Dragon Ball Z: Conflicts Return
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Dragon Ball Z: Conflicts Return

This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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 Silent Suplime - Hunt for the 5th BS DB!

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PostSubject: Silent Suplime - Hunt for the 5th BS DB!   Silent Suplime - Hunt for the 5th BS DB! Icon_minitimeTue Jan 05, 2010 3:54 am

Rampoh had been for a year at earth now withput any answer on why the kaios hadn’t told him to meet up for the next test. But no one had been told him to meet anywhere, not even a random guy he would have met in the forest. He had been walking around here hoping that he could soon continue his training to get his Potential Unlocked. Then suddenly it happened. Out of nothing a bright light appeared. The kaioshins had returned…

They sat in a circle around Rampoh. ‘A long time since last time…’ The kaio king told Rampoh, but didn’t wait for an answer. ‘I’m sorry that you have been waiting. It took time to find participants. You see, ehm, they were all eaten by the saibamen…’. Rampoh looked over the shoulder against the dragon ball. ‘You,’ He said. ‘Is those…dragonballs…an they really grant wishes?’ He asked the Kaio King. ‘Yes, indeed.’ It replied.

‘When all seven are gathered, you can summon the Shadow Dragon, Burakku Sutu, the red shenron, the eternal dragon god of the universe to grant any wish you can think of. No one ever collected all the seven Black Star Dragon Balls. There are more than one set, though. There’s seven Dragon balls on Earth and seven dragon ball on Namek. Those aren’t as powerful as the black star dragon balls, but also much easier to obtain all seven of.’.

Rampoh looked down on the little ball some meters behind him, surprised that it actually was true. Just seven of these would be enough whole universe! ‘Uhm…’ He asked the kaio king. ‘WHEN is the race?’. ‘Now!’ The kaio said, and with a bright smile Rampoh disappeared, and appeared again on an incredibly crowded arena. The crowd was cheering. Everything was good until Rampoh looked towards the lobby. Big, bulky dragons and changlings stood and watched him as he came towards them…

‘How am I ever going to beat these guys?!’ Rampoh thought when he entered the big, white a room with silver tables and chair. No cafĂ©, no music, no nothing. He sat down at an empty table and waited for him to be called out. He sat and looked out of the window, when a sound which could crash thousand windows rushed through the air. A dragon, probably an Omega one, and a 100% changling had landed out there. The changling grabbed a megaphone.

‘Welcome to the first Kaio Games, my people!!’ He shouted, and the crowd cheered even more. ‘As you know we had a hard time finding people to join this, as…Most of our participants from the fighting rounds last year was, well, uhm…Let’s not talk anymore about that!! Anyways, I wish you all welcome once again, and wish all the participants a good flight! LINE UP!!’. All the changlings, dragons and saiyans came walking out. The all lined up, almost so that it looked like a special line. Dragon, Saiyan, Changling, Dragon, Saiyan, Changling, Dragon – Rampoh. ‘On your marks?’ The changling shouted, as both him and the dragon flew around 100 meters up. Then the dragon grabbed the megaphone. ‘GET SET GOOOOOO!!’ It roared. It was like the time stood still. Everyone around him suddenly kicked off with a speed so incredible that Rampoh wouldn’t believe it.

Rampoh just hurried to follow the others up into the sky. He flew with incredible speed through the air. He was still many meters away from the others because of his late start, which was…Well, very emberassing. He concentrated, and sped up enough to get into the crowd of flying creatures. It was almost impossible to keep up with them, before he saw some of them beginning to hit each other in the air. ‘Is that really allowed?!’ Rampoh thought, but before he got to think, an elbow hit him in the side, causing him to fall to the ground. ‘Grrr…’ Rampoh thought. ‘Revenge!’.

He flew up, and in the air he began shooting ki blasts against the guy who had shot him down. They hit him in the back, making him cough up blood, and hit the ground, dead. Everyone looked over the shoulder down on the dead body, a few flew down to him. Rampoh just sped up, and was now one of the ones furthest from the start line. He flew as fast as he could, and he was on a streak with a dragon and a changling. The changling seemed to be in it’s Power Weighted form, and the dragon was a pure white Omega. They both sped up, but Rampoh caught up once again.

