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This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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 War! Namekians vs Namekians! (Quest/3 star ball)

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PostSubject: War! Namekians vs Namekians! (Quest/3 star ball)   Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:36 am

Weighted Armour, Power Weighted

Meraxa deflected the attack easily, it was far too weak to bring him down. He went to strike at the face, and watched as his opponent flinched, redirecting his aim to the now vulnerable legs, swiping them with little difficulty, causing his opponent to fall. He built up the energy in his hands, a small sphere appearing as he placed his palm in front of his helpless opponent's face. This battle was his.
"I give up! I give up!" Cargo wailed as the ki disappeared in Meraxa's hand, who put out a hand for the little guy to grab... only to toss Cargo once he'd gotten even the slightest grip on the finger, and towards a large rock no less.
"DODGE!" He yelled at the little namekian, but Cargo simply hit his head - hard, if you want to be precise - on the rock.
"Geez... at this rate, you'll never be able to fight." Meraxa sighed as he pulled out some bandages from a nearby bag, though Cargo was already trying to heal himself with his powers.
"Please don't do that." Meraxa told him as he moved Cargo's hands away from his forehead. "This is practice for me as well as you. Now sit still." He said as he dipped the bandages in some cold water, before applying them to Cargo's head. The Namekian flinched at first, but beared it long enough for Meraxa to wrap the entire thing around his head.
"Now get some rest. Thats all for today." Meraxa patted Cargo where there was no wound, and the little namekian ran off to play with some of the other kids at the refugee site.

It was a depressing image really. The namekians had finally built their first city in over a hundred years, and what happened? Some fanatics came and snatched the whole thing up, killing loads of people in the process. Those who escaped had set up camp here, and though people knew they could survive out here, it was more the crushing of a year long dream that made people want to go back. Hence, why he had been called here. Meraxa was to take 40 namekians with him in an attempt to reclaim the city, whilst Nail protected the refugees, should the traitors try to use them as bargaining tools. To be honest, Meraxa could clear out that whole city by himself, if it weren't for the fact that the rogue namekians had more than simply greater numbers on their side. They had the latest in advanced weaponry (somehow), which had the unintended effect of causing energy feedback in high level beings, so whilst on Earth they were pretty mundane weapons, they were fairly effective in combat on namek, where having high amounts of ki was what made people powerful.
"Why are you training him?" Nail asked, his height dwarfing almost everyone else on the site
"There a problem with it?"
"Yes, there is. I know Cargo, he is not a fighter, nor does he have the potential to be one. Worse still, the operation begins in a few days, and instead of getting yourself ready, you're training him. You're a guest on this world, remember that. Not to mention, it wasn't easy for me to convince the others you were actually on our side, tensions are running high enough without you 'brainwashing the children'."
"They really think I'm doing that?"
"Like I said, it wasn't easy." Nail then put his hand on Meraxa's shoulder. "But don't let that part bother you. We're at war, bickering in amongst ourselves is the least of our worries."
"I know that. But still, I think Cargo deserves at least some kind of training."
"And whys that?"
"Because right now, several light years away, his brother is god over an entire world. Cargo on the other hand, is a snivelling, pathetic, weak little wimp. And I don't like that. Brothers should both have things to their merit, reasons why people look up to respect them. Just like-"
"Just like Tapion and Minotia, I know. Honestly, you keep going on about those two, just what is up with that?"
Meraxa actually burst out into a slight laughter when Nail asked the question.

"I -ha- I don't know." Meraxa smiled at Nail, but the fighter namekian's expression made it pretty clear that he wasn't gonna let such an excuse fly.
"Okay, okay, so maybe I do have some idea. I guess its just... in the time I spent on planet Konats, me and Tapion were forced to live, eat, and work together in order to survive. And in that time, I guess it soon became like me and him had become brothers in our own right. Plus I'm an only child, and I never really had any friends on Earth. Weird isn't it? That I would then risk my life to save one of my female classmates, one had ruined my life to hell and back again if I might add. Yet, when I was bleeding on the floor, with a bullet in my shoulder, she came back for me, got me to a hospital. And that was the first point at which I thought someone other than my parents really cared for me. Of course, she later admitted that she wanted me and my family to up for her saving me, so that kinda fell flat soon afterwards. But, that event gave me the motivation to take up martial arts - to protect people. Of course, I lost most of that motivation as I went, cause not a lot of people ever needed saving wherever I went. And sure, I'd heard that there was life on other planets - like yours even - which were in need and all that, but I never considered getting the space capsule, let alone actually go outside the solar system to here. And then, during my tutelage under Piccolo, I met Tapion."
"Wait, you trained under Piccolo?"
"Yeah, what about it."
"I guess you don't know, but Piccolo is actually the only other Namekian besides the senior elder from before the great disaster."
"You're kidding?"
"I'm dead serious kid."
"Huh, who'd have thought? But thats beside the point. Anyways, so I met Tapion, lived, ate, and worked beside him and all that. However when I first met him, I acted as if I did care about his world, but in truth, I was just excited by an opponent as strong as Hirudegaan. But of course, after he saved my skin, I started to realise that maybe... maybe aliens - like you and the Konatsians - did feel pain and suffering, just like humans do. And well, after a little pep talk from him about protecting people's smiles - because no matter how far back in the line of fire, they're still there - I felt that I should just try and protect as many smiles as I could. Hence, why I'm here now."
"That and you want the dragonballs to bring back your friends."
"That too."

