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 The Final Dragonball... Meraxa's last moments on planet Namek (4 star ball/Done)

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PostSubject: The Final Dragonball... Meraxa's last moments on planet Namek (4 star ball/Done)   Sat Dec 26, 2009 10:31 pm

Using Power Weighted

Meraxa quite frankly, couldn't believe it. To have a house on such a spindly piece of rock, was either a work of creative genius, or one man's sheer insanity and obliviousness to the possibility of collapse of the rock. What was even stranger, was that this was supposed to be home to the oldest living thing on this planet, as well as it's inhabitants' leader, and not to mention father. He was the last survivor aside from Piccolo of the original namekian race, he was the senior elder, creator of the namekian dragonballs.
He also held the last one, the 4 star ball, something Meraxa needed if he was to have his wish granted. The other six, well they were floating in a circle around Cargo, who held them up with his telekinetic powers.
"You understand do you not? That inside, is the senior elder?"
"Yeah, I understand. He's practically royalty on this planet. I must show him the utmost respect." Meraxa said as he and Cargo floated to the front door, before Meraxa knocked on it twice. At first, there was no response, but then slightly odd happened. The door opened.
What? Not so weird right? Well what about when the door itself is whats floating off? Yeah, thought that might raise an eyebrow or two.
Well, that was all it got out of Meraxa, because it wasn't all too weird considering he'd travelled across time, space, and even the gaps between other universes and timelines. Also finding out that god was an alien, and that he himself was a descendant of a previous -human- god, it did dull the surprise one would normally expect.
However, the one who stepped out from the open doorway was certainly not the senior elder, because Meraxa knew this person, and had heard them refer to the senior elder before.
"Yo Nail, how are you doing?" Meraxa asked, smiling at the namekian warrior.
"Fine, and I see that your search has gone well. I can guess what you're here for then."
"Two things actually, first is the four star ball. Second, is the password that everyone so kindly omitted until Cargo mentioned it in passing."
"Oh? We never told you? That was a mistake on our part then, and not something intentional."
"Don't worry, I'm used to having things pile up. The senior elder is inside, yes?"
"Of course, and in fact, he has been expecting you ever since I informed him of your arrival on the planet, and of your efforts to find the dragonballs. I also informed him of your choice Cargo, to become this human's pupil." Nail glanced at the small namekian, who nodded.
"Of course, Master Meraxa is an excellent teacher."
"Evidently, since before you wouldn't have even risked going out hunting with the warriors, let alone joining in on the assault of Dai-Namek City. Anyways, come inside, bring the balls with you." Nail said as he went in, Meraxa and Cargo following behind, before the door closed.
"Step in the circle." Nail instructed, pointing out the marking on the floor, and the hole in the ceiling above. Meraxa and Cargo did as instructed, before the floor beneath them raised up, a circle of it to be precise. The circle kept on rising, before it fit into the hole of the second floor.

Before them, was a massive chair, with a dragonball sitting atop it. More importantly though, was the chair's occupant, a giant among namekians. Seriously, just sitting down, he was already three times Nail's height, and one could only imagine if he decided to stand up...
If he were even physically able to that is. Yes, from a simple look over, Meraxa could tell that the Senior Elder was not the youngest of beings (well he was called the senior elder for a reason, obviously), and his body a weary husk of what must've once been an incredibly powerful being.
"You are the one they call Meraxa Delwas... correct?" The mammoth of a figure asked, his voice sounding dry and old.
"You are also the one who has decided to search for the dragonballs, the symbols of namekian power and intelligence?"
"Yes. Let me please explai-"
"I have a better idea. Please, stand over here. Allow me to examine your past, to see from your perspective where you believe this to all have started." The senior elder pointed to a spot beside him, and not wanting to be disrespectful, Meraxa stood exactly where he pointed. However, it still troubled Meraxa.
"Not to be rude senior elder, but are you seriously gonna be able to read my past?"
"Of course... now please, open your mind, and remain calm." The senior elder instructed, as he placed his hand upon Meraxa's head, who suddenly felt the senior elder's ki pouring into his head, before images started to appear... so this was what he meant.
"I see... you simply wished to help people, but did not know how. As such, you set out in search of strength. Troubling..."
"Wait, please, go on. There is more." Meraxa did not want to lose favour with the senior elder at any point.
"Hmm... you met the one known as Gohan, and battled him. You were beaten, with little chance of success."
"Yeah, I was weak back then."
"However this battle awakened a deep lying strength. One that proved useful, as later, you battled strange little creatures, Saibamen. There was another... a saiyan, oh my."
"Huh? Whats wrong?"

