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This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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 The hearts and minds of the people... Determination will prevail! (6 star ball)

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PostSubject: The hearts and minds of the people... Determination will prevail! (6 star ball)   Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:24 am

Using Power Weighted

Meraxa and Cargo were flying low against the waters of the south namekian ocean. After their encounter with the warrior from the south galaxy, the two of them were resuming their search for the mystical dragonballs. Their search had taken them far and wide across the forever sunlit planet, entire weeks, if not months, devoted to this quest of theirs.
"Can you believe we've come so far Cargo? Just two more dragonballs... then I can have my wish granted." Meraxa smiled, following the directions on the dragon radar. Cargo, the one actually holding the ancient artifacts afloat via telekinesis was also happy.
"Yeah, once we're done, we can go and get the password from the senior elder."
"Password? Theres a password?!"
"Well yeah, its the one bargaining chip we have left after someone gathers all the balls, but have evil intents."
"I guess so, but still, at least I'll be able to-"
"It has to be said in the namekian tongue."
"Oh come on! Thats taking it a bit far isn't it?"
"Do you honestly think we'd be able to accurately translate our language into whatever the wish-seeker speaks? And yes, the words have to be exact in meaning, the eternal dragon is fickle like that."
"Eternal dragon...?" Meraxa asked, before the image suddenly popped in his head, recalling what he'd seen on Earth. Snapping his fingers, he said, "Oh, thats what comes out of the dragonball when you make a wish right?"
"Yeah, except ours makes your planet's shenron look like a pup in comparison, in both power and size."
"I know that, Mr Popo told me about it. Still, it'll be interesting to see the original dragon, wonder what he looks like."
"Well to be honest, I'm not sure what he looks like."
"Huh? But he's the origina-"
"Yeah, but that doesn't mean we use him a lot, does everyone on your planet know about the existence of the dragonballs? Let alone what the dragon looks like?"
"True enough, I guess it has to be like, two dozen at most. I guess I shouldn't have presumed so much."
"Yeah, but at least you recognise your faults master, unlike much of the rest of your species."
"If you mean the red ribbon army, then please, don't ever use them as an example for my entire race. They're numbered in tens of thousands for sure, but my world is home to billions, a great number of whom could be incredibly good people... they just need incentive." Meraxa sighed, no matter how he tried to justify it, he still had to admit, the red ribbon army was still sizeable enough to also influence the hearts and minds of many, and so they had a political image that people supported out of devotion, or out of fear for their lives.

And then there was him... he'd formed a school of martial arts sure, but right now it was unofficial at best, and the red ribbon army and him had actually fought against each other. In time, a political convoy would come from Earth to secure the red ribbon army's release from custody, and if by that time Meraxa had made his wish, there would be no reason to go back to Namek, instead remaining on Earth to track down its dragonballs instead. And if they found out he was setting up a school of martial arts, things could get real messy, or at least, people might be too scared to join. Well, perhaps that would be the price for his wishes, his martial arts school failing before it ever really gets off the ground. Though he really didn't to lose the possibility of being a fully fledged martial arts master, he knew karma was probably not gonna let him have three wishes of near-omnipotent power for absolutely nothing... maybe it would just make his death more painful. Though at least, he had one student - Cargo...
Grrr, why was this damned question about his martial arts question constantly coming up in his head? Couldn't he have a little self confidence at all? Geez, at this rate, martial art mastery was a freaking dream, let alone a reality that would fail.
"Um master, are you okay?" Cargo's voice finally reached Meraxa's ears, who suddenly turned his head to respond.
"Huh? Oh, its nothing, I was just thinking."
"Thinking about what?"
"The martial arts school. I mean, its not like we're official or anything. And well... its obvious that the red ribbon army sees you and the other namekians as animals, a sentiment that they could easily use with propaganda on my homeworld."
"But you said that the people there were-"
"Potentially good? Yeah, I did. But theres also enough potential for them to be pretty bas- evil, just plain evil." He said, trying to avoid such words around someone so young, when he himself was not so good an example.
"Evil? How bad then?"
"Try having two massive wars - one of which started for no real reason - where a total of several million die, several hundred years of segregation based on the flipping colour of a person's skin, and allowing dictators to go unopposed till they kick the bucket. I say it can be pretty bad at times."
"Wow... I never would've imagined..."
"Its better you don't. It'll never be as bad as the truth."
"But then, thats the whole point of your school isn't it?"
"Huh?" Meraxa was slightly confused, when had his world's history and the martial arts school gotten mixed up?
"Well, with a martial arts school, you'll be able to inspire other people right? You said your race needed incentive to be good people, then why don't you be that incentive? I mean, it worked on me right? Plus if we got enough together, we could defeat the red ribbon army once and for all - they'd never come back to hurt anyone ever again." The young namekian's dream was stupid, idealistic, but it made Meraxa smile, because admittedly, idealism was the one thing that kept his world together.

