Zachar was furious and yelled “IF YOU WONT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THOSE TYRANTS THEN I SHALL BECOME IMMORTAL AND MORE POWERFUL THEN YOU I WILL BRING PEACE AND I WILL PROTECT THE WORLD.” Zachar eyes were burning so bright that even he could feel the heat on his face.

The old man had become frustrated and he said. “Do you really plan to fight evil doers all your days? Have you ever thought of the destruction those battles leave behind? Or about their minions? Most of the time they don´t have a choice, they may have families to feed that are being threatened, have you ever thought of all the pain you have caused on your crusade? And what for ? Justice ? It is a meaningless farce and as soon as you accept that the better your life will be.”

Zachar rage was only matched by the old man’s power at this point. “I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS NONSENSE” The hut started shaking. ”HOW DO YOU EVEN PRETEND THAT YOU KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THIS YOU WONT EVEN FIGHT TO PROTECT THE WORLD FROM EVIL.” Zachar was powering up a lot and suddenly the hut ripped apart.

The old man looked around and said “Well look what you’ve done. Well you pass the first trial.” Zachar calmed down a little asked “What trial?” The old man took his hood of and said “Our people have always been connected with a greater conscience; the conscience is what we call god it holds no power but it can make us do it´s biding, and when we die we connect to that great wheel.”

The world around them turned into a vast open space and they could only see white in all directions. “What is this place?” Zachar asked shocked. The old man smiled and said “This is god here we will train for a while”

“Will we train in the great conscience?” The old man nodded. “First we must train you not to faint from power that comes from your opponent, now meditate.”

Zachar soon realized that meditating in this realm was a lot more difficult than anywhere else. In their there were a million little voices that started whispering when he tried to concentrate. He tried until time had come to nothing more than a word in his mind but then he realized what the training was about. He started to channel and feel all the voices. He managed to let more and more voices come in at each time he breathed and soon he woke up and he was back in the hut and the old man was stirring something in his weird cauldron.

“What happened?” Zachar asked the old man. “Oh, you just went a little crazy, but you have become stronger much stronger.” The old men hummed a spell into the cauldron. Then he gave Zachar something really sticky and told him to eat it. Zachar ate it and felt a lot better.

The old man then looked at Zachar smiling. “You haven´t noticed?” the man said. “Noticed what?” Zachar asked back. The old man let out a great big hearty laughter and said. “I am at 50% of my power now.” Zachar was genuinely shocked and said. “Well then let’s see one hundred”

The old man stood up and started powering up he went all the way to his limit and Zachar didn’t even flinch. When the man powered down Zachar asked him. ”How do I not faint I´m not that much stronger.” The old man explained: “Your mind is now a lot stronger than your body therefore you may just have gained a little power but your mind is like steel now. You have passed the second trial.”

Next thing Zachar knew they were standing on a battle field. The signs of war were obvious, there was blood everywhere and dead bodies had been piled up so high that it made Zachar sick. The old man looked at Zachar with a tear running down his chin and said. “This is the work of my justice, I could have made a deal that would have prevented this battle but I was cocky and overconfident, I believed we would beat him easily, but look what happened because of my arrogance the planet was taken over by a tyrant and many children went unfed.”

“Please I beg of you abandon your justice and just fight for what is right.” Zachar became very confused but then he asked. “What was the first trial about then?” The old man said. “Dedication, standing firm in your belives.”
“But why did I pass with justice?”
“Because it was only based on dedication, but I want to prevent this kind of slaughter from happening again for no reson.”
“Then why are you talking to me?”
“Because you have already led men into unnecessary battles.”
“When have I done that?”
“On your planet and on Namek you could have made a deal with those warlords and everyone would have been better of”
“How would everyone have been better off? Tell me that?”
“They would have paid taxes to the tyrants and they would have gotten military protection.”
“But the tyrant could demand more and more until the people are let with nothing, they would lose their freedom and there independence.”
“That is worth nothing compared to peace.”
“What do you suppose I do then, stop training all together and give up?”
“There is a difference between those that want to rule and those who want to destroy. Kill those who want to destroy and there lies the reson for you being here, you must get stronger for the destroyers are getting stronger to.”
“So you want to train me to defeat them?”
“Yes I do and now for the third trial you must fight yourself.”
The area around them disappeared again and a huge wasteland appeared around them. From the horizon they saw a person coming. Zachar looked at the old man and asked. “What do you mean fight myself?” The old man looked at him and said. “Look at the horizon you are coming to fight yourself.” Zachar knew that he had to do this to get out of this weird place so he charged towards himself.

When there were only twenty meters between them Zachar and his other self started charging up a powerful beam then they fired they stood there in mid-air for ten minutes firing beams at each other.

Then Zachar flew up, shoot a bunch of random ki blasts for diversion and then used hyper speed to get behind his opponent. When he got behind himself and was about to strike his other self disappeared, but a second later Zachar felt a heavy hit on his back. His opponent had hit his exact weak spot. A small wound from a previous battle that hadn´t completely healed.

Zachar tried to fight his opponent for hours but nothing worked, he tried again and again. He tried thinking of something new but that didn´t work. In the end he saw only one solution. He started gathering up all his life force into his fingertips and when he had all of it he shoot It out to a distance.

The next thing he knew he was back in the hut with the old man, who to his surprise was not stirring something in a weird cauldron. “You died, you know” Said the old man. Zachar sar up and nodded in agreement. “You pass though the trail was designed to make you submit to defeat, most people run away but you sure are something.”

Zachar rested for while but then he asked the old man. “Is this all happening in my head?” The old man nodded. “How am I getting stronger then?” The old man answered. “You are getting ready to transform you power will rise at the speed of a shooting star when you are finished here.”

