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This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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 Cell Jr trains

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Cell Jr


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PostSubject: Cell Jr trains   Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:39 pm

It was a windy day in the forest. His father had taught him a valuable lesson and now he was ready to put him self to the test. "Father I will surpass you!" The young android said as he flew away from the forest not knowing the danger ahead.

"Do you see the target Mr karate?" said a white man. he was quite old and the middle of his head was bald. Grey hair covered the sides of his face. he was also quite short and wore a black karate outfit.

"Yes I will take him and we shall feast!" Mr karate said as he took off with ki chasing after Cell Jr.

"Huh what is this?" Jr said as he sensed an energy flying behind him. Jr didn't waste any time as he turned around with his hands cupped facing the guy. "KA...ME..." He began as a light green orb began to form in his hands. mr Karate kept flying straight he didn't seem to fair the blast that would soon be done. "HA...ME..." Cell Jr continued as the light green orb continued to grow.

"Pathetic you think that can stop Mr karate!" The old man screamed form on top of the mountain.

"he he." Jr chuckled as he forced his palms forward. "HA!" he said as a light green kamehameha went flying towards Mr Karate. The well built man quickly flew around the blast. I smirked.

"I told you you could never hit karate!" The old man continued not realizing the truth behind the blast.

"Foolish human I wasn't aiming for the big dude I was aiming for you!" Jr said as he quickly ascended avoiding the big guys punch. The old man couldn't believe it the blast was coming right for him. The last connected with him and the mountain he was standing on destroying the mountain completely.

"NO master SHu!" The karate man shouted as his rage grew. he took a fighters stance in the air like how one would take to go super saiyan. "Wraaaaaa!" he shouted as a white aura over came his body. "You killed my master I'll eat you!" Suddenly he flew for me with greater speed. I shut my eyes and dodge each punch he threw.

"Pathetic my dad helped me to figure you out before I even saw you. your moves are obvious I can read you like a book your power does not scare me its puny compared to mines." Jr said talking much like cell.

"Beam shower!" The man shouted as he put both his hands in front of him and began shooting a few yellow ki blast at me.

"That is pathetic tiem to die! Death Beam!" I cried as I pointed a finger at the man. a red beam erupted form my finger destroying the ki blast and ripping through the man's heart. his body dropped out of the air towards the ground. he was dead. I went down towards the man and I began to suck on his energy. His body began to melt off as I did so I felt my energy increase as this happened it wouldn't take me to long before I could surpass my father if I kept finding people stupid enough to challenge me to fight. Jr said as he went off in search for a good city. leaving behind one thing. Master shu who had jumped out of the blast's way at the last second. he was alive and he wanted revenge for what I had done to his student.
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PostSubject: Re: Cell Jr trains   Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:22 am

PL: 3,750.
Zenni: 2,000.
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Cell Jr trains
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