"Do you not know what a saiyan is?"
"Uh, no actually, I don't." Meraxa said, before Nail cut in.
"They are a race of warriors, on average far more powerful than other species. They even send simply babies to deal with the weakest of planets - they're that strong. They also have an incredible power, known as the Super Saiyan form."
"Yes... this child has in fact encountered the original super saiyan." The senior elder pointed out.
"Wha- how?" Nail asked, stupefied by the fact.
"We can explain that later. But just what is the super saiyan all about?" Meraxa said, this time looking towards the senior elder for the information.
"The saiyans - like humans - gain power from their emotions, hatred and anger in particular. And their power only continues to get greater beyond the super saiyan. A human-saiyan hybrid would greatly benefit from the combined potential."
"Gulp, isn't their any way to level the playing field a bit?"
"Well, both saiyans and any hybrid offspring would have one noticeable weakness... their tail."
"Yes, it is not directly related to their power, however it is deeply rooted in their nervous system. Simply grabbing it is enough to paralyse them. Also, if under the light of the moon, and they transform into fearsome apes, removing the tail is enough to reverse the transformation."
"Right, go for the tail."
"Now if we will continue... After the incident with the saibamen, you found yourself being cared for by old man... Roshi. He was the one who told you of the dragonballs. They exist on your world also it would appear."
"Yeah, Dende is actually acting as Kami for us."
"I see. Moving on, you found one of the dragonballs - the three star - and then took it to an island, meeting with other warriors who had also collected them. And then... oh dear."
"You revived the warlord Frieza."
"FRIEZA?!" Nail yelled in shock, readying his hand to to fire a ki blast if necessary.
"Wait Nail, there is more. The child did not know that the others were going to take such a risk. And when he found out, it was revealed to be because they believed they would turn Frieza away from evil."
"Well, thats nice and all. But very, very stupid."
"However, it then inspired this child to seek out more training, eventually meeting Piccolo."
"Piccolo eh?"
"Indeed... After some initial roughness, Piccolo took the child as a pupil, though with the condition that he could leave only if he defeated Piccolo first."
"Well, thats one way to force improvement."
"Yeah, well what happened next is the main part of the story." Meraxa was foreboding, as the senior elder delved further into his mind.
"I see, your training involved travelling to past events, when the universe was a much more dangerous place. It was through this you encountered the original super saiyan... and arrived on the planet Konats. You arrived during a time of crisis, the planet's people were under attack from a being known as Hirudegaan. Ah, Hirudegaan, what an evil form of life. It seems its seal had been earlier broken. You met the warrior Tapion, who saved your life. You trained with him, formed a brother like bond with him, made a promise to stop Hirudegaan with him. However in your journey before the final confrontation, you met another... another being like Hirudegaan."
"Hirudegeddo. He showed far more intelligence than his 'brother'."
"Yes, dangerous indeed. You narrowly defeated him by setting off a volcano. One that reached into space no less. You do not know however if he survived?"
"I doubt he did, but no, I'm not certain, as I was transported back to the lookout shortly before the magma rose up."
"Nonetheless, you perfected a technique, which you named after the warrior and his brother. Then you fought Piccolo, and wounded him. He then granted you permission to leave, and so you did. From there, you gained a method of travel, and journeyed here. You met and befriended Cargo, performed many heroic deeds, and all the while gathered the dragonballs."
"That is correct." Meraxa confirmed, as the Senior Elder removed his hand from Meraxa's head, and then reached for the dragonball placed atop his chair. It was the four star ball, of course, which the senior elder held out in his hands, before Cargo's telekinetic powers took hold of it, and thus it floated with the others. All seven began to glow in synchronisation, a sign that they were now a complete set.