Zachar thought for a while and then he asked again. “Did you go through this?” The old man laughed and said. “No but I did help you grandfather on your mother’s side do this. That was about a hundred years ago, he was much like you eager to fight all the worlds injustice, I think he was the last one to stand up to me.”

Zachar listened to the man tell him stories of hi grandpa for a while then he had recovered. “What´s next?” Zachar asked. “Well the trials are done so why don’t we just start working on your swordsmanship for when you get a new sword. Zachar agreed to that.

The old man materialized two heavy swords out of nothing and threw them at Zachar. Zachar could barley hold one of the swords. “Why two swords I only fight with a one-hand sword and I always us my right. And why are they so heavy?” The old man looked at him and said. “You must learn to use both hands for fencing. And the weight is to build speed. If you can get to normal speed and finesse on these you will have no mortal rival at the art of sword fighting.”

Zachar trained for weeks using the swords. He felt his hands getting stronger and his speed getting better. And when he had just gotten used to the swords the old man appeared with a huge stack of needles.

“What are those for?” Zachar asked. “Finesse training.” Said the old man smiling.” I will throw a hundred of these in the air and you will have to split them in the middle.” Zachar wondered if that was even possible.

At first Zachar got none of them but in what he felt as three weeks he managed to get one then in another three weeks he got 2 then in just one week he got twenty and just three months after that he could get all hundred easily.

The old man laughed like there was no tomorrow when Zachar had finished his training. “This I could ony expect from his grandson, let´s have a feast.” They old man and Zachar ate drank and laughed for a while then the old man became serious. “You know your body just got a little faster and stronger while you were here right.” Said the old man. “I figured as much but my finesse and ki control have gotten a lot better right?” Zachar replied. “You are a clever one, yes they have but you need more power.” Zacar nodded in agreement and asked “how do I get more power then I would get from training.” The old man grinned a little when Zachar said that and then he said. “On this planet that you are on there are seven mystical orbs, collect them all and you can call out a dragon, ask him for more power.”
“How do I find them?”
“I´ll tell where the first one is then you have to find the rest by yourself.”
“Fine where are they?”
“Remember the mountains you saw when you first came here?”
Zachar nods
“There lives a huge beast that sits on a horde of treasure, in its nest there is a dragonball you must find it before someone else does. Now wake up only a day as passed in the real world get some food then fight the beast.”

When Zachar woke up he got the same feeling that he got when he would dream that he was falling but a lot worse. He looked around and then he saw a few wolfs chasing after rapids. Zachar killed one of the wolfs and ate his meat. Now he looked to the mountains and thought. “I have to do this for all that is right in the world.”

As Zachar flew to the mountain he realized that his speed was much better. His ki control really had gotten better.
When he reached the mountain he saw only a few caves so he started looking. He looked into a few caves and then he heard something from behind. He turned around to see two giant black spiders ambushing him. He dodged skillfully and shot ki blasts at them. The spiders seemed unaffected by his blasts and just came towards him. Next Zachar flew right between them and when the both attack he flew up so they would hit each other. Next he threw himself down at as much speed as he could muster and completely smashed one of the spiders head.

The other spider attacked him in rage, he could barley dodge her blows even though he could clearly see every one of them. “I must have gotten this ability in the second trial.” He thought.

Zachar threw himself back and charged a beam, the spider had almost gotten to him when he released the power. The spider got a massive wound on its side and died instanty.

“Maybe the beast I´m suppose to fight just a larger spider.” Zachar thought. He continued to look in the caves and he had a few more skirmishes with the spiders and then he finally found the top cave. The cave was very large and damp, as Zachar walked into the cave he realized that this might be a hatchery.

Zachar went deeper into the cave and then he saw two large spider. He decided that he didn´t have time for this so he just fired a large beam at them then he saw behind the spider what they were guarding.

He saw millions of eggs most of them the size of humans hatching and at the end of the hatchery he saw a gigantic spider. Zachar flew inside and started trying to kill all the hatchlings as they were coming out of their eggs. But it was difficult to do with all of them attacking him at the same time and the gigantic spider also enraged.

Zachar used his orb of imprisoning light on the gigantic spider. This was the largest one he had ever made. Next he decided to try out a new trick. He crossed his arms over his chest then he gathered some ki around himself and as all the human sized spiders where about to attack him he created an orb around himself and yelled. “ANGELIC DEFLECTOR!!!” The Orb of Light around him exploded killing all the little spiders leaving only the massive one left.

Zachar tried to use his angelic canon on the big one but it didn´t have any effect at all. Next Zachar tried punching it but still he failed Zachar was almost exhausted as he thought of a way to defeat the spider. But to do this Zachar had to make yet another new technique . He gathered up the rest of his ki then he charged it into a big ball between his hands and the he yelled. “OCTO ANGELIC CANON!” One beam of light hit each of the spiders legs at the weak point attaching them to the spider. The spider yelled in pain and the room started filling with spider blood. Zachar flew up not tp get the blood on himself and he saw an orange ball floating on top of the blood. “this must be it.” He thought so he grabbed the ball and flew out of the cave as fast as he could. He heard the spider bashing the wall trying to come after him but the opening was too small.

When Zachar got outside he looked back and shot a beam at the mountain so that it would collapse over the spiderqueen. Next he looked at the dragonball and saw that it had three stars.

Zachar headed to the nearby village to get a place to stay and some food.
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Alright, you've got...
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PostSubject: Re: intrapersonal journey/ the three star dragonball   

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intrapersonal journey/ the three star dragonball
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