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 Rampoh vs. Rack - The Conclusion {Personal Saga End}

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PostSubject: Rampoh vs. Rack - The Conclusion {Personal Saga End}   Fri Oct 01, 2010 2:28 pm

A pod with Rampoh behind the cockpit flew through space with incredible speed. Only he was inside, and he hadn't brought food, water or anything, so he had to believe that the pod was fast enough. Food and stuff would just lessen the speed anyways, so he could as well just go without to make the flight go faster. He started to see something in the "horizon" of space, a huge planet, seemingly. He sped up slightly. He came closer and closer to the planet named Vegeta after it's own king, this was the place Rampoh had been born. He hit through the stratosphere of the planet, and the pod caught on fire. It wasn't build for coming close to a planet like this. But he was ready. Rampoh jumped out of the pod in almost a kilometers distance from the planet, and he kept falling through the sky. WHen he was about 100 meters over the ground, he yelled out "DEVIL'S HURRICAN!!". His body began to spin around wildly, creating an enormous hurrican. He used the wind of the hurrican to blow him towards the ground with torpedo speed, then to ligthen the hit with same thing. He stood on the rocky surface of planet Vegeta, home of the saiyans.

He didn't have any time to waste. Rampoh dashed away from the wilderness, looking for a city to enter somewhere. Suddenly, he sensed a pretty strong powerlevel together with a weaker one, followed up by a scream. Rampoh quickly fired as a projectile towards the direction he had hears it come from, and found himself to face a bio android holding up a little saiyan. The bio android seemed to be in his last form, very powerful, but it was blue in color. Rampoh knew this one way too good. The android delivered a swift punch to the face of the saiyan, who fell to the ground, hulking. "You don't disobey Rack's henchmen, kid..." it snickered and kicked the saiyan in the side. "Actually," Rampoh began. "There's something I need from you. NOW." The bio android looked around, surely surprised, before it dashed in the opposite direction. Rampoh just snickered. "SUPER SAIYAN!!" he roared as his hair spiked up and turned golden, his eyes turning green in color. Rampoh dashed towards the Bio android.

Rampoh easily caught up. He flew a meter in front of it, stopped, and delivered a backwards kick making it stop. Then he gave it a swift barrage of punches, breaking it's jaw and severely bruising it's face. As a finisher he grabbed it by the neck and held it up into the air. "WHERE IS RACK?! IS HE HERE ON VEGETA?!" he yelled into the face of the helpless Android. "R-rampoh...WHat a surprise to see you here again..." "DONT SNAKE OUTTA MY QUESTIONS!" Rampoh screamed and smashed it in the stomach with his free hand. It looked like its head was going to explode, but then finally it said something. "K-kid, I'll tell you...But spare my life...! Rack is in a camp not far from here...! Please spare me! It's to the north!" the Android looked much smaller when he was so afraid. "Thanks for the information, but...Remember, I'm one of the bad guys too... and with the last glimpse of a smile in his eyes, Rampoh crushed the skull of the Bio android and slung it roughly to the side.

Rampoh had begun travelling north. He had started to sense high powerlevels collected nearby, so he thought they must be Rack's mean, and possibly Rack himself. He continued to fly, this time a little faster, until he at last could hear voices. "Good work, men!" He heard an unrecognizable voice call out, followed by heavy laughter in other odd voices. He sped towards it, and there he saw it. A campw ith around 20 tents and a huge fireplace in the middle, surrounded by saiyans. They were all buff and looked powerful. Suddenly, Rampoh heard a voice he recognized. "My android should be here with the information soon. It won't be a problem, I'm sure of it! Rack's inside joke made all the henchmen, or whatever they were, laugh. Rampoh's rage started to grow immense. "Super Saiyan..." he mumbled to himself, as his hair spiked up turning yellow, and his eyes got a flash of green in them.