They began getting tired. The dragon closed the eyes and said something with telepathy. Then the changling stopped. By pure reflexes Rampoh stopped too, and the dragon just continued. Suddenly the changling appeared by the side of the dragon again, and Rampoh was many meters away from them again…’Hmmm…’ Rampoh said to himself as he sped up. ‘I wonder if this works in the air? DEVIL DASH!!’ His body began glowing with ki, but he didn’t go any faster…’DAMMIT!!’ He exclaimed. ‘DEVIL’S HURRICANE!!’ He began spinning around and a huge hurricane opened around him. He began firing ki blasts into it. The dragon and the changling heard something, and looked over the shoulder.

They both quickly got sucked into the hurricane. As they wasn’t trained for fighting, their shredded bodies was shot out incredibly fast. Now they were all defeated. Rampoh sped up, and almost hit the goal, when something hit him in the back. He hit the ground causing a massive explosion. It was the omega dragon, one of the judges. By his side the changling landed. ‘You of course didn’t think we just would let you, a legendary saiyan, be able to get your potential uncloaked? You would kill us all if you got the chance!’ The changling said, beginning to charge a little ki blast.

The dragon still held Rampoh. He could hardly move. He shook his body as heavily as he could, but the dragon still didn’t lose the grip. ‘I’m…sorry to…do this!!’ Rampoh forced out, as his muscles grew, his hair spiked up and turned blue, and a huge, green aura shot the dragon many meters away, causing it to whirl up dust, blinding him and the changling. Quickly Rampoh ran against them, and kicked the changling over the legs, causing him to spin around in the air. Then he delivered a devastating kick in the changlings side, making him fly far away and hit the dragon.

The two creatures raised up again quickly, and with incredible speed they had him surrounded with split forms. All the split forms and themselves began to spin around, as they flew further and further up through the air, creating an ultimate whirlwind of terror. Rampoh was trapped inside. Luckily they were both tired after the hit from Rampoh, and they had also gotten weaker since they had to split their ki into the forms. Rampoh quickly spread out his legs, hitting the split forms one after another, causing them to fly far away and turn into dust. Big holes were made in the whirlwind as the split forms died…

The whirlwind became unstable, everyone flew around in one huge chaos. ‘DEVIL’S HURRICAN!!’ Rampoh then roared, as he began spinning even faster around, creating a hurricane even bigger than the whirlwind from before. It whirled through the dragon and the changling, and they were blown away. They stopped in the air, span around and began charging ki in both their hands. Then suddenly they stopped spinning and pointed towards each other. ‘AERIAL COMBINATION!!’ They both yelled together…

The beams chained together, and with incredible speed they flew down and bound Rampoh up, almost strangling him. ‘Bye bye, Rampoh’ The Changling said. Suddenly a ki beam shot through both of the warrior’s heads, and they fell dead to the ground. Rampoh looked up. It was the kaioshin. ‘I won’t tolerate cheating,’ He said, looking down on the two dead bodies. Then he lifted up the hand, waved in the air, causing the bindings around Rampoh to disappear. ‘Now go through that goal!!’.

Rampoh kicked off, and flew with incredible speed through the goal flag. Everyone screamed and cheered, waving towards Rampoh with flags and banners. To the all right, two young namekians was burning the Changling Flag. Suddenly a sudden darkness engulfed him. A voice came by his back. ‘Hello, Rampoh.’ It said. ‘Wh-who are you?!’ He replied.

‘Well, you can call me…A “friend”’ It then said, laughing. ‘I hear you’re after the Black Star Dragon Balls, too. And I know that you have one of them. Hehehe, you see, I have one too. And I’m going to collect your Dragon ball under the next test. I can say as much as that it will be under the water, and that you’re not gong to get up from that water again – Alive, at least, hehe.’. ‘Who the hell are you?!’ Rampoh asked again, but the voice just began laughing cockily as the light shown up around him again. It was the kaio who had come back.

‘Hello again,’ The kaio king said. ‘I hope you’re ready for the next test, aren’t you?’. ‘Y-yes, I guess so...’ Rampoh replied a little unsure of his situation. ‘Is something wrong?’ The kaio king asked mildly. ‘No, no it’s nothing…Let’s go!’ Rampoh then said. ‘Hmm…As you wish!’ The kaio king said, and looked against the air with the eyes just before they both disappeared in a bright light.

When Rampoh was able to see again, he had appeared on a huge stage. Some meters away was the coast. He looked over his shoulder and saw a tribune. Around him was lots of namekians and makyous. Was he going to race? He knew he wouldn’t complete it anyways. Suddenly a flute tone was heard, and everyone jumped into the water. Rampoh followed after.