Another day passed, and also they drew one day closer to the day they would attack the city, in an attempt to reclaim it. And it was also another day in Cargo's training, though that wasn't saying much to be honest.
"C'mon, c'mon. Faster Cargo!" He ordered the small namekian, who indeed tried to hit faster, but not fast enough.
"I could see that a mile away." Meraxa mocked as he sidestepped Cargo's move, slipping around the poor guy as he kicked Cargo high up into the air, then flickered out of sight, reappearing above the already skybound Cargo, fists cupped and raised. He then slammed down on Cargo, who went hurtling back towards the ground at a speed that would almost certainly kill him if nothing was done.
"Concentrate!" Meraxa yelled at Cargo, though there was no initial response.
"Concentrate! Concentrate! CONCENTRAAATTEEE!!" It was upon that last yell, that Cargo opened his eyes, and stopped in mid air, mere inches above the ground. Talk about cutting it close.
"That was mean!"
"Oh yeah? Well your opponents are gonna be a whole lot tougher on you! You have to stay focused on one thing at all times in a fight - survival! Once you can harness your instincts and prolong your defeat, then you can start to fight back."
"Wuh...wuh...WAAAAHHH!!! You big meanie!" Cargo cried as he crossed his arms in an X shape, a noticeable increase in his ki levels accompanying it.
"N-no, impossible!" Meraxa tried to rule out the notion, but fate had already shown its like of proving him wrong, as Cargo fired out a RyuuKousen at Meraxa - where in the heck had the kid picked that up from? Meraxa succeeded in cancelling it with a large enough ki beam, but his question remained unanswered. He'd certainly never taught anyone his moves, let alone Cargo. So... how?

"Care to explain that last trick of yours?" Meraxa asked Cargo as he floated to the ground, Cargo's face twisted with anger and with tears.
"I... I..."
"I want an answer Cargo. Thats my technique, where and how did you learn it?!" Meraxa's voice grew louder and louder with every second, a seemingly indomitable figure before the young child...
"Because thats mean we're making wonderful progress!" Meraxa suddenly pulled Cargo into a hug, and then placed him up on his shoulder. Cargo, taken in by shock, stuttered his answer.
"I-I-I asked Nail what it was like, s-s-since he and the others had been watching you. I t-t-then just pictured it in my mind, and it became clear to me." A rather baffling explanation, though since it wasn't completely unfamiliar (such a method was how Meraxa had learned to control his ki levels), it would do.
"You know what that means right?"
"W-w-what?" Cargo asked, slightly hesitant.
"That means I finally know what you're best suited for. I can't believe I didn't realise this earlier. You're not a warrior like me or Nail, you're more like a... how would one describe it... mage! Yeah, thats it, mage!"
"A mage?"
"Yeah, on earth, they're believed to have been practioners of magic in order to carry out their tasks. You're a healer, and its obvious that your strong point is long range energy attacks - fits the bill pretty nicely." Meraxa smiled, before carrying Cargo over to a nearby tree.
"What are you doing." Cargo asked, as Meraxa made a small Tapimino blade, cutting into the wood, before the blade expanded into a specific shape.
"Well, if you're gonna be a mage, you need a mage's staff. In practicality, this will be your focus point, the thing to concentrate on as you use your ki. Here, try it out." Meraxa said as the Tapimino blade dissipated, leaving the now freshly cut staff to fall to the ground, where Meraxa then picked it up, and handed it to Cargo.
"Here, concetrate on the tip of the staff, try to release the energy for a RyuuKousen through it." Meraxa said, noticing the pink spark barely in time to dodge the dragon beam as it shot out from the staff, faster than it ever had when he himself had charged the move. Maybe he should that whole focus point idea himself at some point, could prove useful.
"Wow... definitely got more potential than Nail gives you credit for." Meraxa told Cargo as the two of them walked together, before the reached the edge of the refugee camp.

"Tomorrow... I want you to join me in the attempt to take back the city." Meraxa told Cargo, who turned around in shock.
"Eh?! But I'm weak, not to mention those weapons of theres-"
"Probably couldn't fire faster than you could that Ryuukousen you took off of me. Not to mention your a healer, and a battle as big as the one we'll be going into will definitely need medics for the wounded."
"You gonna use that sword Nail gave you?" Cargo inquired, pointing to the weapon sheated on Meraxa's back.
"This? Please, I'm saving this for when I need it most, you never know what kind of scumbag is out there waiting for you." Meraxa smiled, before suddenly having is face turn to a grim horror, as he looked to the south.
"They're flanking us!" He yelled as he jumped up into there air, firing a few ki blasts in the nearby forest, the blasts hitting their targets, as well as illuminating a good number of the namekians hiding in the shadows.
And thus, the entire camp was alive with activity, sirens wailing, telling a simple but clear message - RUN - the sound of rapid fire laser guns, the subsequent groans and screams of their victims, and the battlecries of warriors on both sides. Meraxa was amongst the more prominent of them
"METEOR PUNCH!" His glowing white fist slammed into one namekian, who went flying into four more. From there, he ripped a tree up from its roots, and swung it around like a giant baseball bat, hitting down even more rogue namekians. Of course, the ones on his side weren't slacking either, with a great deal quite simply wrestling their opponens to the ground, of picking them off in a display of coordination that Meraxa would be unlikely to match any time soon. They were proud warriors, and they showed that quite well. Unfortunately, it was obvious that at least some of the rogues shared these same traits, blasting away at the team he was supposed to take to war tomorrow. Not good.
A scream of terror drew his attention, and he saw a sight that astounded him. There, in amongst the flames... was a giant! There was simply no other way to describe it. That thing... no, that person, was utterly gigantic, the size of a small office building. But, but how?! He'd never seen anyone - even a Namekian - ever pull that off. Not to mention its power level, it was absurd, even stronger than him. But he would almot certainly have to deal with it... if it weren' for half his 40 men being already heavily wounded. He had to charge here, and he had to do before any of his lot were killed. But... but the refugees...
"Get moving Delwas!" Nail's voice struck hard and deep, making that another thing he and Piccolo had in common. Another thing it would appear would be a love for dramatic entrance, with Nail entering the flames and drop kicking the 'giant' into next week, giving Meraxa the chance to do his job. And that he did very well. With a sudden release of raw ki, Meraxa was able to force the rogue namekians back a bit, but this was where it got tricky. He knew that as he was, he wouldn't succeed in driving back the rogue namekians completely if he didn't find some way to force a retreat. Something like, something like... threatening their stronghold.

