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 THE OTHER - Personal Saga Begins! {Please grade my post on Vegeta before this)

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PostSubject: THE OTHER - Personal Saga Begins! {Please grade my post on Vegeta before this)   Sat Oct 02, 2010 3:23 am


It was a bright morning over the blue planet, humans and saiyans alike had learned to recognize by the name of Earth, up through many thousand years, maybe even millions...This was the planet of the race called Men, the humans. Even though these were the dominant race, they were far from powerful - If they hadn’t been so intelligent, the planet would most likely have been rules by the saiyans. The saiyans were a powerful race from the warrior planet, Vegeta, whom had decided to settle on Earth after an incident long time ago. But not only were humans and saiyans living on this planet, so were many other races, for example the Namekians, green humanlike creatures from the planet Namek, Changelings, a mysterious race from the depth of the outer space and the Majin, bloodthirsty monsters created by other races throughout the universe.

Some races were different than others though. Some humans, for example, had a special potential inside them, which just had to be awakened. In the state of this “Super Human” form, they became almost unbeatable. As were the namekians of different clans. The Dragon clan had 2 big groups, the Mystique and the Warriors. The Mystique were capable of creating Dragonballs, the sacred spheres which when all seven of are gathered can summon the eternal dragon, Shenron, and make any one wish come true. Then there was the saiyans. Saiyans had for long been the most powerful race, maybe just topped by he Dragons, dark creatures creating from misuses of the Dragonballs. The saiyans didn’t need any special chromosomes. But then a day a special saiyan was born, named Brolly.

Brolly was a legendary saiyan, meaning he had a higher powerlevel at birth than saiyans at most. For many years Brolly was known as the only one legendary saiyan currently alive. Legends and myths came up about the mythical saiyans. But then, something happened...For unknown reasons, more and more of these legendary saiyans begun to be born. Some believed it was a curse, other a blessing. The legendary saiyans were after all much stronger than most other beings in the world. Then a day, a legendary saiyan with an especially great potential was born. His name was Rampoh. Rampoh was feared for his power, and locked up in a cell at the age of 18 by the current saiyan warlord, Rack. He was forced to spend a year of his life locked up here, until he managed to flee. Since then Rampoh’s life had been hard, but livable, as seen through the previous saga of his life...


Rampoh woke up. He had seemingly fell fast asleep under a palm tree. He looked around, scouting the environment. He was seemingly located on a beach. After what he knew, he had been travelling around the jungle he had first come to when he left Vegeta in the stolen space pod. He remembered having found the secret training place in the jungle, where many beings from all kinds of different races were training. That’s where he was going to go again, when he decided to take a rest which went a little too far. It was 4 hours later, and the sun was slowly beginning to go down, but the season made it hot and sunny anyways. He quickly got on his feet, and dashed back into the jungle.

It didn’t take long. The speed and power of a Legendary Saiyan was unmatched by most other races, so he got to the training fields in about 5 minutes. He stopped, the dust blowing from under his feet, right on the bottom of the training area. There were more trainers here than usually, the other time she had been there there was never more than 10. This time there were at least 30. He suspected the Earthhad become a much used tourist training area since it was so easy to get to, not too far and not too short a distance from the other planets in the Northern Galaxy. He looked around on the training beings. A namekian was lifting a weight up and down repeatedly, looking suspiciously much like another namekian Rampoh had seen the first time he was there. A dragon and a changeling were about 10 meters up in the air, sparring. Rampoh walked towards the gravity machine.

On the edge of the machine there was some deep red spots, which Rampoh recognized from an unlucky Makyou he had also met the first time he was there. The poor thing had gotten a bit too much gravity, and was not among us anymore. Sad. Rampoh screwed a bit ont he gravity machine. A low growl nearby told Rampoh that not everybody was happy with him changing the gravity. At first Rampoh had thought it was off, but then he realized he had grown so strong in his last fight with Rack that he just didn’t notice. He spinned on his heel, now facing the angry namekian whom had been lifting the weights in the corner of the field. ”Hey, guy, this is not your private training place, Rampoh began looking up in the face of the green humanoid. ”If it’s too much for your weak little legs, he glanced down, or rather up at the buff legs of the namekian ”Then I’m sure you can find a kindergarten in Satan City - I’ve heard they have first class swings for you to train on!” The angry namekian didn’t exactly get calmed by this. It lifted up it’s leg, getting ready to kick Rampoh the hell away.

