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This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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 HBTC Training

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PostSubject: HBTC Training   Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:29 pm

Act 1

Weighted Armor Used

Super Saiyan Active

As the young man awoke on the plain grassland, he opened his eyes immediately, sensing some sort of danger. “What” Grinite thought, as he lay up, then eventually stood up and scanned around the plains. “There, is nothing?” Grinite asked himself. He was very confused at this moment. He sensed danger, but to Grinite’s surprise there wasn’t anything in his long sight, and he didn’t even sense a little Powerlevel, which is common in animals on Planet Earth. “Okay, this is completely weird” The dazed Grinite continued. “This really doesn’t make any sense at all” Grinite said to himself, just before he chuckled. “Heh, this must mean that my mind skills are starting to weaken, since I never use them” Grinite told himself. Thus, a little bit of motivation was in order, a little slip of adrenaline pumping through Grinite’s body. “I better get started then” The young Saiyan told himself, as he jumped into the air, and launched his arm up into the sky. “Hehe, yeah!” Grinite yelled.

Grinite looked around the grassy plains looking for something to train on. First were his attack skills. Grinite found a bunch of tree’s and stared at them for a little amount of time, then Grinite soared into the air and sent a ki blast at the first tree. Grinite turned around as the tree fell. Then, Grinite’s senses had picked up on something. “What the hell is it now?” Grinite asked himself. Grinite only had one second, and he used this last second wisely. He quickly turned around and jumped out of the way, of the tree he just collapsed. “ Jeesus, I need to be careful” Grinite chuckled, as he moved onto the next tree. This time, Grinite jumped onto the tree and started to smash holes all through the trunk. Not long after, the tree had taken enough beating and collapsed just as the last one did. Grinite flipped backwards, and stared at the final tree.

“Now, the last tree, what shall I do with this one?” Grinite asked himself. The young Saiyan stood there, in that one place, for a good 10 minutes, thinking up a way of destroying this tree. Once the man had thought up a good way, he sprinted at the final tree and was about to send a massive ki blast, but he was stopped in his tracks. A spear came soaring past his left ear. “Woah, what the hell” The stunned Saiyan said to himself. “Get him!” A foreign voice called. Grinite looked around, trying to find the source of the attack. A group of Native Indians screeched as they launched them selves toward Grinite. Grinite did a backflip, avoiding the leader’s attack with a dagger. “Calm down!” Grinite yelled as his feet hit the ground. The Indian Leader stopped, his troop followed, and they all stared at Grinite. “What is your problem” Grinite asked the Leader of the group. “You have been destroying our land. No one is allowed on this land without permission, and even then, destroying our land with your skill, is an even worse. So with that, comes a punishment” The Native Leader informed Grinite. “Fine then, lets see what you have got, fools” Grinite chuckled. The Leader was infuriated by these words, and he lead his troops into battle. Nearly all of the warriors threw their spears at Grinite. The Saiyan actually had a little of a hard time dodging and avoiding all of these weapons being thrown at this one chosen time. “So, that’s how you would like to play this game huh?” Grinite asked the Leader. Grinite charged up a small ki bolt, and sent it at the troop of Native Indians. Grinite turned his back as the ki blast connected with the warriors.

Grinite was rather bored, so he decided to get some sight seeing in the Sky. As the Saiyan was flying up in the air, he saw a massive pole, so he decided to check it out. He followed the pole until he reached the end. Grinite looked in amazement as he saw a massive lookout point at the top of the Tower. The Saiyan decided to check this out. Grinite flew up to the lookout and saw two men standing like statues in the middle of the lookout. “Ugh, Namekian” Grinite said in disgust, he noticed that one of the men was an old, rotting Namekian man, he then noticed that the other man was a small fat genie looking pure black thing. As the Saiyan observed the lookout, he saw a massive building near the back of the lookout.

“Hey, you!” The small fat man called to Grinite. “I guess this is my invitation?” Grinite chuckled, as he lowered his body from the sky and down onto the lookout. Grinite watched as the small fat man and the old tall Namekian with a large stick walk towards Grinite. “What is your purpose for coming here?” Asked the old Namekian male. “A little bit of sight seeing I guess” Grinite replied. He plastered a cheeky smile onto his face just after he spoke his words. “Now, do you have any training resources that I could use?” Grinite asked the Namekian man. “Well, yes, yes we do. But why may I ask?” The Namekian answered, then asked Grinite. “I need to get stronger for an upcoming battle” Grinite lied to the man.

Grinite swallowed a massive gulp of saliva from his mouth. It seemed that the Namekian was in on Grinite’s lies. But to Grinite’s surprise, he spoke the following words. “Well, that is good enough for me” The Namekian told Grinite. “I am the Guardian of Earth, my name is Kami” The Namekian, named Kami informed the Saiyan. “This is Mr Popo, and you are currently on the Earth’s Lookout, home to the incredible Hyper Bolic Time Chamber” Kami informed Grinite, again .. “What is the Hyper Bolic Time Chamber?” Grinite asked the Namekian. “It is a Training room. When you enter it’s doors, you will have entered another dimension. A dimension designed for intense training for a specific purpose. Time is speeded up by the different Dimension Time difference. One day on Planet Earth is equal to One Year in the Time Chamber. So you are basically training for a year in there, while here on Planet Earth, only a day passes. Do you follow me?” Kami asked the Saiyan Grinite, just after he had finished. “Yeah, I guess so” Grinite replied to Kami. “So, Mr Popo, will you lead this man to the Hyper Bolic Time Chamber so he can get started?” Kami asked Mr Popo, the small fat man. “Gladly, Kami” Mr Popo replied to Kami, the man then glanced at Grinite. “Follow me” Mr Popo ordered Grinite.

Grinite followed the small man as he led him to the Hyper Bolic Time Chamber. After what felt like an hour of walking, they had finally reached the Chamber. Grinite felt annoyed, he some how felt like Mr Popo had purposely taken the long way to get to the Time Chamber. “So, now, are you ready?” Mr Popo asked the Saiyan, Grinite. “Ready as I will ever be” Grinite replied. Grinite stood back as Mr Popo opened the door for him. “Enter” Mr Popo ordered Grinite, in which he accepted. The Saiyan eagerly dashed into the room. Mr Popo closed the door behind him.

Grinite was surprised at the intensity of the gravity in this room. Grinite soon found the way outside of the little mini house and once he reached the deck, he stumbled. “Impossible” Grinite said, as he looked out into the blank, white eternal room. “It .. it never ends?” Grinite asked himself. “Well time to get down to business” Grinite chuckled, as he pulled on his Weighted Armor and turned into a Super Saiyan.

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PostSubject: Re: HBTC Training   Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:43 am

PL gain: 35,000


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HBTC Training
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