He knew that said stronghold was supposed be their objective, but as long as it as mostly intact, a little collateral damage was acceptable. He rose high above the battle field, and prepared his RyuuKousen. However, it was obvious that some of the rogues had an idea of what he was up to, as half a dozen jumped up and grabbed him, trying to bring him crashing down to ground.
Good thing that fate had proven him wrong earlier that day then.
It wasn't his RyuuKousen of course, but Cargo's that came to save his ass by blasting not one, not two but all six rogue namekians off of Meraxa, who finally had his shot lined up, and fired. The subsequent explosion of the RyuuKousen was actually just short of the city, but the dust and dirt kicked up would make a good illusion, good enough to get the rogue namekians screaming 'RETREAT' anyways. However, that giant in the flames should've been much slower to get away, and a telepathic message from Nail showed that the fighter namekian agreed.
"On three..." Was the next thing Meraxa received into his thoughts, and the countdown began.
"One..." The two charged towards the giant in the flames.
"Two..." Closer and closer...
"THREE!" The two allies jumped, their feet ready to kick in the face of the giant, but instead, they met the faces of each other.

"What happened?!" Nail screamed, demanding an answer from whom (for the majority) there was none, all the while tending to a wounded left cheek. However, Meraxa had considered something.
"They're waiting for something."
"For what exactly?"
"I don't know, weapon shipments, supplies, something important that they would be willing to risk their forces and attack us early, delay us by a couple days if we wanted to strike with a full force. Though I think I know who it might be from."
"The red ribbon army."
"The humans you fought whilst here on Namek? Why would they be involved."
"They want the dragonballs, simple as simple gets. The method they might use however, could be as indirect as possible. I mean, I don't think you get Earth technology popping up in the hands of your own people every day now do you?" Meraxa said lifting up one of the blasters. True enough, it even had a fully english name written on the side, not some alien language.
"You think they would honestly support a civil war?"
"If it gets more bloody and opposition to them getting the dragonballs is wiped in the process, I don't see why they wouldn't. Not to mention, its obvious they've got more than one ship out here in this region of space. For all we know, we could be dealing with an entire fleet." Meraxa emphasized the last word quite well, it certainly got the namekians realising the sheer size this conflict could escalate to.
"Well then, we're out of options. We either attack now and risk having our forces wiped out, or risk the rogues getting whatever it is they're waiting for, and handing them an easy victory."
"There has to be something we could do." Cargo piped in, but a large rested on his head. It was Piccori, one of Nail's finest students.
"Sorry kiddo, but unless you've got some fancy spaceship, we're not gonna be able to stop those red rib-"
"Actually, I do have a spaceship." Meraxa pointed out, it should've been obvious, how else would he have gotten here? "And its small enough to pass by most initial defense systems undetected, so if there is a fleet - or at least a ship, that we're certain about - I could infiltrate them and find out just whats up their sleeves."
"Do it, we're still attacking the city tomorrow, so you best get something done in time, or we're finished."
"Right." Meraxa nodded as he lifted up Cargo so the young namekian could reach his wounds, and begin the healing process. He'd need every available drop of energy, he had a spaceship to catch afterall.

Once the healing was done, Meraxa set off for the last place he remembered setting down his space pod. He had a few hours to get there, and since he didn't want to attract attention from the refugees (who knew how many would claim he was being a coward/traitor by leaving) that were heading in the same direction, he would have to leg it the long way around, as well as to conserve his ki. Great, just great. And thus, he ran and ran.
An hour passed, and he was running through the forest where he had first saved Cargo's life. Wait, wasn't this also the home of...?
The roar behind confirmed it, as the dinosaur from before was out for revenge, and was chasing him down. Now remember, he couldn't risk wasting excess ki on something as insignificant as this. If he wanted to lose this thing, he had to do with his brains, and maybe a little luck. He ran through the various bushes and gaps in between trees, but the dinosaur continued to follow, determined to make him its next meal. Like he would let that happen. He looked ahead, and he could see a cliff face. This could work to his advantage. He turned his head quickly and made a few faces at the dinosaur, pissing it off with ease.
"Come on you big chicken, you can do better than that can't you?" He sneered at it, making its rage flow straight into its legs, making it charge straight for him with little in the way of slowing down.
Its biggest mistake. Right as he met the cliff face, he jumped up to the wall of limestone, and then kicked off it when the dinosaur came close enough, running right across it as it slammed into the cliff - getting a broken nose to say the least.

And Meraxa then went back to finding his space capsule, finding it not long after eluding the dinosaur. Luckily, the crater seemed to have scared any animals that dared go near, so the capsule itself was relatively unharmed. He got in, and fired up the controls, which responded almost immediately - another good sign.
"Now, if I only use this for leaving the planet, and not the entire solar system, I should keep most of my fuel for four more trips." He said as he began to scan the upper regions of the planet's atmosphere, for any sign of foreign spacecraft. He'd do this by checking for sonic disturbances, where something had entered the atmosphere at faster than sound speeds. And as long as the disturbance was bigger than the pod and any namekian, that should be what he was looking for. It didn't take long for the computer to come up with some results.
"Alright, lets see." Meraxa said as he traced multipled disturbances, with different sizes, all heading for the same location - the namekian city.
"So that confirms it, they've got multiple ships out here, and if I find disturbances that lead away from the planet..." He did another scan, and once complete, focused on a particular area of space.
"Switch to Infra Red." He told the computer, and the vessels hiding in the dark caresses of space were revealed to him.
"They look like cargo ships for sure, except that lead one... run a diagnostic, cross reference all earth military vessels." He ordered, various ships, tanks, and even jet fighters appeared on the screen before him, until the computer highlighted one in particular.
"Lets see... Hyper dreadnought, was in the prototype phases but deemed too dangerous for practical use. Armaments included: 27 Mega laser turrets, 54 Ion disruptors, and two devastator- DEVASTATOR CANNONS?!" Meraxa yelled the last two words, it was distressing, to say the least. His father had been a scientist for the military, and thus Meraxa had see the blueprints for such a weapon. It could be best described as "An old style ballistics cannon, except the ballistics were shot at their targets at faster than light speeds, hitting the targets with more weight than all the matter universe combined." Hence why it was called a 'devastator cannon', because it would completely devastate any target into collapsing in on itself. Vehicles, planets, even entire galaxies would tremble at the mere thought of such a weapon. Of course, there had been a prototype, and a prototype always gets pushed to its utter limis, given experimental weapons to see just how well it could perform. And it weren't for the fact that the cannon was technically speaking, a rail gun, the recoil would be just as devastating. If the red ribbons had that kind of weapon, then why didn't they... oh, now that made sense.
"The dragonballs. You wouldn't fire that kind of weapon if meant the prize would be crushed out of existence. It makes a good threat however if the one you're negotiating with doesn't understand that last piece of info though." He muttered to himself. Perhaps that was why the rogue namekians had rebelled, pressure fom the red ribbon army. And from the looks of it, some of these sonic disturbances those ships had made were months old, who knew how deeprooted they were here on Namek.

