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This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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 [PS]The Choice of A Devil[PS]

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PostSubject: [PS]The Choice of A Devil[PS]   Sun Jan 03, 2010 5:32 am

The Horrible Truth

Jacky was sitting on his couch in his newly bought apartment style house. He was tired, so he decided to lie down and get some rest, but that wasn't going to happen, Jacky was going to be awake for the next forty two hours straight with no rest, but Jacky did not know this, and when this is going to happen, he still won't know this, and even when what was going to happen had finished, he still wouldn't know this, until he finally fell to sleep and caught up on his sleeping time, and much needed rest, but this still wouldn't be able to happen for the next forty two hours following the incident, because of the horror he had just witnessed, would scar him and his alliance for ever. Jacky lay down on the couch and shut his eyes, wanting to get to sleep, until his door to his house got kicked down, thats when Jacky opened his tired restless eyes. "Jacky get up, just get up, it's an emergency!" The voice that kicked down Jacky's door yelled, Jacky got up and opened his eyes a little bit. "Who the hell are you?" Jacky asked, getting up into a fighting stance. The person was a lady that Jacky fought in the World Grapple Tournament 3, she had black skin, she had long white hair and was wearing small boxing gloves. "Vanessa? What the hell do you want with me" Jacky asked Vanessa, just as he recognized her. "Your sister, she has joined the company J6, and if they take her data, its the end of the world, J6 will take over, and humanity will be different for the rest of our lives" Vanessa said to Jacky. "Nah, your kidding me Vanessa, my sister wouldn't join the like's of them, she's only a teenager" Jacky said to Vanessa. "Exactly my point, she doesn't know what she is doing because she has had her young brain washed by J6, if the data is created into a new Dural proto type, we are done for" Vanessa said to Jacky. Jacky looked a little confused. "I AM TELLING THE TRUTH JACKY!" Vanessa yelled.

"But if this is true, you and I are both great fighters, but we can't go up against the Dural proto type's, not alone, we need an army of great fighters to take down J6" Jacky said to Vanessa. "First thing, Jacky, I am telling the truth, second thing, we do have an army, of the best fighters from around the globe" Vanessa said to Jacky. "But how did you find them Van?" Jacky asked Vanessa. "Where do you think, the place where you and I fought" Vanessa said to Jacky. "Huh?" Jacky asked. Vanessa brought her hand up and punched Jacky in the face, this punch made Jacky fall to the ground. "Where do you think you dumb ass?" Vanessa asked, getting quite angry. "Oh, that World Grapple Tourny" Jacky replied. "Exactly, I have had this army for ages, we have been working together to take down J6, J6, wants your sister, someone they already have, and me" Vanessa said to Jacky. "Why you?" Jacky asked. "Because if they mix my data with your sisters it would be the ultimate fighter" Van replied. "Lets get going, Shun will be wondering where we are" Van said as she grabbed Jacky's hand and pulled him out the door. "We'll take my car" Jacky said to Van. "Alright" Van replied.

"Wait, so is Shun the leader?" Jacky asked Van. "No, but he was the master mind behind this discovery and he wanted to make the team" Van replied, as Jacky started up the car. "So who is the leader?" Jacky asked. "Well the leader is Akira and Lau is the co leader" Van replied to Jacky's question. "Oh, well, where are we meeting?" Jacky asked before he reversed out of the drive way. "Down the road from the J6 head quarters. Shun set up a compound down there" Van replied.
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PostSubject: Re: [PS]The Choice of A Devil[PS]   Sun Jan 03, 2010 3:06 pm

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[PS]The Choice of A Devil[PS]
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