Dragon Ball Z: Conflicts Return

This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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 {The Grand Riot}

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PostSubject: {The Grand Riot}   Thu Jan 07, 2010 1:04 am

As my last resort to get this place back to normal before i leave, i'm going to start a Riot. Everyone spam your solution to this. Make it be an animation, a picture, or just some good words. Make Gohan see how dumb it was to reverse everything, ro if that doesn't work, force him to. Get set GO!

My donation...I was happily waiting for my router to respond as i was eager to play CR. So i made this animation. Too bad that CR...Well, isn't here anymore...My first guess on a site which will actually stay was this one.

I was wrong.

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{The Grand Riot}
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