"Please, take them outside. What will emerge cannot be contained in a building like this one." The senior elder advised, and Meraxa nodded, as he and Cargo stepped into the circle in the floor, before it descended to the ground level. The door opened up, and the two stepped outside. The jumped down to the base of the rock formation the senior elder's house sat upon, because beside it was an enormous field.
Cargo proceeded to drop the balls beside each other, in a hexagon shaped cluster, with the one star ball in the middle. And for a few seconds they watched the glowing balls...
Nothing happened.
"...Wait a minute... Gah!" Meraxa yelled as he facepalmed, whilst Cargo was confused.
"We forgot to get the password! Quick, get back up to the senior, and ask him for it." Meraxa pointed, and Cargo went "Right," before flying back up there.
Meraxa sighed, how could they have forgotten the most crucial part so easily? Still, this gave him a few moments to work out how he was gonna list his wish(es). Yeah, if this dragon was like "One task per wish", then he might have to use all three to get this done.
It did not take long for Cargo to return, the knowledge of the password in his head.
"Do it Cargo." Meraxa told the young namekian, who began to speak in a tongue Meraxa might take forever to understand. Before long, the namekian dragonballs lit up like a freaking christmas tree, and in an even more extreme burst of light, a sudden stream of green emerged from the balls, coiling up into the heavens, as the sky darkened above them. The green began to thicken as it went higher and higher, until a humanoid shape emerged, but still dragon-like nontheless.
"So... this is Porunga..." Meraxa said, the sight was awe inspiring, to say the least.
"Yes, it means 'God of dreams'."
"Appropriate, considering his power is to effectively grant them."

"You have gathered the dragonballs, now tell me your wish. I shall grant you three wishes, which may be in my power."

The gargantuan dragon spoke, its voice deep.
"So, he really does grant three wishes then? In that case..." Meraxa turned to Cargo, assuming that the wishes had to be spoken in namekian. "Cargo, I wish that Tapion and Minotia were released from their imprisonment in the music boxes onto Earth."
Cargo nodded, and spoke to the dragon in the native language, before Porunga said.
"Are you sure you want that wish?"
"The ones you seek to release... contain the monster Hirudegaan. If they are released, then there is a risk to the world they are on should the creature escape."
"I-I see." Meraxa muttered. Truth be told, he knew that the risk always existed, but still, he could make up for it either way.
"Tell him... that yes, I do wish they still be released on Earth, and that I also wish that I had an increase to my power."
Cargo did just that, and Porunga responded.
"Very well... I shall grant your wishes."
Porunga spoke, and his eyes glowed a deep red, seemingly indicating that the wishes had been granted.
"I have granted your first two wishes. Your power has increased by approximately ten percent, I cannot increase it by any large an amount. You may now tell me your final wish."
"Right..." Meraxa smiled, he'd done it. He had finally done it. His friends... they were free! Wait... he'd just said they were released on Earth, not whether or not they were together! Shit! Still, there was a possibility... Plus, he knew what Tapion's ki felt like, so Minotia's would be similar. That and if they ever caught media attention, that would help even more. So, why not treat himself a little with that last wish?
"Right... I wish... I wish to learn a new skill, something to use in battle." Meraxa said, and Cargo translated the wish into namekian.
"A simple matter. You will gain the technique known as 'Solar Flare'. Use it wisely."
And thus said Porunga, before disappearing back into the dragonballs. The balls then began to rise up high into the air, though Meraxa knew that this was not because Cargo was lifting them via telekinesis. No, this was the next part. The balls stayed for a moment, before shooting out in seven directions, to the four corners of the planet, where they would lay as stone for a month, before being useable - or even traceable - again. The sky lit up back to the way it always was, and Meraxa along with his pupil flew back to the senior elder, for one last thank you.