"Looks like I'm have to uproot them then." Meraxa smiled, before slapping himself for such a cheesy one liner. He'd have to work on those. Either way, he input the coordinates, and felt the vibration of the small pod as it lifted itself of the ground, before the entire thing shook like a bunch of shuffling deckplates on the USS Enterprise as it headed towards the upper atmosphere. At first, the shift into darker skies was actually slightly painful for Meraxa's eyes, he had afterall spent the last few days or so on a planet where it was daytime 24/7, it was the least he would expect. Luckily, it didn't take long for his eyes to adapt to the darkness of space, as he turned his gaze to the small fleet in orbit of the planet. How had he missed that on his first arrival here? He could see hooked up to one of the ships was the transport vessel he'd earlier tossed towards the edge of the system, meaning that the red ribbons now had full knowledge on some of his capabilities. That could make this a whole lot tougher.
But then again, so could being caught in a tractor beam, as that was exactly what happened to him and his little pod too. Not good, not good at all. He was being pulled into what he presumed to be the hangar of the Dreadnought. The pod was shifted through some kind of force field, probably what kept people inside their ship without being sucked out into the vacuum. It may also have had something to do with their heating system, though he couldn't be sure. The metal of the pod landed on the hangar floor, the sound of multiple rifles being loaded muzzled inside Meraxa's pod, but still clear enough to be understood. They had definitely been expecting him, and were very cautious as to how to deal with him. Fair enough, he was practically a god/devil/maybe even both compared to them, when it came to his sheer power. Hence, why he would do this in the most sensible manner he knew.

The capsule's door opened with a slight hiss, lots of smoke pouring out for that dramatic effect, as well as blocking Meraxa from initial view. The soldiers kept their weapons raised, trained on the pod, they'd shoot whoever was inside before they could even-
"Ugh." A soldier groaned as Meraxa's knee met the former's chin, before spinning around and kicking said soldier into four more. The rest still standing opened fire, but Meraxa was far too fast for them to keep up. He knocked them out swiftly, with punches to their stomaches, and one after another, they all fell.
"Hey, guy from before. I know you can hear me. You remember me? The one who beat your precious android into next week? Well, I know what you've been up to you pudgy little bastard, and I'm putting an end to it. Whilst that war you started down below rages on, I'll be having one of my own against you."
"So it is you porcupine." The face from that man inside the booth appeared on a small screen in the hangar. He was shot, with a square head. His hair was a fiery red, almost representative of the pipe he had in his mouth.
"Its Meraxa, and since I've now given you my name, how about you give me yours?"
"Very well then, I do have manners afterall. I am Commander Red, leader and founder of the Red Ribbon army. I assume you already know of my goals."
"Take the dragonballs by any means necessary, take over the world. Sorta like that at all?"
"My, my, you're intuitive aren't you?"
"Don't patronize me you dirtbag. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that what you're doing is wrong."
"Oh, you're one to tal aren't you? You're just as bad as I... no we. You're after the dragonballs as well, and that violent anger shows that quite well."
"Idiot, I'm nothing like you."
"Oh come, come now. You're after the dragonballs, though I doubt you'll wish anything useful with it. What'll be huh? More power? Money? Maybe that games console thats coming out this christmas!" The commander laughed, a chorus of mooks laughin alongside him, though Meraxa didn't respond, no immeiately anyways.

The sound of clenching fists silenced the laughter, anger evident on Meraxa's face.
"You don't deserve to know the answer to that. You're just a fat, bloated-"
"Yes, yes, I've heard it all before."
"-short, waste of space!"
"S-s-s-s-short!?! Thats it, suc him into the vacuum, I don't CARE how many men we lose, I want that brat dead. You here me? DEAD!" The commander's face disappeared, replaced by a block of numbers.
"Please evacuate the hangar bay, forcefields will shut down in 15 seconds. 14. 13..." The countdown went on unnoticed, as Meraxa was already tossing every person he'd knocked out into a nearby troop carrier, and then sealed it. He then headed for the nearby door, which had been already slammed shut and been reinforced with a blast door. A weak attempt at best.
"5. 4..."
Meraxa lifted the blast door up, forcing it into its original position, before walking under it calmly, then letting it fall back down, just as a slight bit of air escaped from the forcefield deactivating.
"Nice try Red, but you're gonna have to do better than that." Meraxa mocked the Red Ribbon army leader, deliberately trying to find some kind of reaction, a clue that lead to Red's location.
"Oh I can do better you brat! Just take a look in the room to your left." A series of signs started flashing with arrow, all pointing to one location. Though he was initially wary to walk into such an obvious trap, there was not much else he could do. There was too many kis to distinguish between on this ship.
He walked into the room, the entrance sealing shut behind - not like that would keep him contained for long. He walked down a few steps, noting that with each step, there was an echo, and that echo was getting more and more short lived, meaning the room the steps were in, was getting smaller and smaller. Eventually it stopped altogether, with Meraxa meeting a wall. He could however detect people on the other side, meaning that if he busted it open, he wouldn't be sucked out into space.
"One... two..." Meraxa began counting as he raised his fist, to break down the door and bring justice.
"Thr-" What appeared to be an eye opened up on the door, causing Meraxa to flinch as a bright light flickered from the eye, and Meraxa lost conciousness, everything around him fading...

