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 Bulma's training session Take two. (Continued from Solo Training Time)

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PostSubject: Bulma's training session Take two. (Continued from Solo Training Time)   Sun Sep 19, 2010 6:18 am

Sei soared through the air heading north like Bulma had suggested for him to do passing by Korin's tower and Kami's lookout by about fifty miles to the east. He landed in the little crater that used to be his paradise, The place where he was first killed fighting along side with the first being on the face of this planet that he had encountered and actually enjoyed training with. That person was a little half saiyan by the name of Maneki. In fact Seijiro would have even considered him a friend, and ally. He now looked down at his "Paradise" it was a pool of lava with no sign of the lush green forest that he used to call a home. Curse you Grinite one day I will kill you for what you did to this, my place of rest and relaxation. Unable to bare the site of his ruined paradise he left back out into the frozen tundra. As soon as he was clear of the magnetic field caused by something in the mountain range that surrounded his little slice of heaven, the communicator that he been given by Bulma started to make a ringing noise. Seijiro pulled it out of the inside pocket of his cloak lowering his altitude down below the natural air currents as he gently flipped it open making sure not to break it, he spoke into the thing at a normal volume as he held it up to his face. Hello, Seijiro here.

Hey Seijiro, I think I managed to work some of the kinks out of the system so if you don't mind coming back to test it out I will be greatly appreciative. Oh and Goku also showed up and I was able to record a more accurate power rating, and capable of getting his fighting style to be a bit more accurate. Bulma's voice said through the earpiece of the communicator, well things seem to be looking up. Seijiro thought as Bulma started to speak again So can I expect you to come and make sure that I cleared out all of the bugs.

Heh, sounds like fun to me. I will be there shortly. Sei said as he flew south right back to West City, and more specifically the Capsule Corporation. Sei landed on the outskirts of town again just like last time though this time he knew exactly where he was going. Walking downt he streets he made his way to capsule corp. with relative ease. Nothing was going on today. He reached out to knock on the door to capsule corporation it opened and Bulma was standing their with her normal short blue hair. Looks like you were expecting me eh.

You could say that. Well lets not waste anytime shall we. Bulma said grabbing onto Seijiro's arms and dragging him back into the training room that she had designed for her friends the Z-fighters. The door closed behind Bulma as she left leaving him in the pitch black room yet again. Her voice was broad casted into the room by an invisible speaker Well before we begin, I enhanced the plating around that room as well as the wiring so hopefully it won't try to fry me again, so don't feel like you have to hold back, I need you to give me an honest oppinion and I am sure you can't do that if you hold back.

Yeah you are right Seijiro responded as he waited for the simulation to begin. In the darkness the few seconds felt like hours as Seijiro's saiyan Impatience started to get the better of him. Suddenly the pitch black room became light as Seijiro now seemed to be standing in a barren wasteland with a clear blue sky above him and nothing but hard dry ground as far as the eye can see. hmm, haven't seen a location like this before, granted I haven't been on this planet for very long but I feel she made this to prevent anything from getting in the fighters way as they fight, He had barely finished that thought when the scenery started to change. yellowish grass started to appear as well as a few scattered rocks and trees marking it not as a wasteland but as a savannah. Or not Now that the scenery had changed an image a body started to materialize in front of Seijiro's eyes. Seijiro recognized it immediately as Bardocks son, Kakarot. Or Goku as he is known by the inhabitants of earth. Goku could have been a spitting image of Bardock with the exception of his outfit, Where Bardock wore the traditional saiyan uniform Goku wore an orange martial arts suit. Seijiro held up one finger signalling for Goku to wait a second as he pulled off his cloak, From the inside pocket he pulled a small silver case that he used to hold his capsules as he pulled out one of them he looked at the indicator on the side Well seeing as this is this capsules last one I might as well use it rather than starting another one. He returned his case back into his pocket before tossing his cape off to one side. He clicked down on the top of the capsule tossing it into the air above him he stuck his arms up and stood there his legs shoulder width apart as he the capsule went poof becoming a piece of armor similar to that of what the saiyans wore, minus the shoulder pads. The armor landed heavily on his shoulders as he signaled that he was now ready for the fight to begin and for Goku to make the first move.

