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 Solo Training Time (Finally)

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PostSubject: Solo Training Time (Finally)   Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:34 am

Seijiro was flying through the sky following a lead that he had gotten on Kakarrots location. The lead had sent him to capsule corporation home of the Briefs people who were amongst the smartest people in the world according to his source so if anyone should have any idea about Kakarot or whatever his name was on this planet seeing as no one has even heard of him and of course he didn't exactly have a picture of Bardock or Raditz on hand to show anyone what Kakarot might look like. Seijiro was hovering over west city looking for the iconic yellow building that is capsule corp though from where he was he could not seem to spot it so he figured it would be best if he just landed and asked a human for its location.

Seijiro landed on the edge of west city as to not draw any more attention to himself than what his tail was already going to do. As he walked down the side walk people just seemed to either avoid him or ignore him. He turned a corner onto what appeared to be a major street he was filled with awe at how many people could be in one location at this time as he walked down the side walk he found an area that was being blocked off by cops. Seijiro approached to see what was going on as well as to here what the cop was yelling over the noise of the crowd that had gathered around them.
Everyone please stand back were are sorry for the inconvenience but there is a situation here

The situation inside is simple we have an unknown amount of armed men inside with an unknown amount of hostages, hell to be honest the only thing that we do know is that there was two security guards though we do not know what happened to them Seijiro managed to over hear an officer say to a bald man in a long brown coat who Seijiro guessed was his superior. Seijiro approached the man just to get a slightly better view of what was going on. From where he now stood he saw a man in a mask holding a gun pointed at a little girl. Seijiro pointed at the gun that the man was holding and fired a weak Ki blast from his finger that smashed through the glass door and the gun and hit the man with enough force to knock him back. Seijiro then rushed into the building running full speed. There was another gunman that was just outside of Seijiro's field of vision that fired his gun Right at Seijiro's head as he entered through the door. With a single movement Seijiro caught the bullet between his fingers shooting it down the barrell of a gun as if the bullet was nothing more than a marble before elbowing the guy in the face knocking him unconcious.

Seijiro stood with his arm still out like it was when he struck the man as he continued to scan the area for anyone else who might be posing a threat to the innocents inside of the bank. There was two more people in masks and one more person who was holding onto one of the cashiers with a gun pressed against her temple as he used her as a human shield. The voice of the man who Seijiro could only guess was hiding behind the human shield came out rather shaky as he said
Take one more step and I blow her brains all over this wall.

Fine I will not move from this spot but you guys should give up anyways before I count to three that is. Seijiro pointed his index finger with his thumb up at the gun of the man behind the human shield. The man laughed as Seijiro started to count his voice shaky and cracking as a glowing orb started to form at the tip of his index finger 1......2......3

Seijiro then fired a Ki blast from the tip of his finger that smashed the mans gun causing the bullet to lodge into the wall behind him. All three of the remaining individuals who where trying to rob the bank then raised their hands dropping what they where holding and walked out the door. Seijiro then picked up the two unconcious members of that group and dropped them on the police car before continueing on his way. Seijiro walked his way down the street looking around in hopes of finding Capsule corp before that bank fiasco gets broad casted across the entire country. Seijiro finally found the yellow building with the big bright blue C on it.

Seijiro rang the doorbell on the house that was off to one side. A woman with short light blue hair answered the door she took one look at Seijiro and a smile spread across her face.
Wow you are exactly what I was looking for hey can you come in please.

Sure I guess, Um before I do you wouldn't by any chance happen to have any Idea where Kakarot is or what name he goes by on this planet. The woman put her finger up to the corner of her mouth and her eyes rolled up as if they were were scanning the sky for something. After a few seconds she shook her head Wow I really nee to get an image next time I return to vegeta... Wait a second I can't return until I finish my mission Damn it. Seijiro then followed the woman inside. She started to speak to him in the process

Oh yeah forgot to introduce myself my name is Bulma Briefs and I happen to be an inventor the reason that I asked you inside was because to be honest you look like a fighter and of course the news broad cast earlier did not do you justice at all and it of course will prevent you from denying my claim. You see I was in the process of making a training machine for my friends the Z-fighters who all can fight with Ki like you do but before I reveal it to them I want you to put it through its paces. Because to be honest with you they tend to be a bit reckless and I don't want it breaking on them. Bulma said as she lead her way down the hallway of her house through a door that lead to the lab once in there she started to speak again The machine is a virtual reality training simulator of sorts that will create images of beings for you to fight with there is also a g-force function that allows me to change the strength of the gravity in it though I will not get into the science of how I managed to do so but I did it so now if you wouldn't mind stepping into that room over there I will start the simulation.