"Maybe, but it all depends on how lucky we are... or how determined we are." He gave Cargo a thumbs up, they two of them eventually stopping on a cliff face.
"And the latter there will probably be useful, as this cliff face is pretty tall, we'll need to be determined in our search, remember the dragon radar has no sense of 'depth', as our last little endeavour involving such a concept proved." Meraxa mentioned, diving into the sea at that time had not been as fun as he had initially imagined it to be.
The two of them nodded at each other, before flying down, looking up and down the cliff face for any signs of the dragonball.
"I'll say this, whoever spat out this one, was a mean secret keeper." Meraxa complained, as the location was not obvious, to say the least. Of course, if the location were obvious, then quite simply anyone could've picked it up by now, even the wildlife - and they didn't want that.
"Hows it going on your end Cargo?"
"Nothing so far, the cliff face is completely bare."
"I know, its weird. Think it could be buried in the cliff face itself?"
"I doubt it. The warriors aren't very good at hiding things without tearing up the landscape in the process. And the cliff face is as smooth as can be."
"Yeah, I hear tha- Wait, smooth as can be?"
"Yes, thats what I said."
"But... is that even possible? I mean water erosion is random, and not to mention you and Nail have both mentioned some 'great disaster' of whatever, and if such a thing did happen, I doubt it'd leave such a kind effect on the landscape."
"Hey yeah, you're right."
"So then, why would we have something so smoo- Oh ho, maybe he wasn't as bad as we thought he was."
"Excuse me?"
"The warrior, he would've known his destructive tendencies, so why not use them to his advantage?"
"I'm not fol- Oh I get it! He shoved in the dragonball."
"Then shaved off the rough edges of the cliff with a ki beam. Genius, actually."
"Yeah, genius, but that still doesn't help us out at all." Cargo pointed out, sure exposition was nice and all, but exposition that was useful would've been a whole lot better.
"I guess, though maybe..."
"Maybe what?"
"Maybe we could use the same trick."
"And have you blast the cliff face off? Are you kidding?! With your power that would destroy even more of the landscape than before! Plus if the dragonball were in amongst the rubble, theres no guarantee we'd find it. Idiot!" Cargo yelled as he fired out a RyuuKousen, Meraxa narrowly avoiding it. That was one thing he had to be careful about. Though weaker than his, Cargo could fire off the RyuuKousen much quicker than Meraxa could, because he used the staff as a focus point for the energy. And so far, they had tested his firing rate to be something along lines of 87 kbpm (ki blasts per minute), so getting on his bad side was painful to say the least.
"Okay, okay, I'll come up with another plan, like maybe... Hey, just a question, when I power up, how exactly does it feel?"
"Um, well, theres a big gust of wind, and..."
"Like a shockwave?"
"Yeah, like a shockwave."
"Does it shake things up? If so, how much?"
"Well the landscape does shake like a small earthquake, even a bit of chunky updraft... you're kidding? You're honestly gonna try that?"
"Not much else I can do without doing too much damage. If the ball is about where we think it should be, and the smoothness of the cliff face is because of artificial means, then the very first layer or so would be rather fragile and thin. Now... oooooooooo... HHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!" Meraxa's scream could be heard for miles, as his body suddenly released an immense amount of ki, his own power raising to three times its normal level. This form was what he referred to as his 'power weighted' form, as in 'power weighted with emotions', because its initial transformation had been brought about by his rising emotions, anger and sadness in particular. However, with practice, he'd learnt to call upon the power by simply recalling the memories which caused said transformation, then shutting them away once the transformation was complete. Needless to say, it produced the effect he desired quite well, with the thin covering of rock on the cliff face falling down, a small speck of orange appearing soon enough, before it began to fall with the other shards of stone.
"On it." The young namekian responded, aligning his staff with the currently falling crystal ball, before said ball suddenly sped towards him. Meraxa was impressed, the namekian's telekinetic powers were getting more powerful with use. "Master, its the six star ball."
"Which leaves only the four star."
"Shall we?"
"Lets." Meraxa indicated their next destination, unaware of the looming darkness that would soon follow.
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PostSubject: Re: The hearts and minds of the people... Determination will prevail! (6 star ball)   Thu Dec 24, 2009 3:13 am

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The hearts and minds of the people... Determination will prevail! (6 star ball)
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