Seijiro stood there as Goku just seemingly vanished. He appeared behind Seijiro a kick was aimed straight at the Sei's head. Seijiro vanished leaving an after image behind that the leg went through as Seijiro countered with a kick of his own aimed for the top of Goku's head. Goku also left an after image in his wake as he moved out of the way of the attack. Heh this is going to be fun Seijiro thought as he felt Goku's power level sky rocket. Seijiro turned to look where it was coming from to see that Goku's normally blue aura had turn golden blonde as his hair started to spike straight up and turn a golden blond color, his eyes were turning green. Seijiro recognized what was happening to him in an instant. He was activating his super saiyan form. so he is going to play it that way now is he, Well I can do that too. A smirk spread across Seijiro's face as his aura started to blaze around him, his long black hair started to spike as it turned a golden blond color and his red eyes turned violet.
It is my turn to start things up this time.

Seijiro's Ki formed claws around his hand as he took up a stancethat put his left leg stretched out in front of him and his right leg behind him. His arms were crossed in front of him with his ki claws pointing towards Goku. Sei launched himself forward as he started his ferocious assault. His barrage was a combination of thrusts and slashes. Goku barely dodged each one of his strikes. Feeling that he wasn't going to get anywhere with this he leaped backwards and went for the finishing strike of his attack. He launched himself forward at a near untraceable speed. Vanishing from site right in front of Goku and reappeared right behind him. Suddenly Goku's clothes ripped and blood spurted from 8 diagonal slashes on his chest where Seijiro's claws contacted TORA TSUME DAGEKI

The fake Goku smiled as he took up his fighting stance again blood was trickling down from his from his now bare chest. Goku turned and moved fast enough for an image to get left behind as he landed an elbow strike right to Seijiro's lower abdomen followed up by a heel kick to the side of Seijiro's head that connected with enough force to send Seijiro flying. Seijiro planted one of his hands into the ground using it to drag him to a stop before he launched himself at Goku who just ducked under Seijiro's elbow and rose up with an uppercut right to Seijiro's chest sending him right up into the air. Wow, apparently he was just testing me earlier. As Seijiro continued to rise powered by Goku's uppercut Goku cupped his hands at his right hip and started to gather his Ki in between them and his voice started to Echo throughout the emptiness KaaaMeeeeHaaaaMeeeHaaaaaaa!

RyuShuuHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Seijiro shouted as he started to do the same thing that goku was, His Sapphire Ki glowed between his two palms. Both Goku and Seijiro thrusted their palms towards one another in unison as if they were both listening to the same count down. The Ki waves stopped dead on impactt with one another. Neither one of the blasts seemed to be giving an inch Damnit well she said not to hold back Seijiro said as he blasted what Ki he was holding back at the fake goku hoping to over power the Kamehameha wave. Sure enough he did and then the image of the scenery in which he was just fighting in started to flicker and vanish. He was now standing in the room his aura was the only source of light as he decended to the ground

Damn it, I though I had Ironed out all of the kinks this time. Bulma said her voice obviously aggravated by her machines failure as the door out to the hall opened up again. I trust you know your way out, I need to get back to work on this thing again. I will contact you when it is ready for its next testing.

Seijiro nodded and let himself out picking up his cape as he left out of the room his armor crumbling as he left. Once outside he decided that he would continue on his search for Korin's tower and Kame's lookout.

Used Super Saiyan, and Weighted armor leaving me with my last one at full
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PostSubject: Re: Bulma's training session Take two. (Continued from Solo Training Time)   Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:05 pm

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Bulma's training session Take two. (Continued from Solo Training Time)
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