"Son, what are you still doing in bed?" A calm, kind, and familiar voice spoke to Meraxa, who struggled desperately to resist temptation in order to respond.
"Five more minutes mum." He groaned, before realising what he had just said.
"MUM?!" He yelled, practically leaping out of the bed, and looking to see that indeed, there she was, in the flesh.
"B-but how?" Meraxa asked, poking her, to see if this was some kind of trick, but as far as he could see, she was there, and his immediate response was to give her a great big hug.
"Hey now, whats with all the joy? Is it christmas already?" Meraxa's mum laughed, but Meraxa himself was far from laughing, instead, he was crying.
"Or maybe I should've said whats with all the water works? Its not like I'm dead or something."
"I... I never thought I'd see you again." Meraxa cried, but his mother became more serious as a result of such words.
"I'm serious, I'm not dead. See, I'm right here, nothing to worry about. That and your breakfast is getting cold." She told him, pointing to the food on the bedside cabinet.
"Uh... yeah..." Meraxa didn't understand it, but he still took the food anyways, and ate it. It was bacon and toast, his favourite. And it tasted exactly how his mum had always made it, but it still didn't make sense.
He'd been in space, fighting bad guys - the red ribbon army - with incredible power and, and... and what if that had been a dream? Maybe that flash of light from the eye had been his mum turning on the light, his braing finally reacting to the outside world. Still, that was a pretty long dream then. Afterall, he'd felt months pass by, but then again, dreams could be like that. And he had decided to go on his journey after 'waking up' one day, so maybe, maybe it was just long great big dream. Yeah thats it, a great big dream...

"And in the sports, West City's Winged Angels were beaten yesterday by the East City Anvils at a score of Five - Nil. Fans were outraged, mainly at the incredible number of goals scored in penalties by opposition team, though these complaints have gone on without response by the league community at large. In other news-" Dad had hit the power button on the remote, the television dimming away with its usual 'dooo' sound.
"Can't believe, we were beaten five - nil. Five - NIL! Honestly, Mandike should've never been sold off, he was our best striker."
"Well nothing you can do about that honey, you're a scientist afterall, not a business man."
"True enough hon... and hey sport! Finally got yourself up I see. Don't worry about being late for school, since I finally got you that hoverboard license you wanted." Meraxa's father said as he tossed the small piece of plastic to his son. Because Hoverboards were versatile and sophisticated pieces of equipment which required a good amount of training to use well, one actually needed a license to get the thing up and running in the first place. Meraxa had previously asked his old man for one after a few practices, but had put if off after wanting to- no, that was just a dream, and this was reality.
"Thanks Dad." Meraxa said as he grabbed his school bag and headed for the garage, before his dad could even call him back.
"You gonna be the one to tell him?"
"You sure he hasn't noticed it by now?"
"Nah, kids way too excited with his new toy for that. Besides, it'll be another nice surprise for him. You came up with a name yet?"
"No, not really. I was kinda planning on letting Meraxa have a chance at that, he's been waiting for one far longer than he ever has that hoverboard."
"Now isn't that the truth?"

"YAHOO!" Meraxa yelled with excitement as he sped through the West City streets on his Mark V hoverboard, it was the newest model and everything. That was one of the advantages on having a scientist for a dad, all those patents on weapons and other devices made a lot of money, so nearly everything was affordable for them. Heck, Meraxa's allowance was more than most people earned in a job, hence why he often donated bits of it to charity. Still, he had enough in his bank account to live off it if he had to.
"Hey Mr Binkley, you got my comic book?" Meraxa asked as he passed by the comic shop, the response being the latest issue being thrown right into his path, where Meraxa caught it, and began to read. Interesting, who'd have that the villain was really the father of the mother of the cousin of the nephew of the brother of the mailman of the hero's best friend? A bit long winded, but still a good read. However he put the comic away, he would read the rest of it after school was over, and not get in trouble for reading then.
"Well, well, look whose got themself a new ride, it'll be mine by the end of today." One boy sneered as Meraxa went past him, that was - the appropriately named - Andrew Hole. It was 'appropriate', if you turned his first name into an initial, because it summed him up perfectly. He was one of Meraxa's biggest problems in life, a real pain in the butt. He bullied pretty much anyone and everyone, even the teachers weren't safe on occasion. If Meraxa had the date right, this would be Andrew's return from his fifth consecutive exclusion, the only reason he wasn't downright expelled was because his father was the chief of police, though even he had his limits.
Meraxa got off the board once inside the school gates, and folded it away inside his bag, placing the license in his shirt pocket, noticing the slightly fingerprint-like mark on it, weird.
Still, that dream of his had been kinda long, here's hoping he remembered enough about the actual curriculum to get through the day.
"H-hey!" A girl's voice squeaked, and Meraxa turned around to look at the source.
"Oh god... Alice, a no means NO!" Meraxa yelled at her, before trying to run inside.
"Come back here you freak, you owe me my money!"
"What money? You expect me and my family to pay hundreds upon thousands of zenny for a simple phone call and a FREE hospital treatment? Dream on!" Meraxa yelled at her as he sped into the school building, leaving her in the dust, the occasional scream of "You retard!" managing to pierce the glass windows and into Meraxa's ears, but he ignored it.
So yeah, Alice had been the girl that he had saved all that time ago from a mugger. You know, fought bravely, took a bullet to the shoulder, and (in her mind at least) owed her money for it. Were people in this day and age just stupid, greedy, or both? He didn't know, and didn't care, because class was about to start.