The other participants wasn’t very much better swimmers than himself, so he did stand a chance. Suddenly, when they were about half the way to goal, a huge explosion sound was heard under them, as beams of boiling hot water shot up and bound them up, then pulling them down into the deeps of the sea to burn up alive…THIS was what the odd voice had been talking about. A leash shot up from underneath Rampoh, grabbed him by the leg, and took with with it down to the other namekians and makyous. When he came down again, he saw the dead bodies in a little pile. And around him…A whole colon of Bio Androids.

The bio androids were all blue, most of them were in their perfect form. They acted just like regular people would do, and lived in a modern community. Only difference was the killed Kaio Games participants, then. Suddenly two bio androids, both in the super perfect form, swam up to Rampoh and grabbed him by the arms. Then he was pulled towards the huge castle…Inside sat a Super perfect bio android, but with black horn plates and red eyes.

He looked at Rampoh some seconds before he smiled. ‘Hehehe…’ He said. ‘Long time no see, Rampoh…Remember me? You got something I want, and I’m not going to get it in a peaceful way! I’m no unfair man, so I killed all the participants so you’re sure to win if you give me the dragon ball. But even though they’re all dead, you won’t win if you doesn’t…’ He said and smiled in a cocky way. ‘Hmm…’ Rampoh then replied. ‘I don’t give a shit. If you want the dragon ball, you’ll have to fight for it!!’ He then yelled. A moment after he had his hand lifted, and had shot a beam of boiling hot water against the super perfect bio android…

It quickly swam out of the way. It then sent a barrage of ki blasts against Rampoh, deformed by the water the were just boiling hot bubbles of water coming towards Rampoh with incredible speed. He quickly dodged them. It was hard to move underwater because of the pressure. But he managed to get out of the way, causing the bubbles to explode at a bio android guard, killing it instantly.

‘Grrr…’ He said. ‘I won’t forgive that!!’ And then he swam like a harpoon through the water against Rampoh. Rampoh quickly managed to kick the super perfect bio android, causing it to flip over and lose the breath. It landed on the ground. ‘I see,’ it said calmly. ‘You aren’t weak as I thought you would be. Think, you even stand a chance against me!! Hahahahaa!! Well, to bad this is going to be your last day in this world. After this, you’re done for.’ He told, laughing sarcastically. ‘Who are you?!’ Rampoh said once again. ‘HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU, SAIYAN?! I AM RACK’S MOST POWERFUL BIO ANDROID, PARA!!’ He yelled so loudly that it could be heard out over the whole under water city…

‘You’re one of Rack’s men?!’ Rampoh said. ‘I’ve heard of you…Para, the absorbator… I never thought the stories about you were true! But now I see I was wrong! And I’m going to prove that I was the worthy one to kill Rack, the elite saiyan!!’ Rampoh yelled back as an answer. ‘Hahahaa!’ The super perfect bio android laughed. ‘Rack?! Dead?! You must be sick, my friend! We found him at a coast some weeks ago and gave him medical treatment! He is in the town at the moment!! HAHAA!!’ He then laughed hysterically again…

‘I-is Rack still alive?! Is he here?!’ Rampoh managed to ask surprised as he was. ‘Yes,’ The super perfect bio android replied. ‘And stronger than ever before!’ A claw slashed through the water, almost hitting Rampoh. He hurried to dodge, and kicked the super perfect bio android in the side. He couldn’t use any of his ki attacks here in the real manner, so he had to think more compact. *Hmm…* Rampoh thought. *If I look at him as a lobster…Hehhe…What if I treat him like one too?* He laughed silently and fired loads of ki barrages, deforming into extremely hot, boiling water against the super perfect bio android. They hit him, and he fell to the ground, with burning marks all over the body. Rampoh kicked away a guard, and flew out. ‘TAKE HIM!!’ The super perfect bio android managed to yell to his guards…

When he was outside, Rampoh suddenly saw an explosion from one of the houses. He fired a barrage of ki over the shoulder over the shoulder, killing the guards who were trying to follow him.

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PostSubject: Re: Silent Suplime - Hunt for the 5th BS DB!   Silent Suplime - Hunt for the 5th BS DB! Icon_minitimeThu Sep 30, 2010 4:12 am

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