The saiyans were about to move in for the day. They had a long night with hunting, and could need some rest. Much rest wasn't gotten, though, since suddenly they heard a loud scream. It came from one of the tents in the camp. Some of them looked out, and saw how the whole tents got engulfed in a huge ball of orange fire. Slowly more and more of these explosions started erupting around the camp, growing with terrible speed, until the whole camp was on fire. 100 meters up int he air, Rampoh was shooting ki blasts at the sleeping saiyan camp. Sure, it was cheap, but he had to kill Rack in any way or another. He continued to fire them, when the biggest telt suddenly got flung away from the being under it. A huge saiyan Rampoh recognized exit it. His armor was on fire, but he didn't seem to notice it. Or care, for that manner. He glared straight at Rampoh. "I guess our bio android was bringing bad news anyways..." he snickered, just so loud that Rampoh could hear it. Before Rampoh could react, the saiyans hair was also spiked up and yellow, and Rack was lunging towards him with extreme speed and power.

Rack's fist hit Rampoh int he guts, causing him to cough blood allt he way back to the ground. He used his ki to control how his body would land on the ground again, before kicking off again, right towards Rack, who was kicking down towards him. But instead of colliding, Rampoh grasped Rack's arm and used it to swing himself on top of the saiyan's back. Before Rack got to do anything, Rampoh had jumped from him again, now with straight fall towards Rack. Tables had turned. He quickly grabbed the senbon puch strapped around his neck, drew 3 senbons and firing them with extreme speed towards the saiyan. The overdimensioned needles hit Rack in the back, causing him to spew out blood and land on the floor. Before he got to rise up again, he was engulfed in little explosions from the ki blast barrages Rampoh was firing. WHen Rampoh didn't manage to fire any more for now, he looked down on the saiyan. Rack had burn marks all over his body, and the deep piercing senbon were cutting through his meat, flerring his skin on the back. Suddenly, Rack's hand flickered towards his back and drew out all 3 senbon at once, before spinning around and thrpwing them back at Rampoh.

Rampoh quickly span around in the air, allowing him to grab the huge shuriken on his back. He held it up and make it deflect the senbon. He quickly strapped it back on. Then, he drew his steel katana from the side of his waist and started to concentrate his ki into it. Rack was already lunging forwards against him. Rampoh stopped transferring his ki, just swung his sword the fastest he could, while still preserving the power, and hit Rack over the shoulder. It was unimaginable. The arm got cut straight over, the blood pumping out where his shoulder would have connected with the arm. The expressionless and heavily bleeding Rack fell to the ground, his arm laying, also bleeding, about 10 meters away from him. But Rack wasn't dead. As fast as he could, Rack lifted up one hand and fired a powerful ki blast right into the open wound. He let out a scream of pain, but when he rised up again, the arm had stopped bleeding. He had used the warmth of the ki blast to burn his wound closed! Rampoh strapped back his katana. "You have lost, Rack. It's over. DAIMAO NEEDLES!!" Rampoh yelled towards the saiyan, and in a nanosecond the puch with senbons was engulfed in fire, hundreds of ki engulfed, burning needles homing in oon the chest of the saiyan.

A loud crack was heard. A light blinded Rampoh, so he didn't get to see what it was. WHen he got to open his eyes again,t he saiyan Rack was completely free of wounds. He held up an arm as if defending, which was pierced by at least 100 senbon, all leaving disgusting orange marks on his arm, showing that the Daimao poison was currently being pumped into Rack. Going Super Saiyan 2 had helped him withstand the needles themselves, but the poison in them was made from his own ki. The ki of a legendary saiyan can be used as a powerful poison if used currectly, and that was what he did. Rack shivered once, before falling to the floor with a fump. Was Rack really defeated? No, impossible, Rack was too strong to be killed that quickly. At any time now Rack would raise up again and fire that barrage of deadly ki blasts Rampoh was just waiting to get hit by, burning him alive. And he couldn't make himself attack the near-dead body on the ground, and he didn't need to, the poison would kill him, it should be strong enough for that, and he would die, and Rack would be destroyed, and Rampoh took his katana and Rack raised up his head and Rack prepared the blasts. And in a swift moment Rack's lifeless body was beheaded by Rampoh, the legendary saiyan.

Personal Saga "A LEGENDARY SAIYAN" Completed!!
Super Saiyan was used
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PostSubject: Re: Rampoh vs. Rack - The Conclusion {Personal Saga End}   Sat Oct 02, 2010 6:19 am

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Rampoh vs. Rack - The Conclusion {Personal Saga End}
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