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This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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 Setting up shop

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PostSubject: Setting up shop   Sun Jan 03, 2010 2:06 am

A mammoth of a man walked through the streets this day, the crowds parting around him not out of respect, but out of fear. He had come to the city for one purpose - to get funds. See, whilst yes, he wished to rid this world of the foolish humans around him, he knew this world to be vast, and so getting rid of all the weaklings wouldn't be an easy task. He had designs, but he needed funding and materials if he was to use them. So he had left his mountain home, and his family, to come to this place. It was not one of the larger cities, like West or perhaps even East City, but it was big enough to have its own Capsule Corp branch. Thats what he was here for. The people of this city would be spared for now, as he would need them intact for people to buy from the CC branch, once it was his that is. He walked through the branch's main entrance, and went up to the front desk.
"I'm here to see the manager. Don't keep me waiting." Noah told the receptionist, who did as told, intimidated by his height. Perhaps this would take less time than he had anticipated.
"H-he's waiting for you on the twenty fifth floor, M-m-mister..."
"Sygon. And thank you, I may keep you hired if you're lucky." Noah gave off a terror inducing grin, before walking into an elevator, leaving the receptionist shaking, and wondering just what he meant.
Ugh, he hated this suit. He hated the hair gel. He hated the contact lens. He hated this entire image of his entirely. Of course, given his previous encounter with the alien warrior, and what he planned to do, it was better that he had two face in preparation. The elevator came to a halt at the twenty fifth - AKA the top - floor. He had to admit, good view from here, felt like the top of the world - right where he wanted to be.
"Who are you? And what business do you have with me." A fat, old, bald, and decrepid man sat at the end of a table, flanked by several other men in suits. So, this was the board of directors for this branch. How lucky he was to catch them at this hour.
"Ah yes, my name is Ling - Ling Sygon, and I have proposition for you. Give me this entire branch of the company, in my name and my name only - and I will reward you handsomely." Noah used his real name, not the name he preferred.
"Are you kidding? And what in hell's name wo-" The old man - along with the rest of the board - went silent as Noah opened up a briefcase he had been carrying, revealing several thousands - if not millions of 100 zenny bank notes. Of course, they were forgeries, plain and simple. However, there was such detail and planning to them on Noah's part - plus the stealing of a printing press - that the trickery was impossible to tell.
"Now how about it gentlemen? Is a deal in order?" Noah said, pulling out a contract, detailing how all ownership of the branch went to Noah.
"Of course. We understand completely Mister Sygon." The members of the board each signed the piece of parchment, until it returned to Noah, who then rolled it up.
"Glad to see we have this settled. I will go down and inform the staff." Noah smiled, leaving the suitcase on the desk, taking note that there was no security cameras in the room, and went back into the elevator, which descended towards the seventeenth floor - where his new office was at.
The sound of an explosion as he went down did not better, instead making his life even easier. Those fools were such greedy idiots, not realising the smell of hydrogen when it was right in front of them. He had already done this world a favour with this act. The wails of sirens echoed throughout the building, as he exited the elevator, and set his eyes upon his new place of work. Yes, it would do quite nicely. He pulled from his pockets several designs, and layed them out on the desk in front of him - smelled like Mahoghany. A lot of these were adapted from preexisting capsule corp designs, but they were changed enough to avoid having to deal with any copyright and patent issues. Which was a good thing, really, considering his next step. He hit the switch for the speaker system which ran throughout the entire building.
"Ladies and gentlemen - Welcome to Sygon corp."
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PostSubject: Re: Setting up shop   Sun Jan 03, 2010 4:08 am

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Setting up shop
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