Seijiro followed her instruction walking through the door that closed behind him leaving him in a pitch black room. Seijiro let his aura blaze to create a source of light for the room as he looked around just to see what was here. He saw that the room was completely empty and as he travelled to what would seem to be the center of the room Bulma's voice sounded out of nowhere. Okay now I am ready to start the simulation whenever you are now I am sorry about the lack of images in the archive for you to fight against so I will set you up against the strongest of my friends and person who is pretty much the leader of the Z-fighters. Now anything else you going to want. If not just give me a thumbs up when you are ready to start.

Seijiro reached into his cape pulling out his capsule case removing one of them pressing down on the top of it throwing it up into the air, He removed his cape tossing it behind him and raising his arms up to the capsule went poof as it changed into a weighted armor. The armor landed On Seijiro's shoulders heavily as Seijiro rotated his neck he gave Bulma a thumbs up to signal the start of the simulation. Seconds after the signal was given the room lit up changing into a wide open field filled with grass that came up to Seijiro's waist a gentle breeze blew across the plains as the sun was High in the sky as the room manifested a digital image of a man who looked almost exactly like Bardock minus the scars and in an orange and blue outfit. Seijiro's mouth opened up as he looked upon the visage of a being who he has most likely been looking for since he left his home world That has got to be him but he doesn't have a tail hmm maybe that Bulma lady knows more about him like if he lost it over the years.

Seijiro took up his stance as Goku got himself ready. Seijiro made the first move vanishing and reappearing behind the hero of earth delivering a kick to Goku's side causing him to slide slightly with the impact. Seijiro got ready to deliver a punch to Goku's face when Goku dropped down and delivered one right to his stomach causing Seijiro to double over as Goku then delivered a roundhouse kick to Seijiro's head causing him to go flying across the field. Goku followed him flying at a speed that easily matched the speed at which Seijiro was sent flying through the air. Goku then delivered another punch this one hit Seijiro square in the face forcing him to land head first into the ground. Then Goku stopped a couple of yards away allowing Seijior to get himself up.

Seijiro then started to change, his eyes became blank his aura became yellow and his picking up and turning the same color, His muscles bulged and his hair started to turn a crimson color. Seijiro then flew at Goku and hit him with such force that he was sent flying away Seijiro followed just as Goku did but instead of matching pace he passed by the flying figure kicking it straight up then slamming both fists down then finishing it with a knee to his back. Goku let out a scream of agony right before Seijiro kicked him away. The Goku figure stood up his head was covered in blood yet he still smiled. Goku flew at Seijiro to deliver a right hook but Seijiro just sidestepped it delivering a knee of his own to the gut of his opponent. Goku doubled over as Seijiro delivered an Axe kick straight down to the Back of Goku causing him to hit the ground extremely hard. Seijiro then picked up Goku and started to spin at an ever increasing speed to send him flying away but just before he let go Goku seized an opening and kicked Seijiro right in the face causing him to let go. Goku followed up the kick with two punches one of which a right hook the other one a left though when he went to throw a third Seijiro countered it with a left jab followed up with a Right straight and a kick to Goku's left arm that snapped it in two sending goku flying in the process.

Goku recovered himself through the use of Ki his left arm hanging limp at his side as he retook his stance. Goku's aura then also turned yellow, his eyes became blank, his body bulged, his hair reddened. He also had transformed into a False super Saiyan state. He moved at a speed that was on par with Seijiro's after his transformation as he went to deliver a right hook. Seijiro Ducked underneath the attack right into Goku's knee sending Seijiro sliding back as Goku went to delver a reverse round house to his head Seijiro blocked this one and attempted to retake the offensive just to get blasted by one of Goku's Ki blasts right in the face.