He sat down in his chair, right at the back of the class, right where wouldn't be able to throw stuff at him without the teacher seeing their turned heads. She was an old woman, eyesight was kinda poor even with glasses. She never saw little objects whizz through the air across the room, hence why she saw every turning of the head to be an attempt to break class conduct. Needless to say, she had the highest of detentions ever handed out by a teacher, and Meraxa was thankful for that. Because, out of all the students in the class, he had never, EVER, gotten a detention, not freaking once. Not that it made him popular with anyone, just more of a teacher's pet in their eyes. Like he cared what they thought about him anyways.
"Students, we will have a new pupil joining us from now, be nice with her alright?" The teacher suddenly spoke up as the door slammed open, a 14 year old girl walking in, but in perhaps what had to be the least subtle method in the history of the world.
She was wearing an orange gi, with the kanji for 'Turtle' on the front. He'd heard about it, the Turtle school of martial arts, anyone worth their salt as a fighter did. It was relatively knew as far as martial arts schools went, probably only just pushing a hundred years old, maybe even only half that time. It was heralded with inventing the world's 'most powerful' martial arts move, the kamehameha wave. Noone outside the school knew how it truly worked, many assuming that it was simply a fancy light show and involved trickery. He'd seen clips of its destructive power however, and knew there had to be some truth to it. But yeah, about the way she came in...
"Which one of you wimps am I gonna fight first?!" Her voice made many of the class' toughest whimper a soft 'no', some of the girls (who in fact took up the bulk of the school's martial arts clubs) raised a hand saying they were interested in the prospect, and then there were the boys who got turned on by the idea of the previously mentioned group's decision.
However, for whatever reason, the girl in the orange gi went straight to the back of the classroom, and slammed her hand down on Meraxa's desk, pretty hard too, since she broke it with that one touch, and he was sure it was pretty sturdy.
"You! You'll be my opponent!" The girl's voice made it pretty clear that she was adamant about this.
"Huh? Why me? I'm barely good at martial arts." He told her nonchalantly.
"Don't give me that, I can sense your ki, and it is OFF THE SCALES!" She waved her arms in a circle to emphasize the size, but Meraxa just didn't understand what she was on about.
"Look, I seriously don't know what you're on about, now sit down, class isn't finished yet."
"Oh, for you and me it is." The girl smirked, before grabbing Meraxa's arm, and then throwing him at the window, which shattered as the boy's body connected with it.
"Wwwwhhaaaa--" The word slowly escaped Meraxa's mouth, or at least it seemed slow, in comparison to the speed at which the girl then brought him down to the ground. Or in this case, the water.

"AAAAHHHH!" Meraxa screamed as he hit the water of the school's pond, though it was pretty comparable to a small lake in terms of size and depth. He struggled to free himself from the girl's grasp, though it was like trying to break an iron block with a frigging toothpick.
"Ga... Gah!" Meraxa was losing air, and fast, if he didn't get out of here...
A sudden burst of strength flowed through his arms, pushing off the girl's arms easily, with Meraxa then jumping out of the water, and onto the dry ground of the courtyard.
"H-how did I do that?!" Meraxa asked, genuinely shocked by his suddenly spike in abilities. The girl soon emerged from the water as well, yet for some reason, her clothes were as dry as a bone. Today was getting weirder and weirder.
"Black, whats going on? Who is that girl?"
"I don't know Commander, I cannot find her anywhere in the memories of people he knew."
"Fine, what about the sudden increase in his strength? That jump he made isn't normal of a fourteen year old boy."
"It appears his abilities are far more instinctive than we thought. It will require far more neural stimulus to keep him under stasis until we extract enough-"
"Just do it, you should know I care nothing about his vitals."
"Yes sir." Voices flickered in his head, one seemed kind of familiar, though the other was completely new to him.
He grasped his head, trying to keep a sudden sensation of twitching pain under control.
"Hi-ya!" A kick to his chin, and he was flying across the concrete of the courtyard like a ragdoll tossed by a child during an angry fit. As he rolled across the cold, stone floor, he could swear that... the scenery was changing. The school, it was fading, being replaced, by...

"Son, what are you still doing in bed?" That voice, those words, hadn't he heard those already?
"Uh... sorry mum." Meraxa said as he got up, scratching a very confused head.
"Bacon and toast, my favourite." He said as he reached for the food on his bedside cabinet, and began to eat. This was very, very weird. He went and got some clothes on, and headed downstairs, where his father was watching the news.
"And in the sports, West City's Winged Angels were beaten yesterday by the East City Anvils at a score of Five-"
"-Nil." Meraxa whispered, slightly unsure as to how he knew that. It was like, he'd seen this already. Maybe it was just another day, yeah that had to be it. Being hit by that girl so hard, he was knocked out for a few days, and the city was still reeling from its terrible loss against East City. But... then why did the news anchor say that the loss had been yesterday? He needed more proof.
"Hey dad."
"Yes son? Ah, I have something for you-"
"A hoverboard license right?" Meraxa asked, a silence filling the room.
"How did you know that?" His old man asked back, Meraxa then began to try and avoid it.
"Lucky guess, I mean I had practiced and all."
"Lucky guess my ASS! I told a bloody maybe three months ago, and I got up early today to get this thing, theres no way you would've known about it. Now fess up."
"I-I'm serious, I'm just gue-"
"Just like you guessed the score back there?" His mother's voice appeared from behind him.
"I-I read about the results yesterday!" Meraxa started to move towards the front door.
"The team manager had it all kept away from the media spotlight until this morning, and I know you weren't at that game yesterday, young man." Meraxa's mum suddenly had her voice go down a few Cs, now a rather deep one, one that he swear he'd heard in his head.
"I say we punsih we the brat." His father's was being cocky, shrill, just like the other voice. What came next was something that would scar Meraxa for much of his future life.

His parents pulled from seemingly nowhere a pair of VERY big guns, both trained on Meraxa.
"Now be a good boy and stay STILL!" They both yelled as they opened fire, bullet holes filling the door as Meraxa ducked to the side, trying to avoid his parent's and their sudden thirst for his blood. He ran upstairs, and towards his room, where he locked the door, then proceeded to barricade with whatever the hell he could find. His bed, his cupboard, EVERYTHING was pushed against the door, in the hopes of keeping his parents out.
Once done, he breathed heavily, every footstep he could hear beyond the door felt like a knock by death itself, ready to take his life. He began to cry. Why was this happening? Why were his parents out to kill him? Why? Why? Why?! WHY?!
His fears were overtaking him. No, no way would he die here, not now, not like this.
Suddenly something heavy slammed down on his door, the makeshift barricade pretty much ready to fall apart.
"C'mon, boy! Make this a little more fun! Simply killing you won't be enough to satisfy me!" Meraxa's 'father' yelled from beyond the door, bullet suddenly flying from where the hinges were. Once the barricade was finished, they were going to simply knock the door down.
Meraxa needed a way out, and he needed it now. He turned to the window.
He'd survive being thrown through one earlier right? So maybe, maybe he could do the same thing now. But that was glass, his skin...
Dammit, he couldn't worry about skin right now, it was that or survival!
But, but it would hurt!
He slapped himself, he had to get a freaking grip, or he wouldn't get out of here.
"Now, on the count of three..."
"You're going to die!" The 'mother' yelled, but that was far from Meraxa's idea.
"One... two... three!" Meraxa jumped, the window shattering, and suddenly, he was in darkness.