"Think nothing of it." Was the senior elder's response, even laughed slightly. "You are the ones who went through all those perils in order to get the balls after all."
"But you made it possible in the first place by actually making the dragonballs."
"Please, I made those long ago. And not many have the heart to search for them now. Also, there is something of which I need to speak to you about. Come here please." The senior elder motioned to the same spot as before, and Meraxa stood there. The senior elder placed his hand atop Meraxa's head, and then began to speak.
"I can sense... a lot of potential in you. Power that exists, but is not being used. I can unlock that power, like so." The senior elder said, Meraxa's power output suddenly tripling.
"Uh, hate to break this to you. But I've already been using this - its called my Power Weighted fo-"
"No, there is more, at least thirty times more..."
"T-t-t-thirty times?!" Meraxa said, suddenly feeling the power the senior elder spoke of, "S-stop!" He yelled, and so the senior elder did.
"Why? Do you not wish to use your full potential?"
"W-well yeah, but if you suddenly force 30 times out of me, do you honestly think my body is gonna just take it that easily?"
"That is true... I am sorry, I should've taken more caution. Though in truth, while yes you could thirty times more out of that, its fractured - split in two. The first transformation would unlock double your base power, the second would unlock 15 times."
"I get it. Two times fifteen equals thirty."
"Precisely. At least, if you won't allow me to unlock your deeper power, at least let me have you leave with some knowledge that may prove useful."
"Alright, fine." Meraxa said, the sudden burst of information rushing into his head. "T-this is...!"
"Yes, it is the namekian language in its entirety, as well as the knowledge to delve into one's mind by placing your hand upon their forehead, just as I have. It is less technqiue, and more simply an art in and of itself." The senior elder told him, and to be honest he was right. All he had done was show Meraxa how the ki collected and transferred data from one mind to another.
"T-thank you for this gift. But now me and Cargo have to go, if we're to avoid getting caught up in passing stellar debris on our journey to Earth." Meraxa said hastily, as he and Cargo left, a shout of "Have a safe trip" echoing after them.

Later that day, a small sphere, white in colour, could be seen leaving the Green Planet's atmosphere, heading for another world - Earth, its occupant unaware of just what he would get involved in upon his return.

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PostSubject: Re: The Final Dragonball... Meraxa's last moments on planet Namek (4 star ball/Done)   Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:41 am

Summary of wishes:
1) Release Tapion and Minotia from their imprisonment onto the Earth
2) Increase power (by 10%)
3) Get some technique, ended up with Solar Flare

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PostSubject: Re: The Final Dragonball... Meraxa's last moments on planet Namek (4 star ball/Done)   Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:42 am

The first two wishes... They're odd. We'll need more NPC characters then...
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PostSubject: Re: The Final Dragonball... Meraxa's last moments on planet Namek (4 star ball/Done)   Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:46 am

Well they're really to give an actual explanation as to how and why Tapion and Minotia would be out of their boxes should someone decide to get them.
Though I could edit the second one...
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PostSubject: Re: The Final Dragonball... Meraxa's last moments on planet Namek (4 star ball/Done)   Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:56 am

Editting done
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PostSubject: Re: The Final Dragonball... Meraxa's last moments on planet Namek (4 star ball/Done)   Mon Dec 28, 2009 4:52 am

Powerlevel: 18,200.


TAPION and other dude ARE NOW FREE!
10% of powerlevel: 53,571.

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PostSubject: Re: The Final Dragonball... Meraxa's last moments on planet Namek (4 star ball/Done)   

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The Final Dragonball... Meraxa's last moments on planet Namek (4 star ball/Done)
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