Rampoh grabbed the Namekian’s leg in the air, twisting it around in an unnatural angle before he heard the sound of a snap. He let go of the leg, and the big namekian fell on his knees. Even in this poisiton it’s growling head was located a feet above Rampoh’s. ”You still wanna play, saibaman?” he teased the namekian. It got up on one leg, making sure that the other would hang limply in the air so that it would get enough blood sent to it. It charged a punch filled with ki, and smashed against Rampoh. But Rampoh was too quick. He grabbed the fist of the Namekian in one hand, then, using his other hand, delivered a fierce barrage of palm strikes to the chest of the namekian. The palm strikes came so quickly that the namekian first got shot through the air after the last one. It collided with a saiyan lifting a 1k weight., causing it to drop the weight and mush them both into the rocky surface of the field.

Rampoh proceeded to screw on the machine. The other practées didn’t seem to take notice of it. Rampoh observed the namek and the saiyan under the weight of a ton get mushed farther and farther down in the surface as he screwed the gravity higher. A little makyou fell to the ground some meters away. A saiyan dropped the weight over his feet, and the increased gravity made him yell out in pain, before a changeling quickly flew over and tossed it away. Rampoh was amused by the weak personalities gathering around him, trying to train but failing miserably as Rampoh continued to screw the gravity higher and higher. Even the pwoerful sparring partners, the changeling and the dragon started to sweat and sunk to the ground again. Rampoh had started to feel the pressure of the gravity himself, and thought that now was the time to start some training.

Several months ago he had a hard time lifting the 100 ton weights under the icy cold environments of the northern pole of the planet. By then he was only in 1000 times the regular gravity of Earth, and this time it was 10 folded, so he supposed that he would get some training here. His hair spiked up and turned yellow and his eyes turned green. He couldn’t fall uncouscious while training, so he had to take precautions. He walked towards the 100k weights and picked one up in one hand. His own power was extreme. He was capable of holding it without using too much power, but was afraid of letting the ki leave his fist just in case it would drop. He tried throwing it into the air and grabbing it with the other hand, but the weight became too heavy and it fell down, crushing his hand to the rock surface. He tried to keep in the scream of pain he knew should have come by now, and he managed to keep it in him. He quickly flicked his other hand over and removed the weight, which he threw back onto the rack.


He had just killed his lifetime enemy, the saiyan warlord named Rack from planet Vegeta. He got sent on a mission by the three Kaioshin, the Kaio Grand, the Kaio King and the Kaio Supreme. He had killed his most loyal servant, burned down his camp together with his henchman, and without respect beheaded the dead saiyans limp body. Rampoh had no feelings left for the saiyan, and sicne he was dead, he didn’t feel he had to. He tried to remember the Kaio games, the big tournament he was supposed to be in. He only made it to the 4th challenge before it had to be cancelled...Rack had sabotaged it with his tuffle minion, Saiba, whom Rampoh also had a hard fight with - but he won. Rampoh has only ever lost 2 fights in his life, but they were understandable. One against the powerful Batuem, Batuella, whom had pierced him with his cheap replica of the Z sword, but still spared his life. Rampoh had managed to survive that. Almost did he die in his fight against Gohan, the most powerful being to have every existed in the universe. First now he remembered how many slaughters of powerful warriors he had partaken in...

He had been there since the beginning. The United Changeling Alliance, the UCA, had been his only family since he escaped from Planet Vegeta. Back then he wasn’t as strong, he had no ways of helping Frieza, UCA’s leader complete his goal of world destruction and had to just sit by and wait. Rampoh played a small role helping Frieza defeat the Z Fighters after his uprisal. He helped the UCA and worked together with the Z Fighters when they fought against the 10 demon warriors from the very depths of hell itself. Rampoh was in the kaio games while Cell had attacked the world. He should have been there, but he wasn’t. He had failed. Rampoh hoped that he could get to show his worth against the Z warriors. He knew UCA had won the last fight and were going to destroy this beautiful planet he loved so much, but not even god can help that, he must in no way betray his family. Even though he would be powerful enough to take out most of them alone, he didn’t dare to try. He was going to try and help the UCA destroy this world...Rampoh sat and thought about this.


Rampoh was gliding into uncousciousness.

Personal Saga “THE OTHER” Start!
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PostSubject: Re: THE OTHER - Personal Saga Begins! {Please grade my post on Vegeta before this)   Sat Oct 02, 2010 6:07 am

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THE OTHER - Personal Saga Begins! {Please grade my post on Vegeta before this)
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