"...Finally took you long enough, been waiting forever over here." It was the girl in the orange gi, eating away at an apple in mid-air... no, more like mid-darkness.
"Who are you?" Meraxa asked, not noticing his own spinning in the dark void.
"The Easter Bunny." She smiled innocently, though it was wasted on Meraxa. "Alright, so I'm your subconcious. Man, who knew that the 'main' me was such a bore when he was actually thinking."
"My subconcious? I think... I think I understand. This, this was never real, was it?"
"Precisely, it was villain scheme #278. Hypnotise the hero into thinking his adventures were never real. Of course, its the one that never works, since the hero is so instinctive at what he does. That and in your case, there was me."
"I don't get it, why does my subconcious have its own manifestation though?"
"Oh that. I guess you could call me the 'artificial' variety of subconcious', my maker designed me to help out his descendants later on in life, programmed me as ki inside the family blood."
"So that means I'm one of those descendants too huh? But that seems so complicated, just who was he?"
"Nothing special, just Kami."
"Kami?!" Meraxa was shocked, had there been a way to fall backwards in this darkness, he probably would have.
"Yeah, one of the ones from before the one you knew. That one." She smiled, though it didn't really clear things up.
"Alright, proper version this time. So yeah, you're ancestor was a Kami, pretty decent one too. He'd get himself involved with humanity's problems during a dark age, really averted a lot of disasters. Unfortunately, this made him 'popular' with the ladies, if you know what I mean. When the baby popped out, he lost his status and had to deal with being mortal again. Of course, he knew that being a kami, he'd just given his family 1) a major inclination to do good 2) incredible amounts of potential, as ki passes on through blood in the generations. Usually if you have a kid, gotten stronger, then had another one, the second kid starts a lot more powerful. But thats beside the point. So yeah, ancestor was important and he made me. Good thing too, or you'd be dead right now."
"Don't you get it? You've got superhuman strength. The only way these guys were gonna be able to kill you was to let yourself do it, by tricking your mind into thinking you were dead during a forceful dream. They might've then turned you into a walking corpse via electronics. It would NOT have been pretty."
"I see, well thanks."
"Right, now I think its about time for you to wake up. Ass kicking doesn't just hand itself out you know?"
"Yeah, I know." Meraxa smiled, before the darkness turned to bright light.

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PostSubject: Re: War! Namekians vs Namekians! (Quest/3 star ball)   Sun Nov 29, 2009 7:39 am

Meraxa's eyes burst wide open, a hand extending to grab the closest person (a dark skinned fellow) and then throwing them aside. Commander Red seemed to (at least from the smell) wet his pants upon the realisation that Meraxa awake and angry, and was now on the floor in shock.
It didn't take long for Meraxa to free himself from the chair he was in, and none of the soldiers in the room were fast enough to respond, as he knocked each and every single one of them flat.
He headed for the door, and then turned to look at Red.
"You may want to evacuate this thing, unless you like to be caught in a crash landing." Meraxa warned him, with a glance that could most likely scare the devil if there was one.
It was only a matter of seconds after Meraxa had walked out of the operating room that sirens across the ship blared, with screams of "ABANDON SHIP! GET TO THE ESCAPE PODS!" ringing up and down the corridors. He just kept on walking.
He could hear the hissing sound of escape pod upon escape pod detaching itself from the ship. The rats were fleeing a ship that wasn't gonna sink, not yet anyways. Afterall, there was still four more ships out there, containing who knows how many soldiers and goons, along with supplies. He had to get rid of those first. Thank goodness then, that the ship he was on had two devastator cannons, and from reading his father's blueprints, he knew how to operate them.
He arrived at the bridge, and began to target the four other ships in sequence, and picked up a transmitter.
"You boys on the other four ships may want to join your compatriots in space, unless you want to crushed into oblivion." Meraxa told them, and once he saw what he thought were all the escape pods gone, he fired.
The light show was pretty impressive, as the ships all folded in on themselves, in a manner similar to black holes do (in theory anyways). Once that was done, he now had to get rid of this thing.
He gripped the manual controls, and began to steer the ship towards the planet, where he knew the path of the sonic disturbances heading towards the city were. Might as well have this thing go out with a bang.

The clicking sound of something readying a gun behind him meant that someone was far, far stupider than he had ever imagined.
"You... you're a monster! That treatment, that treatment has been tested on thousands, all of whom didn't survive." Red's voice was now as high as a scared little girl, how pathetic.
"If I'm such a monster, than why do you think you'll even be able to harm me?" Meraxa laughed, before noticing that the gun Red held wasn't a gun at all, it looked more like... an automatic syringe?
"Heh... thats what you think! Y-you saw that giant before right?" Red yelled, Meraxa raising an eyebrow. That was his doing somehow?
"W-well wouldn't you believe it, those Namekians have an ability to turn huge and everything! Of course, the one you saw was far too weak to do it himself, so we gave him a slight injection of your blood on one of the harpoons that was shot at you!" Red revealed, Meraxa suddenly remembering what his subconcious had said about ki and how it stayed in one's blood.
"Of course, it was also stale, old. Whereas here, I have a fresh batch, taken while you were unconcious, interlaced with Namekian blood!" Red cackled, before applying the syringe's needle to his arm, the vial emptying as the liquid was poured into Red' veins. And for a few moments, nothing happened as the ship entered the atmosphere.
"HHHHAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Red yelled in pain, as his muscles began to forcibly expand, everything that was part of his suit (save for his pants, thankfully enough) was torn to shreds, and veins were noticeably popping on the surface of his skin. Worst of all, was the noticeable difference in strength. It was just like before, something even more powerful than Meraxa. But of course, that whole giant thing, it must've been a power increaser, it made Red at least 33% stronger than Meraxa. Not that it would stop Meraxa from fighting back.

