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This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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 The Budokai Tenkaichi (World Tournament RP/WIP)

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PostSubject: The Budokai Tenkaichi (World Tournament RP/WIP)   Mon Jan 04, 2010 2:29 am

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The Budokai Tenkaichi - or World Martial arts Tournament for those who do not speak the ancient tongue - is, was, and perhaps always be the greatest gathering of martial artists that the world has ever known. It has inspired many, and crushed the dreams of others. It has given birth to legends, and been the place of their ultimate downfall. And now, such a grand event is being held as it always has been since its founding - the twenty seventh, to be precise - though this day, the proceedings will be far, far different from as they have been...

"Yahoo! Finally, I'm gonna be competing - and I'm gonna win it too I tell ya!" A rather hyperactive child bounced up and down, before his older brother's hand stopped him from going any higher.
"Calm down Goten, it hasn't even started yet. That and there are a lot of other people competing, might even find a few who can give us a challenge." Despite Gohan's words about calming down, he knew that he himself was pretty excited, he just wouldn't show it in front of his little brother, or risk getting called out on it.
"I know I'll certainly take a shot at beating you." The two brother's father piped in, swallowing apple after apple with that saiyan stomach of his. Chichi had bought over thirty of the things that same number of minutes ago, and Goku was already down to the last four. "I mean you guys may be strong, but there are rules in this tournament that could lead to your defeat if you're not careful. Like being knocked out of the ring for example."
"Oh yeah, didn't some guy named Jackie Chun avoid that by sticking his foot into the side of the ring? Thats ridiculous." Goten laughed at the idea of such an act, Goku joining in with him; Gohan was more concerned about the fact that despite after all those times where they took a look at the pictures of the previous tournaments, neither of the other two had figured out that Jackie Chun was none other than Roshi himself.
"Don't worry Gohan. Having been a mother and wife to those two respectively for several years, I know that they're okay, even if they can't grasp such a basic concept." Chichi tried to comfort Gohan on the matter, though it was probably her own fault, since she was the one who had made education the top priority for Gohan as he grew up, and yet never bothered to do the same for Goten. He was gonna end up the backbone of this family some day, and he dreadded the coming of that day everytime he thought about it.
They soon came to the gates, where they saw some familiar faces.
"Yamcha! Tien! Krillin! Hows it going?" Goku smiled at his old friends, all of whom smiled right back.
"We're fine, 'cept for Yamcha that is." Krillin snickered, pointing to the crutches Yamcha was supporting himself on.
"Hey, what happened to you?" Goten asked, curious as to what could harm one of the most powerful humans in the history of the planet enough to break their right leg.
"Bulma happened." Yamcha sighed, before screaming in pain as Goten lightly tapped on the plastered bandages around the former bandit's leg.
"Apparently she caught him helping out some woman, took it the wrong way, and dropped a ten tonne block of steel on him." Krillin attempted to explain, but that still left Gohan baffled.
"But we've been strong enough to juggle those kind of things for ages, so wh-"
"Gravity room, at x1000 gravity." Yamcha blurted out, trying to block out the pain.
"Yowch, I'm not sure if any of us could take something like that to the leg without it breaking." Gohan tried to be modest, though Tien shot him a side glance.
"Though try to fool yourself, even without super saiyan you're more than ten times as powerful as us. Your little brother there outshines us pretty badly too as well." No matter how much Gohan tried to deny it, that was quite simply the truth. Just by himself, Goten could take on all three of the humans present with minimal effort, Krillin probably being the one to put up the most effort. And from there, Gohan could take on three Gotens, unless the seven year old decided to transform, in which case, the teenage fighting prodigy would also to step up his game as well.
"Its okay though, like my dad said earlier - the rules could make it possible for you to win regardless of how strong me and my brother are. Heh, heh..." Gohan laughed dryly, and for a few moments the three humans just looked at him, before breaking out their classic grins again.
"Yeah, so you better watch out. I may be out of the competition because of this leg of mine, but Krillin and Tien won't give you the title so easily." Yamcha gave a thumbs up, before those competing signed up, and went to the hall where the preliminaries would be held, whilst Yamcha and Chichi went to the section open to the public.

"And that ones King Chappa, and that ones Nam, oh, and over theres Pamput..." Goku went on, naming people he had previously faced in the tournament.
"And here I thought he was supposed to be the one with the bad memory, I can't even remember half of the opponents I've fought in these tournaments." Krillin admitted, amazed at Goku's rather excellent memory for fighters, and yet it somehow failed with almost everything else.
"Hey, at least that way he knows which ones won't put up much of a challenge that way." Tien pointed out, though considering the nature of selection, it probably wouldn't them much good anyways.
"Hey, hows it going?" A voice spoke from behind the group, and they turned around to see who it was.
"Meraxa! I had a feeling you'd be competing." Gohan shook hands with the fourteen year old boy, perhaps the most powerful human in existence at this point.
"Of course, like I would miss the tournament that only comes up every three years."
"Actually, according to this flier, they're planning to change that to every year." Cargo - Meraxa's namekian student - pointed out, showing the info to Meraxa.
"Oh come on! That removes any special element to it doesn't it?" Meraxa came just short of screaming to everyone in the room.
"Well maybe, but it gives more people a chance to compete right?"
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The Budokai Tenkaichi (World Tournament RP/WIP)
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