Dragon Ball Z: Conflicts Return
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Dragon Ball Z: Conflicts Return

This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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 Darkness Returns under a Parade and the Admiration of the Damned (Training)

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PostSubject: Darkness Returns under a Parade and the Admiration of the Damned (Training)   Darkness Returns under a Parade and the Admiration of the Damned (Training) Icon_minitimeThu Sep 23, 2010 12:01 pm

Darkness Returns under a Parade and the Admiration of the Damned

The setting is the palace city of King Cold, soldiers line the streets, commoners scream and cheer as a parade of nobles and generals make their way to the largest building in the lavish city. At the center of the parade was a face no one had seen in years, a prince who everyone had thought dead, and a sign of hope for an empire that was now on the ropes of collapsing. Sitting with his arms crossed Cooler showed no signs of emotion, not a spark of charismatic charm rang from his cold face. His father however was putting on a show, bowing and waving to the subjects that populated the richest part of his planet. Cooler was surrounded by family he had never even heard of before, and crowd of people he wanted nothing more to have shut up and drop dead. Looking to his son the great king tapped the prodigal son’s shoulder; “Stand and meet these men with excitement, things like these are all the cockroaches have to live for” he said in a stern tone, all without breaking his façade. Sighing Cooler reluctantly got to his feet and stuck out a hand in a gesture of greetings, the mob cheered upon seeing this and the soldiers policing the parade struggled to push back the hoard. “I grow tired of these snivelling fools, tell the soldiers to double the pace” commanded Cooler as he sat back down. “You listen here boy, this may be your day, but you will remember your place” Spoke Cold in an irritated voice as he turned and met Coolers eyes with a glare. “But seeing as it is your day, Driver, quicken the pace” continued the large changeling lord. “That crown is growing weary of your head father, your days beneath it are numbered” thought Cooler with a nod of acknowledgement at the scolding he just received.

Now inside the stone walls of the king’s estate, Cooler felt the familiar feel of the moulded marble on his feet, the smell of earthy air and the smell of grandeur meals being cooked in the kitchen. He had his own section of the palace that in his sted had been used as a rooming complex for the nobles who had lost their colonies when Freiza’s empire crumbled. For a brief moment, Cooler thought about were these people now laid their head, but it lasted only a moment, a man as important as he had no time for such nonsense as family. Pushing the large double doors to his living quarters the prince gazed upon the room he had called home so long ago, the oversized bed, the large windows of deep blue shade and most of the entire small sparing arena that laid at the heart of the room, slightly sunken into the floor. “Well there’s one thing I won’t miss about that god forsaken place, sleeping in comfort will be nice.” Walking forward with his tail swaying from side to side he looked to the wall of the room were a large family portrait hung still. It was taken slightly after Freiza’s first conquest, and all three showed their royal demeanour, no smiles or scowls, only the deep emotionless stair that still clung to Cooler’s personality. Wincing at the memory of that day Cooler raised his hand which immediately seeped a deep purple light. Clenching his arm Cooler let go of the pent up ki and launched the blast of energy at the painting, burning it instantly and leaving a small crater in the wall.

Waking up the next morning to a purple light shining on his face Cooler sat up and but his hands over his face. Looking to his right he remember just how doted upon his family was, already the wall was fixed and a servant was ready to take his morning commands. “Ah yes, ide like you to fetch me everything you have in the kitchen, also make it quick I’ve got things to do.” Said the prince as he waved his large hand in the servants face as to dismiss him. “It seems that the brat is still stronger than me, seems that this life of luxury hasn’t gone to his head. SO I will have to double my efforts if I will be able to snuff his name out of the memories of the galaxy.” Standing Cooler smashed his tail into the ground, cracking the beautiful tiles. “That vermin will know the full fury of my might soon enough” He grunted before shouting “SERVANT WERE IS MY FOOD DAMNIT!” knowing full well he wasn’t even done making it yet.