"Bring it!" Meraxa yelled as he charged at Red, the two of them tearing through the ship in the fight that followed. Punches were thrown, kicks were dealt. Meraxa in particular grabbed Red by the hair, and spun him around for a bit, before Red finally got a grip on how to use his new found power. Then the whole thing went sour, especially when the entered an arena at the back (another one, yes, albeit slightly at an odd angle).
"This power... its wonderful!" Red yelled as he fired out several ki blasts, which Meraxa dodged, only for Red to appear in front of Meraxa, and grab him by the head, and slammed him into the 'floor', again and again.
"You know... I saw everything... everything in that little dream of yours... I know that was west city... and now I know where your parents are... I should pay them a visit... because what I'm going to do to you will nto be enough to satisfy me... I wonder... I wonder how ordinary people die?" Red sneered, unaware at the rage building up in Meraxa.
"You... you hurt me. My parents, they're wonderful people."
"Oh really, they'll make great target practice I'm sure." Red mocked as he slammed Meraxa's head once more, before the boy finally got free, and the two separated again, firing identical ki beams at each other, though Red's overpowered Meraxa's easily.
"They're kind, caring, better than I ever deserved."
"You got that right."
"And you... you turned that image of them, into one of murderers... Murderers like you and your Red Ribbon army. I... I will never forgive you!"
"Like I ever needed your forgiveness!" Red laughed as he grabbed Meraxa again, this time in both hands, and began to crush the boy, who wheezed for air, ribs breaking with each passing moment.
"Tell me boy... how does it feel... to die? Or will I... have to ask your parents that one as well? Along with everyone... in that miserable city?" Red had done it, he'd not only threatened his parents, he had threatened everything. The school, the comic book shop, everything. And that... that was the limit.
"Oh? Speak up boy."
"You will..."
"You will never find peace on your own. Allow ME to give it you, you evil, twisted, SON OF A BITCH!" Meraxa screamed, an incredible power rising to the surface. This power... it was weighted with emotions, like rage, and sorrow. And they were gonna show Red, what true power was all about.

Meraxa pushed outwards with both arms, breaking Red's hold on him easily. In the few seconds the commander had to be shocked, Meraxa had already gone above him, his arms locked in an X shape, energy building up.
"Hey, subconcious? You there?"
"Geez, if you're gonna make calls like this, you might as well give me a real name."
"Alright, fine. You're name from now on is Pan."
"Pan? As in the kitchen utensil?"
"Problem with it?"
"No, not really. I am partly you remember."
"Yeah, now anyways, I have a question."
"Fire away."
"About my ancestor... was he like me at all?"
"I mean, in terms of personality and such."
"Oh, yeah, he was very much like you. Helping out people he barely knew, headstrong, reckless, brave. He was never good at inventing moves though, never did get that sword finished."
"You mean he was the one who was working on the Tapimino Blade?"
"If thats what you want to call it, yeah."
"You think I could do it maybe?"
"Be kami... be a god over the earth."
"I don't know, it certainly wasn't something he could handle. You know why."
"Yeah, I get it. But its just... well, I feel that this power needs to be worth something, and that I should give it to my world."
"In that case, forget being a kami. Just be a teacher."
"A teacher?"
"Yeah, like old man Roshi. Open up a dojo and everything. I bet you could do it. You already have four unique moves to teach. Not to mention, you've met quite a lot of unique individuals with moves of their own to show off. You could do a good job."
"Yeah, I guess you're right. I mean, look what happened with Cargo, he's already got my RyuuKousen under control."
"Right, now, don't you have something to do?"
"Yeah, thanks for the discussion."
"Any time kid, any time."

"RYUUKOUSEN!" Meraxa yelled as he fired the pink beam of energy at Red, who was propelled through the ship faster than it was falling, and actually met the surface of the city before the Ship had crashed. That was quickly remedied five seconds later, the blast knocking whatever strength he had left out of him, as well as (conveniently) being in the middle of the rogue namekians, knocking them away as well, the rest being picked off by Nail's forces easily. The day was theirs.

A few hours later, and Meraxa was getting his wounds fixed up by Cargo in the city hospital. It was fairly impressive, to say the least.
"You pulled a reckless stunt today." Nail said as he appeared, sitting down on a chair beside Meraxa.
"Yeah, I've been told I'm like that." He smiled, and then turned to Cargo.
"Hey, tomorrow, we're gonna be continuing our journey." He then turned to Nail again. "If thats okay with you that is."
"Of course, you've done my people a favour. The rogues are all in custody, some of them even appeared to be under the effects of hypnotics."
"That would explain their odd behaviour."
"Yes. And now, before I forget." Nail said before looking like he was about to puke, Meraxa rightly trying to stay back.
And indeed, something came up, but it wasn't the contents of Nail's stomach (or at least, Meraxa hoped so), but rather, the dragonball. The three star ball even.
"Now I see what you meant by you having swallowed it."
"Yes, I was quite serious. Now, the others will know that I have done this, and will likely do the same. Some may leave the dragonballs to be found by you, though one or two will stay and guard over them. I am not sure."
"Fine by me, oh and by the way, you got some cloth? Thread and needles would be also useful." Meraxa asked, Nail calling over some stuff.
"Here you go, but what will you use it for?"
"To do this." Meraxa said as he removed his top, and began to sew a symbol on the front. By the time he was done, the character for 'Dragon' was on the front, as well as the back.
"Why have you done that?" Nail asked slightly confused, as Meraxa did the same with another gi.
"Because dear Nail, today is the day that the Dragon school of martials arts has been formed under the great Master Delwas." He smiled, and Nail realised that this was no joke.
"I'm guessing Cargo is your first student then?"
"Am I really?" Cargo asked, obviously excited by the prospect.
"Of course, so try this on." Meraxa handed Cargo the now complete gi. It fit like a glove.
"Thanks Meraxa- I mean, Master."
"No sweat, now lets go." Meraxa said as he picked up the dragonballs, shoving one in the bag, two under his arms, with Cargo picking up the last. "We've got three more of these things to find.
"Oh and Nail." Meraxa said just before he and Cargo were out the door.
"Try and pull my space capsule out of the wreckage in the middle of the city, I need that thing for when I go home."
"Whatever you say." Nail responded, and with that, Meraxa was gone.
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PL: 201,000.
Zenni: 90,000.
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War! Namekians vs Namekians! (Quest/3 star ball)
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