Seijiro slid backwards with barely enough time to get his guard up as Goku came around with another Kick to the side of his head. This time Seijiro grabbed Goku's foot and used the momentum that was already in the kick adding some more of his own to flip Goku over onto his back before leaping backwards himself. Seijiro then got ready for when Goku got up again so that Seijiro could take away the offensive from Goku forcing him to play defense with his broken arm. When Goku flipped himself back up onto his feet Seijiro charged at him rushing him with a furious assault of punches and kicks Focusing more on his right side so that when he went to deliver the finishing punch Goku wouldn't be protecting his left. Seijiro then cocked back with his left hand as if was going to deliver another punch to Goku's right side but instead kicked him in the left side of his head sending him flying away.

Goku recovered from the attack mid air he flew up a bit further before he put his right arm out infront of himself then he pulled it back as he started to charge up his attack the infamous Kamehameha wave. Seijiro followed his lead putting his hands out infront of him then pulling them off to his side he formed an energy wave in between them while chanting
RYUUUUUU ....... SHUUUUUUU ....... HAAAAA!!!!!

Both Seijiro released their attacks with as much power as they felt that they could spare. The attacks clashed in the middle Neither one giving an inch as suddenly the background faded the room was shooting off lightning from the walls the simulation ended with Seijiro's attack crashing through the ceiling of the room and clean through the roof barely missing any of the tall buildings in west City as it just faded off into the distance. Seijiro picked up his cape and left the room and took a right to find a room with smoke pouring out from underneath the door which no matter what Seijiro did would not open so Seijiro put his hand through the steel door ripping it clean out of its fram to find Bulma in there knocked unconscious by an explosion at her console which was now smoking. Seijiro entered the room he picked up Bulma before he reached for the fire extinguisher that lay still in its case in the wall. Seijiro covered the console in what ever the solution inside of it was before he returned Bulma to her home. She had woken up just as he entered her house. Don't tell me let me guess the system overloaded didn't it? Don't answer that I already know it did well I am glad that I worked out those bugs now rather than later.

That man that you had set me up against in there is almost exactly what Kakarot should look like now. How long have you known him Seijiro asked starting his barrage of questions in hopes of finally finding the one he was sent here to retrieve

Well first off his name isn't Kakarot it is Goku. And I have known him for quite some time now why Bulma answered her voice hiding her curiousity at the sudden flood of questions that the man that still held her seemed to have Oh if you don't mind before you ask any more can you please put me down

Seijiro obliged her as he formulated his next question carefully in his mind as to not sound too prying. When you first met him did he happen to have a tail similar to the one I have now?

Yeah he did, he also mentioned being found by some man out in the mountains, He also said something about banging his head on something when he was smaller, I have even seen him transform into a giant monster before under the light of the full moon. Bulma answered her mind slowly putting the pieces of the puzzle together the same one that Seijiro was working on

That settles it then than that must be Kakarot you see the people of my planet had sent the infant Kakarot here to destroy most of your inhabitants and enslave the rest a decent amount of time ago. The day that we sent him a threat upon our homeworld had occured and we successfully pushed it back though we fear that it has only grown stronger over the years and our warriors are spread far too thin as it is so I was sent here in hopes of recollecting as many members of my race as I possibly can to help increase our defensive strength should the threat return. Seijiro explained, Bulma showed that she under stood what he was saying ever so barely but still understood it none the less by nodding her head from time to time. Now do you know where I might find him

Nope to be honest I haven't seen him recently so he could be anywhere right now. Oh here take this I will call you when I am ready for you to see if I finished working out the bugs in the machine yet but till then there is a giant pillar somewhere north of here with a floating half sphere above it you might be able to get some answers there. Though I can say you will definately be able to find safer place to train should you go there. Bulma said as she handed him a small communicator that Seijiro looked at funny When I call you it will make a noise then you just gently flip it open being careful not to break it. You hold the part with the screen on it to your ear to hear what I am saying and you would reply by talking normally

Thank you very much for all of your help Seijiro said knowing that she was trying her best to be helpful to Seijiro who bowed slightly to show his thanks before heading out her door. Seijiro then took off once outside towards Korin's tower and Kami's look out
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PostSubject: Re: Solo Training Time (Finally)   Sun Jan 03, 2010 4:59 pm

Used Weighted armor (leaving 2 uses left)

Used False Super Saiyan
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PostSubject: Re: Solo Training Time (Finally)   Sun Jan 03, 2010 9:40 pm

76,600 PL.
40,000 Zenni.
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PostSubject: Re: Solo Training Time (Finally)   

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Solo Training Time (Finally)
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