Now standing before a large computer Cooler wondered if he remembered the controls. Tapping buttons he remembered the routine he used to run, with that in mind he turned it to 100 times the intensity. Waltzing into the large training area Cooler cracked his neck and whispered “He won’t know what hit him”. Suddenly, the room became a shade of red that was so close to black it was like looking into a bottomless well. Peering out into the extreme gravity Cooler felt his legs starting to strain, had he gone too far? No he was sure his brother would have treated this like a morning stroll. “BEGIN!” He bellowed and the room fell into the present routine. Seemingly out of nowhere a squadron of robots fell from the ceiling and disappeared into the room like shadows. The group of metal fighters encircled the Changeling, with three at his back and two to his front on either side. Smirking Cooler roared as he struck the first blow. Leaping backwards he sent a knee straight for one of the robots heads, putting behind it enough power to destroy the bot. Ducking at the last moment the training dummy had no time to react however, as a tail slammed into its throat, severing its mechanical parts with ease. Chuckling Cooler refuted his earlier comment, “Maybe this is too easy?” he said in a cocky manner. His worries were un-warranted as he felt a sharp pain in his back, and then many more all over his body. “The fucker has my back” muttered Cooler as a sharp elbow caused him to spit blood. As a knee appeared flying towards his gut, he yelled and clenched his arms at his side, sending out a pulse of energy as his aura flared.

The training bots flew out from him, hitting the walls and finding themselves caught in its stone grasp. Smiling Cooler felt overconfident, “gotcha you little fucks” and started to walk over to one of his adversaries. As he reached out to grab it by its torso, Cooler’s eyes flickered as he tracked the movement of an arm coming out to reach his. “What?” whispered a stunned Cooler as his forearm was jabbed into the stone and a backhand caught his head, causing a ringing to be heard. Stumbling backwards as he ripped his arm from the wall Cooler had no time to react before another robot charged at him, jumping for his knees which caused him to leap upwards to avoid it. To his dismay however his gaze caught a glimpse of a jackhammer aiming for his back one second to late, arching his back as the momentum hit him Cooler’s body folded backwards before slamming into the rock floor. With the air knocked out of him the proud fighter spun himself to face upwards, catching a knee and screaming as he tore it from the robots body, then proceeding to grab its hip and use it to pull himself up. Now face to face with the soon to be dead bot Cooler punched his fist through its chest. Knowing all too well not to leave his guard down the royal darted backwards, almost being sliced by three kicks that all came to hit one another.

Still in his backward run Cooler jammed his foot down, causing rocks to crumble behind his mighty foot. Letting both of his arms slide back, Cooler let out a cry as he charged them full of his rage, picturing Freiza standing before him. Realizing what was transpiring the combat programs engrained into his foes brains screamed close ground and interrupt. Jumping towards the pissed off Cooler, the three bots all tried in vain to reach him before his arms thrust forwards, letting through them a beam of pure destructive force. Only one was sparred an early scrapping by the large beam of purple Ki, and now it darted from side to side, attempted to not give Cooler an easy target. Feeling the effects of the gravity Cooler was faced with the realization that it was now or never, his Ki was draining every moment longer he had to fight in this condition. Letting out one last grunt Cooler dropped into a low stance and prepared to fight against any path of attack the computer brain thought of. Seeing the robot jumping upwards Cooler launched his attack, first fading out of view, then appearing below the opponent with an already charge fist ready to go. Not even having enough time to look down the metal body knew what was coming, and it came swift and hard in the form of a robot dismembering fist that tore through Coolers foe, splitting it in two.

Finally given a chance to let his guard down, Cooler fell back and heard a voice say “Training session over, overall rating, average” Hearing this Cooler sighed as the gravity returned to normal. “I’ll have to do it quicker next time”
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PostSubject: Re: Darkness Returns under a Parade and the Admiration of the Damned (Training)   Darkness Returns under a Parade and the Admiration of the Damned (Training) Icon_minitimeFri Sep 24, 2010 1:12 am

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Darkness Returns under a Parade and the Admiration of the Damned (Training) 348hj45
Darkness Returns under a Parade and the Admiration of the Damned (Training) DBZForum
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Darkness Returns under a Parade and the Admiration of the Damned (Training)
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